10+ Best Winter Makeup Trends To Explore in 2023

With the season changing colors so fast, the ramps are whipping up some super-bold colors for makeup! From the bold and brazen gloss gold to the stunning blue eyes, there’s so much to follow in winter makeup trends. Our makeup artist has helped recreate some of the top winter makeup trends 2023 that will make an impression. We’ll be sharing the products that have gone into making these fall-winter makeup trends for you to wear them effortlessly! In case, you want to catch up on Simple Fall Makeup Look that reigned this year, just read it up!

Table of Contents: 

  1. 10+ Best Winter Makeup Trends to Try Out
    1. Soft Shimmering Eyes
    2. Amazing lips
    3. Scintillating Eyes
    4. Blue-eyed Beauty
    5. Red-Hot Winter Looks
    6. Splendid Blue Winter Eye Makeup
    7. Irresistible Smoky Eyes
    8. Layered Eyeshadow Look
    9. Playful Rainbow Eyes
    10. Golden Glow Eyeshadow
    11. Winter Lilac Beauty
  2. Wrapping up

10+ Best Winter Makeup Trends to Try Out

Here we go with the 10+ winter makeup trends that are easy to recreate and fascinating to look for the festive season!!!

1. Soft shimmering eyes

We can't get over the stunning hues of this gorgeous nude shimmer eyeshadow look! It’s perfect for your special occasion looks. Build it up using this unique De’Lanci 9 Colors Leopard Nude Eyeshadow Palette with a combination of 9 amazing shades with 5 mattes and 3 pearlescent shades. Bring out intense golden browns, or tone down to brown shimmers as in our model’s look for your winter makeup trends 2023.

Steps to recreate the soft shimmering eyes:

  1. Prep your eyes with primer and concealer to bring out the true pigment colors.
  2. Create the base using shade Glimmer all the way up to the cut crease.
  3. Shade the area beyond the cut crease with Chocolate from the palette.
  4. Shimmer it up with the Cream pigment from the inner eyes to the center of the eyes.
  5. Blend in to form a smooth transition of darker smoked outer eyes.
  6. For those in love with Simple Nude Makeup Looks, here’s what our makeup specialists have to say.

2. Amazing lips

Give your pouts a stylish makeover with the color of your choice! Be it the minimalistic look or wearing stylish winter makeup trends, De’Lanci Multicolor Aesthetics Matte Lipsticks has you covered. The super-pigmented palette of 9 mattes + 1 transparent gloss is curetted keeping in mind the most popular colors. Waterproof and smudge-proof, the colors glide on effortlessly to give a matte velvety finish. We have used shade #06 pink to pair the look of our model’s blushed cheeks.

Steps to create amazing lips:

  1. Scrub your lips to make sure they are properly exfoliated.
  2. Moisturize the lips and wait before you apply the lip color.
  3. Draw an outline using the in-built applicator.
  4. Fill in the lips with the color for a matte finish.
  5. For a glossy look, top it up using the transparent gloss.

3. Scintillating eyes

Give your eyes a stellar makeover with mattes, shimmers, and glitters dominating winter makeup trends 2023! Use the collection of high-performing colors of the 54-Color La Catrina Eyeshadow palette smudge-resistant and dermatologically tested collection. Use the colors blush up the cheeks or highlight, and contour too. Add depth and warmth to your winter makeup trends with the scintillating pink glimmering eyes of our model!

Steps to recreate the scintillating eyes:

  1. Our model has used the shade Feast as the base color to shade the upper lids right up to the brows.
  2. The shimmering look comes with topping the color with the Mysterious shimmer pigment.
  3. The idea is to create a shaded look for which you should restrict the shimmer to the inner eyes and center of the lids.
  4. Blend the seamless transition keeping the shimmer within the cut crease for the perfect play of pink.
  5. Top it up with a small black winged eyeliner and coat the lashes with mascara to finish.

4. Blue-eyed beauty

With blue eyes being huge on fall-winter makeup trends, it’s surely set to dominate fashion circles in 2023! Wear this extraordinary eyeshadow look using De’Lanci Multichrome Liquid Eyeshadow. Our model is wearing #10 Miracle from the collection of 5 outstanding multichrome color-changing collections. Each color has 3 color-changing effects that give the eyes a multilayered look instantly. No-crack, no-fade, intense colors remain luminous for extended hours and can be applied without a primer.

Steps to recreate the blue-eyed beauty look:

  1. To recreate the color of the eyeshadow of our model, use shade Miracle #10.
  2. Create the graphic design to set the borders of the eyeshadow.
  3. Fill in the lids with the liquid eyeshadow and let dry for a few seconds.

5. Red-Hot Winter Looks

 Red is all about bringing out the best of winter vibes, and our red-hot eyes and lips are just what define winter makeup trends 2023! Get the coordinated steamy looks for the festive season using a combination of mattes and glitters from the De’Lanci New Flame Rose Eyeshadow Palette and lip palettes. The eyeshadow pigments give off a velvety finish that is super-blendable and lasts for extended hours. The lip palette of 16 super-saturated mattes and 2 translucent pearlescent shades lets you mix-and-match your customized lip tint.

Steps to recreate the red-hot winter looks:

  1. To create this red-hot winter eyeshadow, use the red matte to set the base on the upper eyelids.
  2. You can outline the formation with a thin-tipped brush for easier application.
  3. Top up the matte shade with the red shimmer and blend to a smooth velvety finish.
  4. To create the beautiful red pout, outline the lips with the Deep Red color from the La Catrina Lipstick Palette.
  5. Fill it in with the same color using the lip brush given in the palette.

