10+ Simple Glitter Eyeshadow Looks for a Dazzling Effect in 2023

Glitter it up any time you want to stand out in the crowd or even to add that subtle shimmer to your looks! What better way than to add a dose of glitter eyeshadow colors to the lids for that exquisite shine to define your beauty? Glitter eyeshadow looks can be all fun or very chic that brightens up your evening looks. Let the soft sheen or the brilliant glow of some of the best simple glitter eyeshadow looks set you apart every time you wear them. Our makeup expert brings to you these super easy and attractive glitter eyeshadow looks for all tastes!!!

Table of Content: 

  1. What is glitter eyeshadow?
  2. List of glamorous glitter eyeshadow looks to try out in 2023
    1. Silver glitter eyeshadow looks
    2. Gold glitter eyeshadow look
    3. Purple glitter eyeshadow looks
    4. Black glitter eyeshadow looks
    5. Golden liner eyeshadow looks
    6. Blue glitter eyeshadow looks
    7. Green glitter eyeshadow looks
    8. Soft neutral glitter eyeshadow look
    9. Sprinkle of gold glitter eyeshadow look
    10. Rainbow glitter eyeshadow look
    11. Touch of glitter eyeshadow look
    12. 7 tips to wear glitter eyeshadow looks
  3. Wrapping up

What is glitter eyeshadow?

Glitter eyeshadow is a type of color that contains sparkling particles in them that give off a glamorous shimmering effect. These eyeshadow colors can come as single colors in bottles in powder form. They are also available in cake form in palettes like other matte colors. The loose powder is best applied over an eye primer or fixing liquid using your finger or brush. For the palette glitter colors, apply them directly onto the lids using a eyeshadow brush. Continue reading to know all about the top simple glitter eyeshadow looks to bring out a sensational YOU!!!

List of glamorous glitter eyeshadow looks to try out in 2023

We’ve compiled a complete list of simple glitter eyeshadow looks in almost any shade that you can think of. Just follow the steps and amp up your glamor quotient with these effortlessly stunning eyeshadow looks!!!

1. Silver glitter eyeshadow looks

This is among the most easy glitter eyeshadow looks yet also the most spectacular of them all! The glow of the glitter colors reflect around the eyes to bring alive the vibrancy of the silver eyeshadow looks. It’s a look that is sure to give bring to the center stage of any event with its shine!!!

How to create the silver glitter eyeshadow look:

  • Start by preparing the base for eye makeup by cleaning, applying eye primer and concealer or color corrector.
  • Use a light shade of grey to give the eyelids a base color.
  • Apply the silver glitter color from the DE’LANCI Silver Eyeshadow Palette and cover the entire upper lids till the cut crease with it.
  • Give the lower lash line a contrasting shade of purple glitter color.
  • Color the waterlines with a black eyeliner and use mascara to volumize the lashes.

2. Gold glitter eyeshadow look

If you love all things bright and beautiful, you just can’t miss out on this super-chic gold glitter eyeshadow look! The dust of golden color is sure to give your eyes and the rest of your face a magical glow. Look ravishing wearing the look to any red carpet-like event and be the instant diva!!!

How to create gold glitter eyeshadow looks:

Take care to wipe off all traces of oil and dirt and apply eye primer and concealer/color corrector.

  • Create a neutral-colored base using a color close to your skin tone for the glitter color to show better.
  • Now, take shade SPOTLIGHT with an eyeshadow brush from DE’LANCI 54 Color La Catrina Eyeshadow palette.
  • Apply on the entire upper lids and blend for an even distribution of the color.
  • Extend the color to the outer eye areas to bring in a larger-than-life glittered look.

3. Purple glitter eyeshadow looks

Thinking of being the star at the next evening event? Here’s just the breathtaking yet simple glitter eyeshadow looks for you! Wear the classy purple shade in all its glitter version and see how you transform yourself into a sublime creature!!!

How to create the purple glitter eyeshadow look:

  • Make sure of your cleansing and priming regime followed by clearing the skin with the concealing elements.
  • Use a light brown eyeshadow color to create a base following the shape of the eyes into a wing.
  • Take the purple glitter shade from DE’LANCI Pressed Glitter Eyeshadow Palette and apply it all over the upper lids.
  • Blend till the outer part of the lashes for a seamless flow of glitter color with a light smoked look at the edge.
  • Shimmer up the inner corner with a white highlighting color and open up the look.

