Step-by-Step Brown Eyeshadow Tutorial for Contemporary & Stylish Looks!

Brown is the tone of the earth and all that stands on it. naturally, brown eyeshadow is something that suits everyone! Brown eyeshadow looks are definitely part of the current minimalistic makeup trend and every celebrity or anyone in the showbiz is wearing them. This kind of makeup blends in with the individual skin tone imparting a bright hue to it without too much show of color. Our makeup expert has put together the best brown eyeshadow tutorial that will guide you through wearing this warm and neutral color any time and for any event!!!

Table of Content

  1. What is brown eyeshadow look?
  2. Step-by-step brown eyeshadow tutorial for every eye shape
    1. Prepare the skin meticulously
    2. Conceal any dark patch
    3. Choose the brown colors right
    4. Use a base tan for simple looks
    5. Create the cut crease look
    6. Smudge out the colors to add oomph
    7. Shimmer up for evenings
    8. Frame the eyes and add depth too
  3. 5+ pro tips for wearing brown eyeshadow look
  4. Wrapping up 

What is brown eyeshadow look?

Brown eyeshadow look is the result of applying the shades of neutral brown color on the skin around the eyes as part of face makeup. The brown-colored eyeshadow can be worn at any time of the day or night. it can be part of your daily makeup looks with a subtle hint of the shade in matte on the eyelids. You can also look an absolutely stunning diva in a brown eyeshadow look with its smoky variant, a touch of glitter, or go with the cut crease look. The brown eyeshadow look complements any shape, size, or color of the eyes too!

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Step-by-step brown eyeshadow tutorial for every eye shape

Here’re the steps of this super-simple dark brown eyeshadow makeup tutorial that will help you wear this eye makeup easily and confidently. Keep scrolling and follow each step to become the master of brown eyeshadow looks at any time!!!

1. Prepare the skin meticulously

Prepare the skin meticulously

We begin our dedicated and basic brown eyeshadow tutorial with the simple but totally important step of skin preparation. Our makeup artist insists that even the best combination of eyeshadow colors and finish can fall flat if the skin around the eye is not prepared adequately. So here’s what you’ve got to do!

How to prepare the skin meticulously:

  • Clean the skin around the eyes, the brows, and the lashes with a gentle cleansing agent to remove every trace of dirt and oil.
  • Moisturize the skin well and let it absorb it so that it gets the needed nourishment.
  • Move on to apply an eye primer that complements the color of the skin around the eyes.
  • Pick the right shade from the 8 Color Eyeshadow Base Primer that has all the variants including a transparent one.

2. Conceal any dark patch

Conceal any dark patch

Moving on with the natural brown eyeshadow tutorial, we come to the next part which is another area of skin preparation. This is the use of concealer that will help brighten the skin tone around the eyes for the colors of the eyeshadow to show well. Read the expert speak on How to Apply Liquid Concealer for the best results!

How to use concealer optimally:

  • Take care to find the right concealer such that it covers the dark circles and spots around the eyes.
  • Opt for pink, peach, or a dark red shade of DE’LANCI Multicolor Liquid Concealer to hide any discoloration around the eyes.
  • These are ideal to hide any blue, green, or purple discolorations around the eyes.
  • Dab the product on the skin and blend it well to form a seamless covering that looks like your natural bright skin.

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3. Choose the brown colors right

Choose the brown colors right

Keep things simple by saying whether you are fair or pale skinned, have a medium, tan, or olive skin, or a stunningly dark tone. Accordingly, choose the brown shades that will look super cool on your special skin!!!

How to choose the right colors:

  • For fair or pale skin tone stick to soft brown shades like those of raisins, mushrooms, and light mochas.
  • For medium, tan, or olive skins, stick to those of terracotta, espresso brown, and mushroom.
  • For bright dark skin tones, opt for copper browns, bronze browns, champagne-hued browns, and espresso brown.

4. Use a tan color for simple looks

Use a tan color for simple looks

Moving on with the brown eyeshadow tutorial steps, we start with the application of the colors. The first step in this is of course to use the brown eyeshadow looks for your everyday use. This is how you can get the best of this warm-colored eyeshadow for everyday wear!

How to create a simple look:

  • Opt for a brown color that has the hue of your skin being tanned.
  • Using DE’LANCI Nude Bronzed Eyeshadow Palette can give options for any skin tone.
  • Mix orange or black with the dark brown and caramel shades to get a customized shade for your skin tone if the ready shades do not suffice.
  • Apply the color on your eyelids going all the way up to the cut crease and blend for a uniform play of matte brown eyeshadow color.

