10+ Simple Summer Makeup Looks You Can Try Out in 2023

Summer days are here again and it’s time to bask in the sun, relax with friends and family, and of course party the time! Were the best simple summer makeup looks this season and wow everyone with your stunning appearance. Be it for beach parties, bonhomie with friends, a day out, or evening parties, look like a diva every time you step out. Make a mix of bright colors, wear the sun-kissed look, or rock it with perky shades, the choice is for you to make. Keep scrolling and discover the top summer looks for 2023!!!

Table of Content
  1. List of simple summer makeup looks in 2023
    1. Cool Summer-fresh Look 
    2. Neutral-colored Summer Look
    3. Vibrant in Red in Summer Look
    4. Natural-looking Face & Smoky Eyes 
    5. No-makeup Summer Look
    6. Blue-eyed Summer Girl Look
    7. Perky Summer Look
    8. The Dewy Summer Look
    9. Blushing Pink in Summer
    10. Party-girl Look for Summer
    11. Cool Peachy Summer Look
  2. 6+ pro tips to wear makeup in summer 
  3. Wrapping up 

List of simple summer makeup looks in 2023

Get hold of these easy summer makeup looks for this season and make a difference with your vibrant presence everywhere! There’s a look for every time of the day and occasion for this summer. follow the steps to perfect the look!!!

1. Cool Summer-fresh Look

Cool Summer-fresh Look

Lighten up the heat of 2023 with the simple summer makeup looks that imbibe the Cool Summer-fresh Look! Soft monochromatic tones to match the lips and precise brows, you are sure to look the summer goddess incarnate!!!

How to Create the Cool Summer-fresh Look:

  • Create the flawless base canvas of your face by meticulous cleaning, moisturizing, and of course, priming the skin.
  • Brighten up the facial skin using a matte finish skin tone-matching foundation and conceal any dark circles, spots, or blemishes using a concealer or color corrector for your skin tone.
  • Time to color up the eyelids using the Red Rose shade from DE’LANCI 18 Colors Desert Rose Eyeshadow Palette. Slightly darken the outer edge using Red Brown for a light smoky look.
  • Use Diamond Rose for the inner to center eyelid and blend for the seamless transition of shades. finish off by shaping and filling the brows, and coating the lashes with mascara.
  • Apply a light pink blush on the cheeks according to your face shape. learn How to Find Your Face Shape for the perfect result. 
  • Outline your lips with matching earthen-toned pink lipstick having a creamy matte finish to complete the look.

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2. Neutral-colored Summer Look

Neutral-colored Summer Look

Get ready to move out with friends and family with light summer makeup looks that make use of neutral hues! Match your complexion with the earthen tones that complement your skin tone and look the perfect diva in this Neutral-colored Summer Look!!!

How to Create the Neutral-colored Summer Look:

  • An impeccable cleaning, moisturizing, and primer application is a must for this look to bring out the earthen tones.
  • Use the right shades from the Beauty Carver Concealer Contour Multifunction Palette as foundation and concealer to create a bright and flawless face skin canvas.
  • Use a color that will give your skin a tan tone to color the eyelids. draw out cat eyes by lining both upper and lower lash lines with black eyeliner. sharpen out the brows, fill them, and apply mascara to the lashes.
  • Now, use the same tan-toning color from the palette and use it as a blush color on the cheeks, sides of the forehead and to contour the nose.
  • Set the look to stand up against the summer heat by applying loose powder on the face using a brush. Get to know How to Apply Loose Setting Powder for the perfect look.

3. Vibrant in Red Summer Look

Vibrant in Red Summer Look

One of the most simple summer makeup looks is to go vibrant in red while keeping the rest of the face minimal! A perfect look for a day out or even an evening party, this Vibrant in Red Summer Look is sure to make heads turn!!!

How to Create the Vibrant in Red Summer Look:

  • Skin preparation with good cleansing, moisturizing, and priming is the key to this minimalistic face skin with vibrant lips look.
  • Apply foundation that exactly blends with your skin tone giving it a matte look and follow it up with concealer and color correction as and where needed.
  • Start your eye makeup by applying a nude color on the eyelids going all the way up to the brows, and lighten up the inner corners with a light shimmering highlight.
  • Take care to frame the eyes by shaping out the brows and filling them with a brown eyeshadow color, and add depth to the eyes by coating the lashes with mascara.
  • Give your face the complete matte look by setting the foundation and concealer base with a matte loose powder.
  • Time to glam up with the bright red velvety color on the lips using it from the DE’LANCI Matte Lipstick set Nude Waterproof 8 colors collection. 
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4. Natural-looking Face & Smoky Eyes 

Natural-looking Face & Smoky Eyes

Make your simple summer makeup looks stunning with a Natural-looking Face & Smoky Eyes! Go soft on the face and lips pairing it with subtly done smoky eyes that are just right for a summer glam look!!!

