8+ Easy Brown Eyeshadow Looks To Enhance Your Eyes

Brown is a neutral color that looks great on any skin tone covering any eye shape. What’s more, is that brown-colored eyeshadow looks have a gorgeous output no matter what the occasion or for everyday wear. This universally flattering color can be worn with great versatility by varying its hues and texture to flatter any age. Classic and yet timeless, brown eyeshadow can be used to create a variety of looks using them on the eyelids or creases. Learn about the different easy brown eyeshadow looks by our makeup expert and see the difference it makes to your looks!!!

Table of Content

  1. What is brown eyeshadow looks?
  2. List of easy brown eyeshadow looks for anytime glam
    1. Defined-by-brown eyeshadow look
    2. Cut crease brown eyeshadow look
    3. Glitter-n-brown eyeshadow look
    4. Smoky brown eyeshadow look
    5. Simple everyday brown eyeshadow look
    6. Highlighted-in-blue brown eyeshadow look
    7. Shaped-in-brown eyeshadow look
    8. Inner shimmer in brown eyeshadow look
    9. Super-glamorous in brown eyeshadow look
  3. 5+ pro tips to wear brown eye makeup
  4. Wrapping up

What is brown eyeshadow looks?

Brown eyeshadow looks are the results of using the neutral brown color in its different hues as your eye makeup. A simple brown eyeshadow look can look fascinating by combining different shades of the color on different parts around the eyes. Brown eyeshadow can also have a shiny effect for super-glamorous occasion looks or subtle yet attractive looks for any other time. Brown eyeshadow looks are contemporary, and worn by almost all celebrities as part of the neutral or nude makeup looks!

List of easy brown eyeshadow looks for anytime glam

Our makeup expert has compiled a list of 8+ easy brown eyeshadow looks for you to look glamorous any time you want! Keep scrolling to discover them all!!!

1. Defined-by-brown eyeshadow look

Defined-by-brown eyeshadow look

Get into the swag with this defined-by-brown eyeshadow look that will make you stand apart from the crown with its deep appeal! Wear it during the evenings and let your eyes make a deep impact every time anyone looks at you!!!

How to create the defined by brown eyeshadow look:

  • Prepare the eyes by cleaning, moisturizing, and applying the right primer for the clean and smooth canvas.
  • Start by coloring the eyelids going just beyond the cut crease with a tan-colored eyeshadow color as per your skin tone from DE’LANCI Nude Bronzed Mocha Eyeshadow Palette.
  • Now, use a dark brown shade to outline the outer eye area all around to form a deep-colored frame.
  • Fill in the area using the same tone but with a lighter shade to create a dark and light effect.
  • Lighten up the inner cut crease area to the center of the lids with a cream highlighter color from the palette and blend into a smooth transition.
  • Take care to frame the eyes by defining and filling the brows, and add depth by applying mascara on the lashes.

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2. Cut crease brown eyeshadow look

Cut crease brown eyeshadow look

Cut crease brown eyeshadow look will give you a diva-like look for special occasions when you need to look super-glamorous! A typical party eye makeup look, it plays with the glitter brown shade to create that spell-binding look!!!

How to create the cut crease brown eyeshadow look:

  • The best way to create this easy brown eyeshadow looks is of course by cleaning, moisturizing, and priming the skin around the eyes.
  • Create the base color using Cocoa Bear from DE’LANCI Tender Night Eyeshadow Palette going right up to the brow area.
  • Use a combination of the same shade and Smoke to create a darker shade to outline the area above the cut crease and blend it upwards.
  • Apply the shimmer shade Euphoria on the eyelids and the inner eyes for that shimmering effect of the glamorous look.
  • Complete the look by carefully shaping the eyebrows and filling them with a brown eyeshadow color, use mascara to the lashes to add depth to the eyes.

3. Glitter-n-brown eyeshadow look

Glitter-n-brown eyeshadow look

Up for some more glitter razzmatazz? We have this glitter-n-brown easy brown eyeshadow looks for you to ace that smashing look! Wear it for any gala event or party and shine out attracting instant attention with your eye makeup look!!!