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5. Smudge out the colors to add oomph

Smudge out the colors to add oomph

When you want to add that extra oomph to your matte daytime look, we have just the step for you in our brown eyeshadow tutorial! This is a typical evening or glamorous brown eyeshadow look with a matte finish to be you an optimal diva!!!

How to add the extra oomph:

  • The best palette to get this look is DE’LANCI 18 Colors Nude Smoky Eyeshadow Palette where you get plenty of matte options and can also mix and match.
  • Start with the Rust shade and apply on the outer edges of the eyelids and smoke it out inwards for the shaded look.
  • Take the shade Adzuki and blend it all around the lids going up to the brow bones.
  • Next, apply it along the lower lash line and smudge it out for an even-looking soft shaded look.

6. Create the cut crease look

Create the cut crease look

If a hint of glitter is your evening preference, we’ll tell you the secret of turning the simple daytime look into an enchanting look in our brown eyeshadow tutorial. All you need to do is apply the colors over the existing base tan color to do the trick!!!

How to create the cut crease look:

  • Use the shade Sunshine of DE’LANCI Rose Coast 12 Colors Pink Brown Palette and color up the eyelids ending at the cut crease.
  • Next, take the Caramel shade and define the cut crease such that it forms a shadow over the eyelids.
  • Add a dash of the glitter color along the brow bones and blend it all together for the seamless transition of shades.

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7. Shimmer up for evenings

Shimmer up for evenings

For those of you who want to go all shiny and smoky, here’re the step to follow from our warm brown eyeshadow tutorial! This is a super-glamorous look for parties and gala dinners where your eyes are sure to do a lot of talking!!!

How to shimmer up for evenings:

  • Take up the shades from the above-mentioned DE’LANCI Rose Coast 12 Colors Pink Brown Palette for this look too.
  • There are 5 glitter options of Metal, Brass, Champagne, Bronze, and Caramel that you can choose from as per your lipstick color, outfit, and skin tone.
  • Apply the glitter shade on the eyelids keeping it till the cut crease and blend for a seamless finish.
  • Now, it’s time to smoke it up with the Malachite shade on the outer edge. take care to apply very little color and blend lightly for the smoky look.
  • Define the cut crease by highlighting the area above with the Rust shade and blending upwards.

8. Frame the eyes and add depth too

Frame the eyes and add depth too

Coming to the last step of our brown eyeshadow tutorial, we must emphasize that this is as important as the first! This is where you give your eyes the final depth and definition that makes the eyes stand out. Here’s how to do it!!!

How to frame the eyes for extra depth:

  • Whether you are going out to work or school with your everyday look on or modify it to the glamorous version, you should define the brows.
  • The brows frame the eyes and help them stand out. it’s your eyes that should stand out and not just the makeup.
  • Draw the outline with a thin brush using a brown eyeshadow color and then fill them lightly for an everyday look and more elaborately for glamorous versions.
  • Next, are the lashes. coat your eyelashes with mascara and give them volume so that they add instant depth to the eyes.
  • For an evening look, apply De’Lanci Matte Loose Powder on them after the 1st coat and reapply the mascara for an extra-volumizing look.

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5+ pro tips for wearing brown eyeshadow look

  1. Make use of a concealer that is an exact match for your skin to double as a primer and concealing agent and create a bright canvas for your brown eyeshadow looks!
  2. Invest in a palette like the DE’LANCI Rose Coast 12 Colors Pink Brown Palette that allows you to multi-use it for the complete range of matte and shimmer brown eyeshadow looks and also use it to bronze, blush or highlight the face!
  3. Keep your brows trimmed and shaped at all times so that you can whip up any type of tan shades, neutral, or bright eyeshadow look without any fuss!
  4. Make use of an under-eye cream or gel on a regular basis to keep any discolorations, dark circles, and creases at bay for a bright skin tone at all times!
  5. Make maximum use of the black and the light colors of your brown eyeshadow palette to whip up shades of brown color that you can use for your skin tone!
  6. Pep up even a simple no-makeup tan brown eyeshadow everyday look by lining the upper lash line with black eyeliner to highlight your eyes!
  7. Always fill your brows using a blackish brown eyeshadow color instead of black to give it a naturally fuller look!

Wrapping up

Brown eyeshadow looks have never been simpler before now that you have access to our expert’s brown eyeshadow tutorial! We hope you learned the best way to apply a brown eyeshadow look with DE'LANCI Rose Coast 12 Colors Pink Brown Palette. Have we missed anything or want to share any important hack? Comment down your experience and let others know too. 

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