DE'LANCI New Flame Rose Eyeshadow Palette-18Color
red eyeshadow palette
DE'LANCI New Flame Rose Eyeshadow Palette-18Color
flame rose eyeshadow palette
glitter eyeshadow palette
flame rose eyeshadow palette
red eyeshadow palette
flame rose eyeshadow palette

DE'LANCI New Flame Rose Eyeshadow Palette-18Color

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Bring out the soft and natural side of your personality or give it a glamorous look with DE’LANCI 18 Color Eyeshadow Palette! It’s an amazing collection of beaming mattes and shimmers along with creamy-white colors. 10 mattes + 6 shimmers + 2 red glitter colors + 1 creamy white make the collection perfect for everyday looks, and drop-dead gorgeous makeovers. The super-velvety textures blend into the skin for the most incredible looking eyeshadow color results!!!

Eyeshadow Weight: 230g
Eyeshadow Size: 8.4 x 4.5 x 0.5 inch

Benefits and features of DE’LANCI Flame Rose Eyeshadow Palette

  • Highly pigmented long-lasting colors: The unique formula of the flame rose eyeshadow palette gives a velvety texture to the colors that continue unfaded or uncreased for long hours.
  • Super-blendable smooth finish: The super-creamy, velvety powder colors diffuse and blend effortlessly for the most natural-like effects.
  • Perfect for all looks: The combination of mattes, shimmers, and glitters lets you create rich color tones for different eye makeup styles.
  • Ideal for hot rich looks: Use the colors in any combination you want to recreate red hot eyeshadow trends for your costume parties, theatrical makeup or scary Halloween looks.
  • Good to go for every look: The colors are just right to give your eyes that light pink shading for your everyday work/school looks.

How to use DE'LANCI New Flame Rose Eyeshadow Palette

Step 1: If you’re using the colors for an everyday look, stick to one color taking it from the inner corner to the outer and blending it perfectly.

Step 2: For a brighter look use a hint of the shimmer color at the center of the lids and blend.

Step 3: Use a base color and shade it up with rich metallic tones for an evening look, and highlight the inner eye corner.

Step 4: Accentuate your brow bone with the creamy white highlighter to add more definition to your eyes.

Step 5: Pair up the light rose eyeshadow color with a similarly shaded lipstick for a natural-like look to yourself.

Pro Tips to Use DE’LANCI Best Warm Eyeshadow Palette

  1. If you want to achieve a minimalist look with your eyeshadow colors, always use a neutral base and colored sides or center.
  2. Pick light to medium colors for subtle looks, and go bold only if you want to look dramatic.
  3. Shade up the outer corner of the eyes to instantly give a vivid definition to your eyes for any occasion.
  4. Make sure that you line the lower lashline with the same eyeshadow color as the primary one for impactful eye makeup.
  5. Never forget to wear lashes or coat the natural ones with mascara to add depth to your eyes; also define your brows to frame the eye look

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How get a good eyeshadow finish that looks perfectly blended?

Make sure that your eyes are clean canvas before you start applying any eyeshadow colors as any dirt and oil can interfere with its blending.

2. What is the purpose of the white color in the De’Lanci 18 color eyeshadow palette?

White of the palette lets you minimize the color intensity of any other color you may want to apply.

3. Why do you have a black color in the flame rose eyeshadow palette?

Adding black color to any other color helps you get a darker shade of the same color for any makeup look you want.

4. What is the best time and purpose of this best warm eyeshadow palette?

This flame rose eyeshadow palette of 18 colors with black and white lets you combine shades for hot theme parties like Halloween and others. At the same time, you can use them for light everyday looks.