How to create the glitter-n-brown eyeshadow look:

  • It’s imperative that you carry out the initial cleaning, moisturizing, and priming regime for the colors of the look to stand out.
  • Use shade Rust or Contour from DE’LANCI Nude Smoky Eyeshadow Palette to shade up the eyelids going close to the brows.
  • Make sure that you achieve a shade that is dark brown and stands out against your skin tone, so choose the shade carefully.
  • Now, it’s time to glitter up the look using Ice from the same palette of colors all over the eyelids till the cut crease.
  • Use the Metal shade to create the outer smoky look and blend for that seamless glitter output.
  • Shimmer up beneath the brows with Sunshine, shape them out fill them in with a matte brown, and apply lashes or coat your own with mascara.

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4. Smoky brown eyeshadow look

Smoky brown eyeshadow look

This smoky brown eyeshadow look is sure to be a rage when heading out to an evening get-together, featuring for photo shoots, or going wild on the party floor! Bright and perky, the look complements confident young ladies ready for a swing!!!

  • Carry out the basic skin preparation involving cleaning, moisturizing, and priming around the eyes.
  • Start the eye makeup using the Nude shade of DE’LANCI Rose Coast 12 Colors Pink Brown Palette as the base color on the eyelids right up to the brows.
  • Next, create the smoky outer edge using the matte color Macchiato or Caramel depending on your skin tone.
  • Time to shimmer up the look using the glitter color Sunlight at the center and blend it for a seamless transition at the edge and inner eyes.
  • Clean up around the brows, sharpen them, and fill them in to frame the eye makeup, apply mascara on the lids, and add instant depth to the eyes.

5. Simple everyday brown eyeshadow look

Simple everyday brown eyeshadow look

It’s time to switch to natural brown eyeshadow looks and yet be your stunning best with this simple everyday brown eyeshadow look! Pair it up with your nude-looking face and complementing lips and be the diva in the office!!!

How to create the simple everyday brown eyeshadow look:

  • Be diligent with your regular cleansing, moisturizing, and priming routine of the skin around the eyes for the best output.
  • Start by coloring the skin on the eyelids right up to the brows with the Nude shade of the DE’LANCI 9 Colors Leopard Nude Eyeshadow Palette.
  • Follow it up by shading up the cut crease and the outer edge of the eyes with the darker Coffee shade.
  • Blend both colors such that they blend into each other without a trace giving a seamless flow of color gradients.
  • Time to shape up the brows and fill them with a suitable brown color and add volume to the lashes by coating them with mascara.
  • Read up more on trending Easy Natural Eye Makeup Looks by our expert makeup artist.

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6. Highlighted-in-blue brown eyeshadow look

Highlighted-in-blue brown eyeshadow look

Get your hands together to create this awesome highlighted-in-blue brown eyeshadow look! This cool brown eyeshadow looks is just right for any informal event or occasion! Simple yet stunning with a blend of colorful eyeliner highlight, it gives a complete twist to an otherwise matte neutral eyeshadow look!!!

How to create the highlighted-in-blue brown eyeshadow look:

  • Get started with the skin preparation regime of cleansing, moisturizing, and priming the skin around the eyes.
  • Now, start shading the skin of the eyelids by using a matte nude shade as per your skin tone.
  • Choose a light brown with color from the for the look and add a little yellow highlighter at the center of the lids.
  • Start blending the colors in all directions for a hint of seamless brown shine.
  • Add that streak of blue highlight with the blue-colored DE’LANCI LA CATRINA 3 Color / Set Glitter Liquid Eyeliner along the upper lash lines.
  • Complete the look with brow definition, and filling, followed by volumizing the lashes with mascara.

7. Shaped-in-brown eyeshadow look

Shaped-in-brown eyeshadow look

Here’s the easy brown eyeshadow looks with a matte finish that you can wear at any time of the day/evening! Having a matte look with a hint of the darker shape of the eye around it, it will instantly draw attention to its chic and subtle looks!!!