How to create the Natural-looking Face & Smoky Eyes look:

  • Start with your regular face cleaning, moisturizing, and primer application regime, and prepare the face canvas.
  • Go on to apply skin-matching matte foundation, and follow up with concealing or color correction as needed.
  • Set the base using a dust of translucent loose powder that will help retain it all day long.
  • Start your eye makeup by coloring the eyelids right up to the brows with the Nude shade from DE’LANCI 9 Colors Leopard Nude Eyeshadow Palette.
  • Smoke out the outer edge of the eyelids using the Coffee shade and blend inwards for the final effect.
  • Use a matte nude shade complementing your skin tone for the lips and complete the look.

5. No-makeup Summer Look

No-makeup Summer Look

Wear the natural summer makeup looks also known as the No-makeup Summer Look and shine showing your natural beauty! Show off lightly sun-kissed spotless skin that is bright and radiant along with natural-looking beautiful looks!!!

How to Create the No-makeup Summer Look:

  • Bring out the natural brilliance of your face skin by cleaning it well, moisturizing it, and then applying a matte finish primer.
  • Follow it up by applying the exact skin tone color foundation for a natural-looking bright canvas, and conceal any spot or blemish. 
  • Give the upper eyelids a coat of a nude shade eyeshadow color that will give them a tanned look forming a subtle shadow. Shape up and fill in the brows for a sharp look and apply mascara to add depth to the eyes.
  • Matte up the face and seal the base by applying a shade of DE’LANCI Matte Loose Powder that is close to your skin tone but not lighter than it.
  • Time to give the lips a tint of a natural matte shade with a pink hue for the complete no-makeup natural look.
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6. Blue-eyed Summer Girl Look

Blue-eyed Summer Girl Look

Make your simple summer makeup looks interesting with this Blue-eyed Summer Girl Look! Just right for your summer informal summer gigs and friend’s parties, you can wear this both during the day and at night!!!

How to Create the Blue-eyed Summer Girl Look:

  • Prepare your face to make it the perfect canvas by cleaning it, moisturizing it, and then applying a matte finish primer.
  • Follow up with the foundation that complements your skin tone but is not lighter to it. conceal or color correct all dark spots and blemishes for a flawless look.
  • Begin the eye makeup by applying the Island earthen base shade Island from DE’LANCI 9 Colors Dolphin Teal Eyeshadow Palette on the eyelids up to the brows. next, give the eyelids a coat of the Teal shade and smudge the same shade along the lower lash lines. 
  • Brighten up the inner corners with the Sky shimmer shade and blend it with the matte blue for a bright eye look. brush and define the brows, and add mascara to the lashes for a complete eye look.
  • Brush the cheeks with a light brownish blush color that will match the earthen base tone of the eyes and set the face using loose matte powder.
  • Color the lips with matching earthen-toned matte lipstick that has a reddish tint to it.

7. Perky Summer Look

Perky Summer Look

Simple summer makeup looks do not mean that you have to go bland! Here’s a Perky Summer Look that is just right to up the fun quotient this season 2023. Brighten up with the sunny yellow color on the eyes with a complementing outfit and bright pink lips for a fun day out!!!

How to Create the Perky Summer Look:

  • Clean your face, and give it a good non-oily moisturizing, followed by a matte primer to create a hydrated even base.
  • Apply a light foundation that makes your skin look bright and conceal or color correct any spots for a flawless look.
  • Start coloring the eyelids going all the way up to the brow bone using the earthen shade from 35 Color Travel With Rainbow Eyeshadow Palette. shade up the center of the eyelids moving outwards and upwards till the cut crease applies the bright sunny yellow hue.
  • Apply the white highlighter color along the outer brow bone, and inner eye corners. shape up the brows, and give the lashes a coat of mascara to complete the look.
  • Now, give the cheekbones a light bronzing color to match the sunny eyes look and seal it all up using matte loose powder.
  • Touch up the lips using a bright pink matte lip color and wear complementing yellow outfit to create the complete look.
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8. The Dewy Summer Look

The Dewy Summer Look

High on the popularity charts of simple summer makeup looks, here’s a look that will keep you looking fresh all the time. This is the perfect Dewy Summer Look that will give you a fresh natural looking glow that is wearable day or night!!!

How to Create the Dewy Summer Look:

  • Start with the meticulous regime of skin cleaning followed by a hydrating moisturizer and primer for that dewy effect.
  • For the eyes, make use of a light blue eyeshadow color and apply along the upper lash line, and smudge it out to soften the effect.
  • Coming to the face, make use of the DE’LANCI Multifunctional Double-ended Contouring Stick and apply a color that will give a slight tan to your complexion on the cheekbone and blend for a seamless shading.
  • Do the same along the bridge of the nose and the outer temple areas too for a harmonious fresh and dewy summer tan look. 
  • Match up the lips with a brownish-pink color that will take further the complete summer look with a dewy finish.

9. Blushing Pink in Summer

Blushing Pink in Summer

Go Blushing Pink in Summer as part of your simple summer makeup looks and show the world your bright side. Set the floral tone to your beautiful looks with the blushed pink monochromatic color on your face and look the perfect summer beauty!!!

