7+ Iconic Arabic Makeup Looks with Modern Trends and Cultural Twist

Traditional Arabic makeup looks indulge in bold colors, deep renditions of black on the eyes along with falsies, stunning lips, and thick eyebrows! In short, this makeup look utilizes a variety of colors. It always places a special emphasis on the eyes, accentuating the large and expressive eyes of Arab women. Of course, there are modern versions of the iconic Arab makeup looks too that maintain the ethos but play on with lighter colors! Read on to know more about different popular Arabic makeup looks as explained by our expert!!!

Table of Content

  1. List of Iconic Arabic Makeup Looks to Style
    1. Classical Arabic makeup look
    2. Mysterious Arabic makeup look
    3. Cat-eye Arabic makeup look
    4. Shining diva Arabic makeup look
    5. Chiseled Arabic makeup look
    6. Subtle and simple Arabic look
    7. Bold lip Arabic makeup look
    8. Modern Arabic woman look
  2. 5+ Pro Tips to Wear Arabic Makeup Look
  3. Wrapping up

List of Iconic Arabic Makeup Looks to Style

If you are someone that loves that element of charm and drama in your makeup even if it is with a modern twist, these Arabic makeup looks are for you! Pick the one that you fancy most and recreate it by following the steps!!!

1. Classical Arabic Makeup Look

Classical Arabic Makeup Look

We start with the most classical of Arabic makeup looks that bring out the beauty of the eyes, face, and lips in equal proportions! A look that is full of romantic fervor bringing out the beautiful woman in you much like using the Korean Lip Makeup Trends and Looks!!!

How to recreate the Classical Arabic makeup look:

  1. Cleaning of your face skin is important, so clean, moisturize, and apply primer to create the right base for the makeup look.
  2. Apply a skin tone matching foundation with matte finish, and conceal any spot or blemish to get the perfect-looking skin.
  3. Use black eyeshadow color along the upper lash lines creating a thick outline that becomes broader at the outer edge.
  4. Line the lower lash lines with the black color to meet them at the outer edge, apply mascara, and define and fill the brows.
  5. Use a bronzer color to shade the cheeks lightly and give them a sharp look blending it evenly with the skin.
  6. Finally, outline the lips well with a brownish red from DE’LANCI Multicolor Aestheitcs Matte Lipsticks collection and gloss it up lightly with the transparent gloss.

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2. Mysterious Arabic makeup look

Mysterious Arabic makeup look

Bring out those mysterious eyes of the Arabic women with this mysterious Arabic makeup look Dark and emphatic, the black color around the eyes creates that famous Arabic eye look that stands for both mystery and glamour!

How to recreate the mysterious Arabic makeup look:

  1. Skin preparation is a must for the look; start by cleaning the skin, and applying a light moisturizer, and transparent primer.
  2. Use a skin-brightening foundation that will give the skin a radiant finish, and conceal any dark circles, or blemishes.
  3. Start your eye makeup by using the black shade from DE’LANCI 16 Colors Grey Smoky Eyeshadow Palette and shade up the lids right up to the cut crease.
  4. Draw out a thick wing that meets the lower lash lining of the eyeshadow color; smudge out the black color along the lower lash line for an enhanced look.
  5. Sharply define the brows and fill them in using the Brown shade from the palette, and complete it by applying thickening mascara.
  6. Give the cheeks a light touch of a pink blush color and blend it well with the skin, fill the lips with the same tone of matte lipstick and complete the look.

3. Cat-eye Arabic makeup look

Cat-eye Arabic makeup look

Cat eyes are a staple of Arabic makeup looks and the iconic Cat-eye Arabic makeup look emphasizes just that! Bring out the beauty of your mesmerizing eyes with the subtle colors of your face with this iconic yet restrained Arabic look for the modern you!!!

How to recreate Cat-eye Arabic makeup look:

  1. You will need perfect-looking skin for the look as always, so clean, moisturize, and prime it well using matte-finish products.
  2. Now, apply a foundation that blends in with your skin tone and cover up any blemish or flaw with a concealer using the right shades from Beauty Carver Concealer Contour Multifunction Palette from DE’LANCI.
  3. Choose a dark shade from the palette that will act as a bronzer for your skin tone and sculpt the cheeks, nose, and temples.
  4. Move on to draw out cat eyes by extending the wings on either side of your eyes as you line the upper and the lower lash lines.
  5. Smudge them out and create the extended colored look, apply mascara, brush and fill the brows and complete the cat eye makeup look.
  6. Outline the lips using a nude brown matte liquid color and fill in the lips with it to complement the bronzed face look.

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4. Shining diva Arabic makeup look

Shining diva Arabic makeup look

Stand out like a shining diva with the iconic shining diva Arabic makeup look with the softly highlighted face giving out the divine glow! Bring on the highlighted face look with the soft touch of colors and neatly done eyes and make your statement!!!

How to recreate the shining diva Arabic makeup look:

  1. Bring out a clean facial skin, follow it up by applying moisturizer, and top it up with a hydrating primer for an even skin tone.
  2. Apply a brightening and hydrating foundation mixed with concealer to blot out any imperfections or marks on the face.
  3. Give the eyes a touch of your black eyeshadow or kohl along both the upper and lower lash lines; blend it on the upper lids for a shaded look.
  4. Give the cheeks a touch of a light blush color that looks almost natural on the skin to bring out that glow better.
  5. Highlight the face using the right shade from DE’LANCI Multi-functional Dual-ended Highlighter Stick on the apple of the cheeks, the bridge of the nose, and the forehead.
  6. Complete the look by covering the lips with a reddish-brown matte finish lipstick that complements the glow of the face.

