Step By Step Easy Halloween Makeup Tutorial for Beginners

It’s just around the corner and all the excitement around Halloween 2022 has started building up! There’s so much to dress up like and the special makeup for the occasion makes it absolutely a smashing event. Whether you’re a first-timer with Halloween makeup looks or already tried your hands before, our experts have put together easy Halloween makeup tutorial for beginners that’ll help you nail the look right! Explore the looks and the easy steps to get them and see how you spook people around you!!! Also, read our expert’s view on Easy Halloween Makeup Looks for Beginners!

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  1. Step By Step Easy Halloween Makeup Tutorial for Beginners
    1. Classic Ghoul
    2. Beautiful Lady-Dracula
    3. The skull in neon
    4. The eerie-looking butterfly
    5. A Zombie mermaid
    6. The scary ghost look
    7. Halloween pumpkin dead-walking
    8. Halloween spidy
    9. Simply devilish
    10. Spooky green devil
  2. 5 Things to Consider while doing Halloween makeup
    1. Wrapping up

      Step By Step Easy Halloween Makeup Tutorial for Beginners

      Ditch those in-store options, and try out these Halloween looks that are easy yet effective. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most popular looks for you to explore!!! We assume that your first step to any makeup look will be the cleansing and moisturizing regime that not only protects your skin but also helps bring out the makeup colors well. Here we roll out the top 10 easy Halloween makeup tutorial for beginners!!!

      1. Classic Ghoul

      No Halloween is complete without the Ghoul, and we’ve place this at the beginning of our easy scary Halloween makeup tutorial for beginners!

      Apply primer to your face to give it a smooth skin look and follow up with a bright primer that will give you a pale ghostly look.

      • Start with the eye makeup first opting for shades like purple and silver shimmer as they help bring out the impression of frightening sunken eyes.
      • Draw out a thick wing with the black eyeliner and move on to applying the eyeshadow colors. Use the matte violet from the 35 Color Travel with Rainbow Eyeshadow Palette as the base eyeshadow color and blend it all the way up to the brows. Apply the silver shimmer to the inner corner and center of the eyes and blend for that seamless flow of colors.
      • Brighten up the brow bone area, apply a thick coat of mascara, shape and fill the brows to make the eyes stand out.
      • Now, it’s time to do up the Ghoul; you can use a combination of black color and violet for more impact or leave it simplistic by only using colors. The second option would be cute Halloween makeup tutorial for those that prefer to keep it more somber.

      how to apply liquid eyeliner

      2. Beautiful Lady-Dracula

      You can’t do without the freakish monster of a Dracula, especially a blood-thirsty female version! Next on our list of easy Halloween makeup tutorial for beginners comes this intriguing character’s looks!!!

      3. The skull in neon

      The skull look is an all-time favorite with Halloween-goers across time, and this year you can wear it following our easy Halloween makeup tutorial for beginners! It may look intricate, but it should be easy with our step-by-step guide!!!

      For this look, you will need De’Lanci Special Effects Stage Halloween Makeup Set-B that comes with the brush set for easy application of the neon colors.

      • Start with the light color, that is, pink on the upper face moving on to the yellow and green over the nose and mouth. Carve out the part of the mouth for the teeth graphic with a black outline and move on to apply the blue on the chin area. Streak the neck with a rainbow of colors and blend them for a seamless look.
      • Now, move on to the detailing of the black eyes, highlighting the brows, and finally the drawing of the skull’s teeth.
      • Finish off the look with white flowing hair attached to the lit-up glowing-in-the-dark skull for that frightening appearance.

      How to apply liquid eyeshadow

        4. The eerie-looking butterfly

        Halloween is all about colors that are bright but in a frightening way! So, we have for you as our easy Halloween makeup tutorial for beginners the quintessential butterfly that is all set to scare everyone!

        5. A Zombie mermaid

        Here’s an easy zombie Halloween makeup tutorial for beginners that you’re going to love! You will of course need a fish net cloth apart from De’Lanci 36 Color Beauty Blooming Double Pages Eyeshadow Palette.

        • Get started with the primer and foundation darker than your usual skin tone to bring in that shady eerie feel. Work on the eye makeup first by applying eyeliner and drawing cateyes; shade the upper lids with a light shade of blue and draw the color along the lower lashes too. Shimmer up with green and blue shades and finish off with mascara on the lashes.
        • Apply the fish net to the forehead and trace out the blue and green colors from the palette, maintaining one color on each side keeping the center relatively light.
        • Do up the cheeks with the same colors as on the forehead for that blush effect, and finally shimmer it up with #01 Elf De’Lanci Multi-Functional Dual-Ended Highlighter Stick.
        • Lip colors are going to add the final cap to the look with the teal blue that you can mix and make using the blue and green shades from De’Lanci 25 Color Matte Multi Shade Lip Palette.

          6. The scary ghost look

          This one is for those fun-loving souls that will love to scare anyone with just their face on Halloween 2022! We’ll have to get started with this easy Halloween makeup tutorial for beginners with the De’Lanci black and white body paint, violet eyeshadow, and some highlighter!!!