How to create the Go Blushing Pink in Summer look:

  • Your skin preparation has to be impeccable for this light and pretty look. scrub the skin and use a cleansing agent. use a gel-based moisturizer and a matte primer to even the skin.
  • Apply a matte finish foundation that will brighten your skin tone and conceal any trace of spots, discoloration, or dark circles with the apt color corrector or concealer.
  • Use a very light dusting of pink eyeshadow on the lids till the cut crease; lighten the look by applying a white highlighter on the inner eyes. 
  • Apply black eyeliner on the upper lashes and smudge it lightly. Shape out the brows filling them with a brown eyeshadow color, and highlight the lashes with a volumizing mascara.
  • Use a light pink shade for your skin tone of DE’LANCI Double-headed Blush Stick on the apple of the cheeks and blend for a healthy flush of color.
  • Match the lips filling them with a matte finish pink-toned lipstick that complements the blush of the cheeks.

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10. Party-girl look for summer

Party-girl look for summer

Level up your glam-quotient with the perfect Party-girl Look for Summer 2023 and make heads turn effortlessly! Party hard and look amazingly fresh with the simple summer makeup looks in complementing colors on the eyes and lips!!!

How to Create the Party-girl Look for Summer:

  • Create a flawless facial skin canvas with regular cleaning, moisturizing, and priming of the skin giving it a clean matte look.
  • Apply a skin tone matching foundation with a matte finish, and conceal the dark circles, spots, and discolorations of the face with a color corrector.
  • The eye makeup is the center of the look. start by applying the Black shade from DE’LANCI 16 Colors Grey Smoky Eyeshadow Palette till the cut crease. Apply the color along the lower lash line and blend it with the upper one.
  • Use the Ocean shade to create shading on the outer edge and blend upwards till the brow bone. fill in the brows and apply a double coat of mascara to give the eyes instant depth.
  • Blush up the cheeks with a light pink color and contour them for a sharp look. fill in the lips with a magenta pink having a matte finish for the party-girl look.

11. Cool Peachy Summer Look

Cool Peachy Summer Look

The Cool Peachy Summer Look matches those Unforgettable Hollywood Celebrity Looks at Cannes or Oscar film festivals! Use the soft peach tone on your face for simple summer makeup looks, and see yourself transform as the most beautiful person around!!!

How to Create the Cool Peachy Summer Look:

  • Skin preparation is crucial for this light-toned look, so, scrub, clean, moisturize, and prime the face and create an even-skinned canvas.
  • Use a foundation that matches your skin tone and blends with it like a second skin. use concealer to hide every spot, or blemish and bring out a flawless-looking face skin.
  • Use the light peach-toned eyeshadow from DE’LANCI Nude Eyeshadow Palette to color up the eyelids to the brow bones. line the upper lash line with black eyeliner.
  • Frame the eyes by defining and filling the brows, and add depth by applying mascara to the lashes.
  • Give the cheeks a light brush of the light peachy color from the same palette and blend it for a hint of color only. 
  • Seal it all with a loose matte powder. outline the lips and fill them in with a peachy nude matte color.

6+ pro tips for wearing makeup in summer 

These pro tips will make your simple summer makeup looks better and help them last all day or night long without any trace of discoloration!!!

  1. Prepare the skin perfectly: Skin preparation means that you take regular care of it using a natural cleanser like DE’LANCI Facial Cleaning Mask Stick. Use a water-based moisturizer and opt for the dewy look only if you have a dry skin type!
  2. Make the best use of concealers: A great way of using your concealer is to use it as an eye primer if you do not have too much of a dark circle. Else choose the right shade of color corrector from 8 Color Eyeshadow Base Primer that will help you brighten the eyeshadow color effortlessly!
  3. Choose the product according to finish: Always pick a matte finish foundation and concealer for summer to get a faultless makeup finish. Unless you have a dry skin type and want to wear the dewy look, stay away from hydrating foundations and concealers that give the face that extra shine!
  4. Less is more during summer: Apply as less product on the skin as possible. opt for lightweight matte foundations. use colors on the face sparsely and blend them for that even and natural look!
  5. Opt for a setting spray to blend: When blending the colors on your face, apply a little setting spray on the brush. this helps the skin retain the colors longer with its original intensity! Get the best setting spray guide here! 
  6. Go with waterproof makeup: Make sure that every piece of makeup product that you apply on your face is waterproof so that there are no running colors from the eyes to the cheeks due to sweating or water from pool or beach parties!
  7. Seal it all with a finishing spray: A finishing spray helps seal all the makeup that you have applied under it and is an essential last step, especially for the summer months!

Wrapping up 

Get started with your favorite simple summer makeup looks and rock this season like a true diva! Summer makeup is surely going to be easy and fun with all the tips and tricks under your belt! Do share your experience of using the complete makeup solution Beauty Carver Concealer Contour Multifunction Palette with us. We would love to hear from you in the comment section below about any other interesting summer makeup look that you want to share!!!

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