5. Chiseled Arabic makeup look

Chiseled Arabic makeup look

Chiseled face with prominent eyes and attractive lips, the iconic Chiseled Arabic makeup look is a complete head-turner! Using blush as your contour can be an interesting twist in your makeup as you recreate this fabulous look! Read up on How to Find Your Face Shape for best results!!!

How to recreate the Chiseled Arabic makeup look:

  1. Start with the normal cleaning, moisturizing, and priming of the face to create a smooth and clean canvas on which the makeup colors play out.
  2. Use a skin-brightening foundation, conceal, and spots or dark patches to bring out an evenly toned radiant facial skin.
  3. Do up the eyes by applying black eyeliner along both the lash lines and making them thick by smudging them out.
  4. Apply falsies or mascara for the thick lash look and fill the brows to frame the eyes prominently.
  5. Now, create the chiseled face look by contouring the cheeks using the appropriate shade for your skin tone from DE’LANCI Multifunctional Double-ended Contouring Stick collection.
  6. Complete the look by filling in the lips using a pinkish-red matte finish lipstick that brings out the softness of the look.

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6. Subtle and simple Arabic makeup look

Subtle and simple Arabic makeup look

When subtle and simple is your style, opt for this iconic Arabic makeup looks 6! Good for any daytime or even everyday wear, you can confidently stride out with this soft use of colors on the face! Consider this the modern-day rendition of the classical Arabic makeup look!!!

How to recreate the Subtle and simple Arabic makeup look:

  1. Bring out the best of your clean facial skin as the look uses minimal colors; moisturize it and top it up with primer for that even look.
  2. Once you apply the foundation and follow it up with the concealer, make sure to blend it into the skin well.
  3. Use the translucent shade from the DE’LANCI Matte Loose Powder collection to give the entire face a matted and set look.
  4. Outline the upper lash lines and draw out small wings at the outer edges of the eyes using black eyeshadow or kohl.
  5. Take care to brush out the brows, fill them in to create a prominent frame, and coat the lashes with mascara.
  6. Use pink-nude-colored liquid lipstick for the lips to complete the subtle version of your Arabic makeup look!

7. Bold lip Arabic makeup look

Bold lip Arabic makeup look

Along with the eyes, the classical Arabic makeup looks emphasize on the lips too! This Bold Lips Arabic makeup look reflects just that along with the defined use of colors on the cheeks. The soft eyes complement the well-done brows to complete the look!

How to recreate the iconic bold lip arabic makeup look:

  1. Bring out the clean skin on the face using your cleanser; moisturize the skin and apply primer to hydrate and even it out.
  2. Apply a skin tone matching matte foundation, and cover any blemish with the right shade of concealer.
  3. Time to give the face a touch of the blushed color so that it looks healthy, flushed, and radiant.
  4. Outline the eyes using a black pencil along the lash lines connecting them totally so that the eyes look bright.
  5. Brush the brows, fill them in to make them look thick complementing the less color on the eyes, and apply mascara.
  6. Complete the look by highlighting the lips using a maroon matte lipstick color using the right shade from DE’LANCI 25 Color Matte Multi Shade Lip Palette.

8. Modern Arabic woman makeup look

Modern Arabic woman makeup look

The modern Arabic woman brings in her own twist to the classical Arabic makeup looks and this is just what she wants! The near no-makeup look like the French Makeup Tutorial makes very restrained use of colors to give the Arabic makeup look a trendy touch!!!

How to recreate the modern Arabic woman makeup look:

  1. Start with your regular skin cleansing routine and top it up with moisturizer and primer for the best canvas on the face.
  2. Give the face a cover of foundation and the apt shade from DE’LANCI Multicolor Liquid Concealer for Dark Skin to bring out the spotless and bright skin that is the highlight of the look.
  3. Use black eyeliner to define the lash lines only and brighten up the inner corners with a light highlighter.
  4. Arch out the brows by brushing and filling them so that they stand out for the less colors for this look and apply mascara or falsies.
  5. Matte out the face and set the foundation using a dusting of loose powder and leaving it to its natural-like look.
  6. Apply a light and nude-colored lipstick and gloss it up to complete this subtle and modern Arabic look.
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5+ Pro Tips to Wear Arabic Makeup Look

  1. Use a black and white eyeshadow palette with highlighter options for versatile looks for days or nights.
  2. Keep falsies handy as it is one of the best and easiest ways to bring your eyes into prominence even when you have sparse lashes. Explore various sparse lashes solutions to enhance your eye makeup effortlessly.
  3. Make use of duct tape when drawing out large wings that you want to darken so that you have less mess to clean.
  4. Stick to a matte finish for best results as Arabic makeup looks use a lot of colors; when using shine, tone down on the colors!
  5. Make the best use of brushes and other makeup accessories as you will have to blend every color into the skin well to give them an even flow.
  6. Make the cat eye look your Arabic eye makeup staple as it is one of the easiest and also most subtle looks of the region!

Wrapping Up

With the best Arabic makeup ideas at your disposal, it’s time to get started and work on your favorite ones! You can sure use more than one of these looks for different times and occasions to stun everyone around you. Try out these looks using the DE’LANCI 16 Colors Grey Smoky Eyeshadow Palette that helps you work on plenty of eye makeup options. If you've experimented with various Arabic makeup looks, feel free to share them with us in a comment, and we'll gladly feature them here!

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