The Ultimate Guide to Setting Powder for Flawless Finish

Setting your makeup is all about making it set and holding on to the skin preventing it from running off. Once you set the primer and foundation on the skin, it also helps take off any extra shine giving the face a matte look. The setting powder absorbs the excess oil and sticky feel helping retain the matte look all day long. Knowing how to do it right will make all the difference to your makeup look and what better way than our expert’s guide to setting powder! Keep reading this ultimate guide on setting powder for a flawless look any time!!!

Table of content:

  1. What is setting powder?
  2. Different types of setting powder
    1. Loose powder
      1. Translucent loose powder
      2. Banana loose powder
      3. Tinted loose powder
    2. Pressed or compact powder
  3. How do I use setting powder?
    1. Prepare the skin
    2. Apply your base makeup
    3. Pour out the loose powder
    4. Apply the loose powder
    5. Seal with a final coat
  4. Wrapping up

What is setting powder?

DE'LANCI Matte Loose Powder

Setting powder is a loose variant of face powders that literally helps in setting the makeup onto your facial skin! This powder is applied after you’ve your primer, foundation, and concealer, locking the products in place. The tiny microparticles of the setting powder soak up excess oil from the skin or the primer and foundation making them hold up for a longer time.  Loose powder is good to use with or without makeup for the perfect matte finish. This guide to setting powder will help you understand everything related to its use!!!

Different types of setting powder

Next in our guide to setting powder is the complete list of the different types of this variant of powder! Knowing about them will also help you in learning how to use setting powder for oily skin and other skin types.

Basically, there are 2 different types of setting powder – Loose Powder and Compact Powder. Now, loose setting powder has its sub-variants that are meant for specific setting uses.

1. Loose powder

This is a finely milled powder for the face containing tiny particles that help absorb oil from the skin. They are packed in containers in the loose powder form and hence the name. Such powder is totally lightweight and spreads evenly across the skin when applied using a brush or a puff. The primary use of loose powder is to give your makeup and look a baked effect. Loose powder comes in these sub-variants all of which are available as DE’LANCI Matte Loose Powder!!!

DE'LANCI Matte Loose Powder

1. Translucent or white loose powder: The translucent loose powder is white in color and offers a smooth and even tone on the skin. This is among the most popularly used setting powders as the white color does not interfere with your foundation and concealer colors. Applying it over these products sets or seals them on the skin making they stay put all day or night long.

You can also opt to use this white or translucent white powder without any makeup products to give your skin an oil-free and bright finish. Applying it over your skin also helps in minimizing the visible pores and fine lines for a relatively smoother and brighter skin look.

Translucent or white loose powder

2. Banana loose powder: Banana loose powder is a versatile product that is used by makeup artists to bake, set, and highlight face makeup. The product gets its name from the fact that it has a light yellow tint to it like a banana. The color makes it ideal to neutralize any red or blue tones on the skin and works like a light concealer. This lightweight and blendable loose powder absorbs excess oil, brightens the skin, and seals the underlying makeup. You can also apply it every day for an evenly-toned, long-lasting bright look.

Banana loose powder

3. Tinted loose powder: These are extremely blendable forms of loose powders that come with skin tone-specific tints. They are ideal for setting the foundation with colors that match the skin tone such that they do not alter the finished color. You need to choose a tint that complements your skin tone and apply it over the foundation and concealer to set that for that oil-free luminous look. The tiny particles of this loose powder also seal the underlying makeup products such that you do not need touch-ups!

Tinted loose powder

4. Dewy loose powder: The dewy loose powder is used to set makeup on dry skins that lack natural oil. Such a variant of loose powder contains natural oil and other tiny particles that reflect light to replenish the skin and create radiance. In other words, using this type of loose powder helps give the skin a healthy glow while setting the makeup product beneath. It can also be used without makeup for the everyday look that is matte yet luminous.

Dewy loose powder

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2. Pressed or compact powder

As the name of this form of powder goes, the product is pressed into a compact form and delivered in containers. When you rub the surface of the compact powder, the tiny particles of the powder loosen up and can be applied to the face using a brush or puff. Compact powders are good for full-coverage settings of makeup or can also be used on the face without makeup for a matte look. They usually come in different tints to suit your skin tone for that smooth, and matte look that looks almost natural!

Pressed or compact powder

How do I use setting powder?

We move on with our guide to setting powder explaining the steps on how to apply setting powder with brush. You can also opt to use the setting powder applying it with a sponge or a puff that comes with the pack.

1. Prepare the skin:

Prepare the skin

Beginning by getting the basics right! Clean your facial skin using a cleansing agent suited for your skin type. Follow it up by hydrating the skin with a moisturizer, again in keeping with your skin’s needs. Let it rest on the skin for a couple of minutes before you move on to the next step.

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2. Apply your base makeup:

Apply your base makeup

Once the skin is replenished with the moisturizer, apply a primer and blend it into the skin for that even look. Wait for at least a minute or so before you apply the foundation. This will ensure that each layer of product is absorbed by the skin well so that nothing shifts when applying the next layer of makeup product. Finish off the base makeup by applying the apt foundation for your skin and again, let it marinate on the skin and get into it before anything else.

3. Pour out the loose powder:

Pour out the loose powder

Now, it’s time to start with the setting process using your favorite loose powder! To do this well, pour out some of the product onto a flat makeup tray and take it with a brush or puff. This step ensures that you get the right control over the amount of product and do not risk over-applying it! When applying compact powder, swirl the brush on the product so that the particles break and stick to the brush.

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4. Apply the loose powder:

Apply the loose powder

If you’re using a powder brush, take the product directly from the tray, tap off any excess powder, and buff it onto the face with circular moves. Start by applying on the T-zone and move onto the under-eye regions and cheekbones. When using a puff or a sponge, make sure to press the powder onto the skin. If you rub it on the face, you run the risk of rubbing off the base makeup products. This should also answer the commonly asked question how to use setting powder under eyes!

5. Seal with a final coat:

Seal with a final coat

After applying the first coat, the product beneath starts getting sealed with the powder over it. Apply very little at first by tapping off the excess and brush it onto the skin. You can always go back and apply a second coat of the sealant powder if you feel that the skin needs a mattier finish. It is always easier to dust on more when needed than dust off the excess that results in cakey looks!

Given the high benefits of using setting powders, the Global Translucent Setting Powder market is anticipated to rise at a considerable between 2023 and 2028.

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Wrapping up

Get the most durable makeup using the right loose powder following our guide to setting powder! You can apply loose powder any time you want to give yourself a perfectly radiant and evenly toned look. While it does the sealing of the base makeup products perfectly, you can also dust a final layer over the blusher and highlighter to illuminate the final look. Make your pick from DE’LANCI Matte Loose Powder and see the difference it makes to your looks! Let us know in the comment section about your experience!!!

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