4. Black glitter eyeshadow looks

Give yourself the most dramatic makeover with this electrifying simple glitter eyeshadow looks! An incredibly plush look in black glitter, this is just what you need to add instant depth and warmth to your face. Go effortlessly glamorous with this trending black glitter color on your eyes!!!

How to create the black glitter eyeshadow look:

  • Create a clean and smooth canvas around the eyes with the primer and concealer to bring out the dazzling black.
  • Use a brown matte shade to create the base eyeshadow color going right up to the brow bones.
  • Use the black glitter eyeshadow color from the DE’LANCI Mermaid Glitter Palette and shade up the upper lids.
  • Create a cat eye using a black eyeliner and shade the lower lash line with a matte black color.
  • Shimmer up the inner eyes with white to give the eyes an enhanced shimmering look.

5. Golden liner eyeshadow looks

When you love to shimmer in glitter but wish to keep it subtle, this is the simple glitter eyeshadow looks for you! Go radiant with this silver glitter liner-like eyeshadow look at any type of event. Eye-catching yet poised, it is sure to bring out your signature statement!!!

How to create the golden liner eyeshadow look:

  • You’ll have to carefully prep the eyes for the faultless canvas on which the minimal glitter is going to play out.
  • Pick a color for the base eyeshadow that is almost the same tone as that of your skin and go right up to the brows with it.
  • Take the golden glitter color with an eyeshadow brush from any of the palettes above.
  • Apply it along the lash lines and extend it into a wing connecting both upper and lower lines.
  • Add a white highlighter to the inner eyes and just below the wing for a brighter look.
  • Use black eyeliner to draw cat eyes and mascara to volumize the lashes.

6. Blue glitter eyeshadow looks

Look ravishing in this incredibly attractive and simple glitter eyeshadow looks! Flatter yourself with this exclusive eye makeup and its high-voltage effect. The high-octane look is just right to draw attention to yourself with its color vibrancy. Be the ultimate sultry you with the look!!!

How to create the blue glitter eyeshadow look:

  • Keep to the cleansing routine, refine the skin with primer, and set the canvas with concealer colors.
  • Use a pastel color as an eyeshadow base covering all the eyelid areas going upto the brow bones.
  • Take the bright blue glitter color from DE’LANCI Glaze Sandrlarm NEW PURPLE BLUE EYESHADOW PALETTE-24 COLOR with an eyeshadow brush.
  • Spread the color all over the lids extending beyond the cut crease and blend well.
  • Give the lower lash lines a thick coat to the shade to enlarge the look.
  • Give the waterlines a stroke of black eyeliner and draw out cat eyes.

7. Green glitter eyeshadow looks

Wear the color of royalty as your simple glitter eyeshadow looks and see yourself evolve as the queen! This is a fascinating color that celebrities have been wearing most of the time they wish to make a statement. The glitter version of it on your eyelids is going to be a sure head-turner anywhere you go!!!

How to create the green glitter eyeshadow look:

  • Be meticulous about the cleansing, priming, and clearing regime for getting the best skin canvas around the eyes.
  • Take the light mauve color from De’Lanci Avocado Green Eyeshadow Palette and apply it as the base color going all the way up to the brow bones.
  • Use the darker shade of the same matte color to do up the area going just beyond the cut crease.
  • Blend well for the gradient look and then apply the emerald green glitter on the lid areas only.
  • Finish the look by cleaning the edges of the eyes, applying mascara, and shaping the brows.

8. Soft neutral glitter eyeshadow look

Glitter up all the way while retaining your nude color preferences too with this simple glitter eyeshadow looks! Use the glitter color of the exclusive DE’LANCI Tender Night Eyeshadow Palette to whip up bright neutral glitter looks. You can embellish the look further with black to make you look the true diva!!!