6. Splendid Blue Winter Eyemakeup

Vivid eyes in vibrant shades of matte, duo-chrome shimmers make this winter blue look so adorable! All colors are waterproof and smudge-proof while retaining the pigment for long hours. Perfect for a range of winter makeup trends and everyday looks, you’ve got to try  the De’lanci Heartquake Eyeshadow Palette! Embellish the nude-colored with De'Lanci Matte Lipstick Set to complement the energetic blue eyeshadow. The no-nonsense high-pigmented colors give the lips a lasting matte finish for hours without cracking or smudging.

Steps to recreate the splendid blue winter eyemakeup:

  1. Start with the Haze eyeshadow creating the base on the upper lids.
  2. Smudge the color along the lower lash line for the added effect of the look.
  3. Pick the Steamy shimmer shade of the palette and dab on the center of the lids blending it into a smooth transition.
  4. Give the inner corner of the eyes a hint of the same color and open up the look.
  5. Fill in the pout with Divine or Sbused, depending on your skin tone to complete the look.

7. Irresistible Smoky Eyes

Step out with the super-gorgeous smoky eyes looks and you’ll never want for attention! We’ve brought out this uber-chic irresistible smoky eyes look using the De’lanci Color Panda Black Grey Eyeshadow Palette. Each color is super-pigmented, waterproof, and smudge-proof for long-hour makeups. Our recommended look for winter makeup trends, it’s easy to recreate and complements a range of festive outfits.

Steps to recreate the irresistible smoky eyes:

  1. To recreate the look of our model, use the shade Midnight from the palette to color the upper lids.
  2. Create inner cat-eyes, and line the lower lashes with the same shade and smudge it out.
  3. Top the upper lid with the shimmer Cement and blend.
  4. Coat the lashes with mascara and makeup brush them with the same shimmer shade for added effects.

8. Layered Eyeshadow Look

The perfect pick for party looks, we’ve created a layered look for our model to glow in the dark! Talk about any winter makeup trends, and you’ve got to explore the look that you can create with the colors of this Neon Eyeshadow palette! These are colors that look ordinary in normal light but have the special effect of glowing in the dark, and some under UV light. The uber-chic palette colors are inspired by the Aurora of the Northern Lights! Now, it’s your turn to glow too!!!

Steps to recreate the layered eyeshadow look:

  1. Start with the green matte and blend it to a smooth base on the lids and the lower lashline.
  2. Blend in the matte yellow from the inner eyes towards the center to create a seamless gradient.
  3. Time to give the lower lashline the glow-in-the-dark glitter.
  4. Complete the look by adding lashes or coating them with a volumizing mascara.

9. Playful Rainbow Eyes

Your winter makeup trends can never be complete without the extravaganza of the rainbow eyeshadow. Pair it up with your nude and subtle makeup as you accentuate these inimitable eyes. Get it with the colors of De’Lanci Rainbow Eyeshadow Palette. The colors of the palette run vertically from pastel to dark letting you make endless combinations for the next-level look!

Steps to recreate the playful rainbow eyes:

  1. The best way to create the rainbow look is to start with the lightest color in the combination.
  2. Begin with the orange and pink blending them to give a seamless transition background.
  3. Move on to apply yellow, green, blue, and purple on the inner, center, and outer eyelids.
  4. Start blending them with a clean brush for the smooth rainbow hue to play out.
  5. Blend in the purple along the lower lashline for a more colorful rainbow look.

10. Golden Glow Eyeshadow Look

Spice up your winter makeup trends 2023 with the creamy organic colors of the Nebula multi-dimensional look! Leave an indelible impression of your eyes with highly-pigmented, golden-hued colors. The  De’lanci Artistry Eyeshadow Palette is an astonishing collection of creamy butter-like eyeshadow mattes and sparkles. Notch up your winter makeup trends with this special golden glow eyeshadow look!

Steps to recreate the golden glow eyeshadow look:

  1. Shade up the base with a warm brown tone to let the golden glow to shine through.
  2. Blend the color right beneath the brows.
  3. Use the yellow on eyelids taking it up to the cut crease while blending a seamless play of colors.
  4. Top it up with the golden shimmer to bring out the glowing look.
  5. You can opt to leave the look plain or speck it up with black dots for added emphasis.

11. Winter Lilac Beauty

Winter makeup trends are all about colorful looks and the lilac look makes it easy to bring it on! Coordinate the look with your hair color and accessories to notch up your glam quotient. Pick the gorgeous shades from this De’lanci 35 Bright Colors Matte Shimmer Eyeshadow Makeup Palette to curate the look. The ultra-pigmented smooth colors give a lasting look with gorgeous shimmer as your winter eye makeup trends.

Steps to recreate the winter lilac beauty look:

  1. Set the upper eyelid base using the lilac shade from the palette and blend it close to the brows.
  2. Smudge out the color along the lower lash line to create an emphatic look.
  3. Use the white shade from the palette at the center of the lids to bring out the high drama of color transition.
  4. Complete the look with defined brows while pairing it up with nude-colored lips and highlighted browbones, and cheeks.


Going past the stunning Thanksgiving Makeup Looks, start leveling up with the winter makeup trends with world-class De’Lanci makeup products! From eyeshadows to blush sticks, lipstick shades to concealers, we have the best-in-class lip, eye, and face makeup products and makeup brushes sets. Wear your favorite winter festive makeup look of 2023 with our affordable range of cosmetics!!!

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