          • Do up your face with normal primer and foundation shades to give it the flawless look that will bring out the makeup colors. Start with the eye makeup drawing eyeliner along the upper and lower lashes followed by a prominent line above the cut crease.
          • Do up the lids with the light violet eyeshadow color and add shimmer to the inner eyes; take care of the lashes brows and fill them in for the final framing.
          • Draw an outline with black on the tip of the nose and color it with the same violet eyeshadow color. Get going with the mouth by first outlining it till the end of the cheeks, filling it all with black, and then defining the teeth within in white.
          • Finish off with a pinkish hair wig and black outfit that will set the devilish tone all around your looks this Halloween 2022.

          glossy makeup looks

          7. Halloween pumpkin dead-walking

          When it’s Halloween time, you can’t forget about pumpkins! Now what if they start dead walking during Halloween 2022 with the help of our easy Halloween makeup tutorial for beginners?

          • Wear your normal primer and foundation to set the base for the look. Eyes remain minimal with only a coat of mascara on the lashes.
          • Use the black body paint color to define the pumpkin shape on one side of your face and then color the eye there black along with the nose; make a zig-zag outline around the mouth for the cut pumpkin effect and fill it with black too.
          • Use yellow, red, and black colors to bring out the pumpkin shade and color the rest of the inner areas with it for the pumpkin look.
          • Pair the look with a black outfit, loose hair and large ear accessories as you go pumpkin dead-walking on Halloween night.

          8. Halloween spidy

          If you wish to keep it minimal this Halloween and yet stand out with the right makeup, we have just the easy Halloween makeup tutorial for beginners! It’s the popular spidy look that you can whip up in no time with these easy steps!!!

          • Wear your normal primer and foundation and give the face a bright and flawless look with a light red blush. Start with the eye makeup by drawing out cateyes. Catch up on Graphic Eyeliner Looks and How to Create Them to enhance looks for any occasion.
          • Time to start coloring the lids with a nude tone towards the inner corner, and dark violet from the center outwards. Shimmer up the inner corners to make the eyes look bright, apply mascara, and shape the brows to their natural size.
          • Now starts drawing the spider web keeping the bridge of the nose at its center; spread it out till the end of your eyes for a prominent effect; add 2 spider-like creatures on the forehead to make the look realistic.
          • Fill in the lips with a matte red and complement the look with ruffled loose hair and other accessories.

          9. Simply devilish

          You can apply normal colors to your face and still look a devil incarnate, and here is how in our easy Halloween makeup tutorial for beginners! It’s the effect of colors, contouring, and highlighting that play out the shades of evil in this stunning Halloween look!!!

          • Wear your primer and coat it with a darker foundation to set the base of the sinister look. Start out the play of colors of the Halloween eye makeup looks by lining the eyes on the upper and lower sides. Time to wear the smoky look using green and black from the Avocado Green Eyeshadow Palette 12 Colors De’Lanci. Add a little yellow to the inner corners to brighten up the eyes.
          • Coat the lashes with mascara, and arch the brows to bring in that devilish appeal to the face.
          • Time to contour that face using De’Lanci Multifunctional Double-ended Contouring Stick and Highlighter stick. Contour along the cheekbones and shimmer up the upper part along with the bridge of the nose.
          • Here’s more on Detailed Tutorial on Glossy Makeup Look for different occasions.
          • Fill in the lips using the green shade from the De’Lanci 25 Color Multi Shade Lip Palette and pair the look with high devil’s hair, and a yellowish green outfit.

          10. Spooky green devil

          The devil can go green with jealousy this Halloween and that’s the look we have for you next in the easy Halloween makeup tutorial for beginners! You will need #03, #04, and #05 of 8 Neon UV Powder Pigment Kit and the Avocado palette from the previous look for this one too!!!

          • Bring out the flawless skin look with your normal primer and foundation that will help bring out the contrast of the devilish green.
          • Do up the normal side eye makeup by creating the green and black smoked eyes look, shimmer on the brow bone, and a luscious coat of mascara to the lashes. Define the brow sharply to frame the eyes and set the depth to it.
          • Start painting the other half of the face extending to the clavicles with blue, green, and yellow in gradients blending them flawlessly. Bring out the devil’s black eye by first defining the outline with fluorescent green, and then filling it in with black color.
          • Step out with matching accessories on the loose black hair for the devil in green prowling around during Halloween 2022 night.

          5 Things to consider while doing Halloween makeup

          1. Take care of your skin by using only premium quality makeup like those from De’Lanci.
          2. Run a check on the shelf life of the product, especially the body paint color; most reliable brands have a life of 3-4 years for unopened cream, face paints, and other liquid makeup.
          3. Make sure to apply moisturizer on the skin irrespective of your skin type before you start applying makeup for Halloween.
          4. Prep your skin with primer and foundation before applying any color of the makeup as the pigment particles will emit the colors well only on such surface.
          5. Take care and effort to remove every trace of makeup from your face and body before you go to bed after the event.

          Wrapping up

          Now that you have plenty to choose from easy Halloween makeup tutorial for beginners, get started with the one that appeals to you most! Remember, Halloween is a time to let your hair down and enjoy yourself, so pick something that will let you be comfortable in your skin. You can get more ideas on Best Euphoria Makeup Looks from our experts as you continue to wear them with the De’Lanci’s premium makeup products and tools!!

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