How to create the soft neutral glitter eyeshadow look:

  • Complete the preparation of the skin around the eyes perfectly for the light glitter colors to shine brightly.
  • Start with the Peach Smoothie shade from the palette and create the base shade on the lids.
  • Use the glitter shade Euphoria for a complete nude glitter output or go for Flaming Kiss for a brighter show as in the picture.
  • Shade the lids creating an extended wing with the glitter color. 
  • Use the Smoke shade from the palette with a thin brush and create the winged graphics.
  • Finish the look by applying mascara and shaping the brows for the right frame.

9. Sprinkle of gold glitter eyeshadow look

Make an inimitable statement with a sprinkling of golden glitter color and awaken the glamor queen in you! This simple glitter eyeshadow looks is going to be a hot favorite at any evening chic regale. It is at the same time super-glamorous yet has a restrained use of the golden glitter!!!

How to create a sprinkle of gold glitter eyeshadow look:

  • Get going with the cleaning, priming, and clear canvas-creating regime as with other looks.
  • Use the Nude shade from DE’LANCI 9 Colors Leopard Nude Eyeshadow Palette and create the base shade.
  • Now use the Chocolate shade to color up the lids blending it well while also coloring and smudging the lower lash line.
  • Now use the Bronze colored golden glitter to shade up the inner eyes and create a line just above the cut crease. 
  • Complete the look with mascara and shape the brows for a stunning effect.

10. Rainbow glitter eyeshadow look

Here’s a simple glitter eyeshadow looks that’s not just stunning but also among the easiest to wear. All you need is to use DE’LANCI Rainbow Multichrome Eyeshadow for the purpose and you’ll be the shimmering rainbow of the party! Just a single swipe of the color should keep you shining bright all night!!!

How to create the rainbow glitter eyeshadow look:

  • You’ve got to be totally meticulous about the skin preparation part as the color output will largely depend on it.
  • You can use either your fingers or an eyeshadow brush to apply the eyeshadow color for this look.
  • It’s a single-swipe color look, so blending is critical for the final finish.
  • Take the color from the container such that you carry all the gradients from it and apply it.
  • Cover all the skin around the eyes going up to the brows on top and the lower lash line for the best look.

11. Touch of glitter eyeshadow look

Shine out with your simple glitter eyeshadow looks that give you the right balance of glitter and matte! When you want to shine like the morning star but be subtle too, it’s time to mimic this look. You’ll be amazed at how fascinating your looks can turn with this simple swipe of glitter around your eyes!!!

How to create the touch of glitter eyeshadow look:

  • Since this look uses fewer colors, your skin preparation should be as good as it can be.
  • Use a nude shade from the DE’LANCI 54 Color La Catrina Eyeshadow palette that is close to your skin tone for the base.
  • Work up the lid area with the Cumbia shade while extending a wing with it.
  • Use a regular black eyeliner or the Black color from the palette to line the lower lash line extending as a wing.
  • Now, apply the Joy glitter color just beneath the black liner and along the lower lash line for the complete look.
  • Finish off with mascara and brighten up the inner eyes with a white highlighter.

7 tips to wear glitter eyeshadow looks

Now that you know all about the best simple glitter eyeshadow looks and the products that you can use, it’s time for some tips!

  1. Make sure to apply an eyeshadow base primer when creating looks using glitter eyeshadow colors, it will help the pigment particles hold better.
  2. Always use a matte eyeshadow base before you apply the glitter color for them to shine and retain well.
  3. Use your ring finger to apply glitter colors on the eyelids as they exert the least pressure and help in even blending.
  4. Always dab your eyeshadow glitter colors instead of any swiping movement for them to adhere well to the skin.
  5. When using a brush to apply glitter eyeshadow color, use a small flat brush so that you take up less pigment.
  6. Spray your eyeshadow brush or your finger with a setting spray before taking glitter color with it for best application and sticking.
  7. Make less is more your mantra when working with glitter eyeshadow colors. you can always build easily instead of overdoing it.

Wrapping up

It’s time for you to shine like a bright diamond with your uber-chic simple glitter eyeshadow looks for all occasions! Perfect them for subtle glitter or over-the-top looks using the single DE’LANCI Mermaid Glitter Palette. Not only does it contain any glitter color combination you can think of, but it’s also tested and safe on the skin. Like all other DE’LANCI products, this palette too is completely vegan and cruelty-free!!!

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