A Detailed Tutorial on Glossy Makeup Look Like a Pro

Natural-looking glossy makeup is harder to nail than bold and dramatic ones! With celebrities and fashion influencers vying for the magnetic natural-looking glossy makeup look that you can wear every day, it’s time to nail the look. No matter what the type of your skin may be, the trick is to create a hydrated glossy skin with a subtle and dewy shine. Read what our experts have to say on the use of product, and answer all your how to glossy makeup queries! This will also help you understand reasons for patchy foundation and how to fix patchy foundation!  

Table of contents

  1. Step by Step Process for Glossy Makeup Look like a Pro
    1. Start with the right skin preparation
    2. Move on to the right foundation
    3. Use a concealer on target spots
    4. Eye makeup that makes the difference
    5. Blush it up and contour it
    6. Highlight the high points
    7. Tint the lips and gloss them up
    8. Seal it all with the fixing liquid
  2. Occasions where you can wear Glossy Makeup Look
    1. Special events
    2. Festive occasions
    3. Parties
    4. Weddings
  3. 5 Tips for Glossy Makeup Look 
    1. Take care to conceal all skin blemishes
    2. Use moisturizing face oil for that K-beauty glistening look
    3. Stick to cream-based products for the natural glow
    4. Top off with a face gloss or petroleum jelly
    5. Restrict your glossy makeup look for cooler times
  4. Wrapping up 

Step by step process for glossy makeup look like a pro

We’ve made the way to getting your glossy makeup look super easy with these steps followed by the pro tips! Go ahead and discover it all in this detailed tutorial on how to get a glossy makeup look from our beauty experts at De’Lanci!

1. Start with the right skin preparation

This step is the key to attaining the right kind of glossy look for yourself. Ensure a smooth skin by exfoliating and removing any dead skin build-up. Make sure to incorporate this into your regular skincare routine for the best result when you apply makeup to attain that flawless glossy effect.

Once you’ve cleaned your skin, it’s time to apply a high-quality primer. Applying this product ensures that you have the perfect skin base with closed pores and less prominent lines. This base will also help your makeup last longer on the evenly moisturized skin.

2. Move on to the right foundation

Take care to apply the right foundation according to your skin tone for the ultimate glossy makeup look. Add a thin layer of the product such that it blends on your skin evenly giving it a clear look. Pick the shade that matches your complexion and at the same time has a buildable coverage for that flawless natural look.

3. Use a concealer on target spots

This is a product that is meant to cover the spots, scars, blemishes, or dark circles that still remain visible after applying primer and foundation. 

  • The trick to attaining a flawless glossy makeup look is to dab the product only on the target spots to be covered and gently blended into the surrounding area. Here’s an expert guide on how to apply concealer for beginners!


4.  Eye makeup that makes the difference

Start by defining your brows and move on to the eyeshadow for the perfect finish to the glossy makeup look!

  • As part of the glossy eye makeup look tutorial our expert suggests that you brush the brow growths upwards and fill in any gaps for a full and fluffy look. Add some gel onto it to give it staying power as the product holds the brow hair in place with a bit of sheen on it. 
  • Switch to a creamy eyeshadow formula that will give the eyelids the right degree of radiance and shine. Pick the color of your choice and dab it onto the lids for a light creamy glow that adds depth and dimension to the eyes. Give the lashes a generous coat of volumizing mascara to highlight the eyes. 

5. Blush it up for the flush of color

Use a soft pink or peach cream blush for the natural glossy makeup look. Make your pick from a skin hydrating formula like that of De’Lanci Multi-Functional Double-Headed Blush Stick. Apply as little product as possible to just give the cheeks a flush of color. Take care to blend it meticulously such that it appears to be a natural part of your skin.

6. Highlighting the high points

 It’s time to pick a liquid or creamy product, and this time it’s the highlighter that will add that extra dose of sheen on the right spots! Glide the De’Lanci Multi-Functional Dual-Ended Highlighter Stick smoothly on places like the brow bone, and the upper part of the cheekbone. Move on to the bridge of the nose, the lower chin, and the bow of your lips. Let the lightweight texture of the product blend into the foundation base for a natural glow. 

7. Tint the lips and gloss them up

Take care to wear a nude or light pink shade on your lips for the best glossy makeup look. You can opt for your regular matte finish lip color and top it up with a colorless gloss. Alternatively, you can use a tinted lip gloss to finish the look. There are also glossy lipsticks on the market and you could opt for one of them in case the color fascinates you!

8. Seal it all with the fixing liquid 

Now that you’re done with applying the products to bring on the dewy glossy look, it’s time to lock it under a makeup fixer. Spray the liquid all over your face and let it dry before you step out with the soft, naturally shining look on your face!

Occasions where you can wear glossy makeup look

Glossy makeup has its own appeal but it is best worn on occasions that will complement its sheen! Taking our tutorial on how to do glossy makeup at home further, wear them to make the best impact with your electrifying look!

1. Special events

With all the bright light and glamour oozing around for large shows and theatrical events, you can confidently stride on with your glossy face on!

2. Festive occasions

Festivities call for big looks and with the current minimalist makeup trend, it’s good to wear the glossy makeup look. Soak in all the fun and fervor of the festivities with your au-natural-looking face that reflects radiance as though from within!

3. Parties

Evening fun and frolic is the right time to show off your classy glossy makeup look that emulates your inner fire. Sway away to the music with a shining face that is hard to miss!

4. Weddings

Weddings are times to show off your beautiful self! Do it by wearing on the naturally shining face having the right hint of color, sparkle, and sheen. The only note of caution is to avoid wearing this look to weddings that are held outdoors in warm weather conditions. 

5 pro tips for glossy makeup look 

1. Take care to conceal all skin blemishes for the glossy look come out brightly, else it could end up giving an oily and dull look.
2. Use moisturizing face oil for that K-beauty glistening look; applying a natural oil before the primer will set the base for the glossy look right from the word go.
3. Stick to cream-based products for the natural glow as powdery products are likely to disperse and take away the gloss.
4. Top off with a face gloss or petroleum jelly in case you have not applied a face oil as the first base on your skin.
5. Restrict your glossy makeup look for cooler times only as hot and humid conditions are likely to make you sweat and make the face too oily spoiling its appeal.

Wrapping up 

Preparation and the right choice of product is the key to the best glossy makeup look! Our experts have laid out all the essentials and tips to getting a wonderfully finishes and naturally-looking glossy look that will bring about color vibrancy yet make you glow softly. Check our full range of lip, eye, and face makeup products along with the best makeup brush set for the most gorgeous natural glossy look!

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