How to create the shaped-in-brown eyeshadow look:

  • Give the skin around your eyes the apt preparation of cleaning, moisturizing, and priming for the colors to stand out.
  • Now, begin the eye makeup using a tan shade from the DE’LANCI New Nude NEUTRAL Eyeshadow Palette 15 Colors Nudes Warm Eye Shadows palette.
  • Follow it up using a color that is 2 shades darker to create the shape of the eye above the cut crease, blending it with the outer lids.
  • Use a dot of the yellow cream highlighter at the center to lighten it up.
  • Complete the look by shaping the brows, filling them in, and coating the lashes with mascara. Here are some more Gorgeous Matte Eyeshadow Looks for all times.

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8. Inner shimmer in brown eyeshadow look

 Inner shimmer in brown eyeshadow look

When you want to give your eye makeup that natural shine with a hint of smoked outer edge, the inner shimmer in brown eyeshadow look is ideal! This is among the easy brown eyeshadow looks that you can wear to any formal or informal occasion when you’re in the mood for a minimalistic approach!!!

How to create the inner shimmer in brown eyeshadow look:

  • Give the skin around the eyes a good cleaning, moisturizing, and priming so that the canvas is ready to show the colors.
  • Use a dark tan-colored eyeshadow from DE’LANCI 36 Beauty Blooming Double Pages Eyeshadow Palette to shade up the eyelids till the eyebrows.
  • Move on to shading the outer eyes with another brown that is 2 shades darker than the previous one.
  • Blend both colors for the seamless transition of shades on the eyelids.
  • Opt for the silver glitter of the palette and do up the inner corner of the eyes blending it inwards for that hint of shine.
  • Sharpen the eyebrows and fill them with a brown color, and coat the lashes with mascara to complete the look.

9. Super-glamorous in brown eyeshadow look

Super-glamorous in brown eyeshadow look

Wear this gorgeous smokey light brown eyeshadow looks to rock the evenings! This is a simple matte look with loads of oomph that is just right for intimate evening events. Pair up the look with a nude face and inviting lips so slay a date and stay on top!!!

How to create the super-glamorous in brown eyeshadow look:

  • Be meticulous with your skin preparation regime to get the best out of this look, so clean, moisturize, and prime the skin around the eyes well.
  • Make use of the shades of DE’LANCI Cream Eyeshadow Palette as per your skin tone for the look.
  • Use a light tan shade as the base color for the eyelids right up to the brows. read more on How to Apply Nude Eyeshadow for the right output.
  • Next, use a shade that is 2 shades darker than the previous one and use it on the outer edge, moving to the creases, and then the outer lower lash line.
  • Blend this darker shade inwards so that it mingles with the lighter shade to form that play of light and dark.
  • Smudge out the color along the lower lashes, do up your brows, and lightly coat the lashes with mascara.

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5+ pro tips to wear brown eye makeup

  1. It’s best to create a base shade on which you can build the rest of the brow colors. start with a light tan eyeshadow color all over the eyelids for this.
  2. Create a smoky brown look by darkening your tan or light brown eyeshadow color by mixing it with a black eyeshadow instead of investing in multiple palettes!
  3. Always choose a brown eyeshadow palette that complements your skin tone so that it does not make it look dull. opt for reddish shades for medium and dark skin tones!
  4. Defining the cut crease above the base shade is a good way of adding an interesting detail to your everyday brown eyeshadow looks!
  5. Smudge out some brown eyeshadow color along the lower lash line for that inviting and sultry look!
  6. Glam up a simple matte brown eyeshadow look that you’ve been wearing to work all day long by adding a dash of brown glitter at the center of the lids for your evening look!

Wrapping up

With all your options of easy brown eyeshadow looks open before you to suit any event, occasion, or time, it’s time to start recreating them. Get your hands on the DE’LANCI Brown Eyeshadow palette that you like most and create the trending brown eyeshadow look that fascinates you. Share your experience of creating the looks with different eyeshadow palettes in the comment section for us to know its uses better!!!

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