DE’LANCI 9 Colors Dolphin Teal Eyeshadow Palette-DE'LANCI
DE’LANCI 9 Colors Dolphin Teal Eyeshadow Palette-DE'LANCI
DE’LANCI 9 Colors Dolphin Teal Eyeshadow Palette-DE'LANCI
DE’LANCI 9 Colors Dolphin Teal Eyeshadow Palette-DE'LANCI
DE’LANCI 9 Colors Dolphin Teal Eyeshadow Palette-DE'LANCI
DE’LANCI 9 Colors Dolphin Teal Eyeshadow Palette-DE'LANCI

DE’LANCI 9 Colors Dolphin Teal Eyeshadow Palette

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Create the multi-dimensional look of your choice with the smashing colors of the best blue eyeshadow palette from De’Lanci. The 9-Color Dolphin Teal Eyeshadow Palette is one-of-its-kind on the market with 9 cool-toned colors with 6 mattes and 3 shimmers. Think of any classic or stunning look and you have the option to wear the combination of shades you want. Ranging from forest green to pastel navy, you have a pick for any occasion and its complementing looks!

Shades: 9
Finish: Matte Cream
Size: 4.7'' x 4.7'' x 0.4"
Weight: 0.28g

Benefits and Features of De’Lanci 9-Color Blue Eyeshadow Palette

Wear these vibrant and edgy shades and become the talk of the town effortlessly! A combination of the light blue eyeshadow palette and navy blue eyeshadow palette, here are all the reasons to own it NOW!

  • Complementing colors: Perfectly curate, rare palette of blue eyeshadow offers a vast array of complementary shades that help your eyes pop. From green-spiked teals, and rich cobalt, to sultry cyan, there’s a wide choice regardless of your skin tone or your eye color.
  • Ultra-pigmented formula: Made with the best ingredients using super-saturated colors, the best blue eyeshadow palette ensures intense long hours of non-fading colors.
  • Creamy matte finish: A unique formula makes lets the colors of the palette melt onto your lids making it easy to blend and get just the pure matte, a combination look, or the shimmery finish.
  • Long-lasting colors: All colors of the best blue eyeshadow palette are waterproof, smudge-proof, and crease-resistant making their pigments last for long hours.
  • Vegan & cruelty-free: The 9-color Teal Dolphin Eyeshadow Palette is vegetarian, and cruelty-free, apart from being hypoallergic.

How to use De’Lanci Blue Eyeshadow Palette?

Step 1: Prep the eyes with a primer for facilitating an even color payoff; pick a single matte shade or use a combination to create yours and apply a matte base.
Step 2: Use a darker contour shadow color to deepen the crease on the outer V of the eye, and gradually blend inwards.
Step 3: Apply a contrasting shimmer shade on the V of the inner eye and the center of the lid blending the well for a streak-free finish.
Step 4: Take care to brighten the inner corner of the eyes and the arch of the eyebrow with the lightest shimmer color.
Step 5: Blend all colors gently with an eyeshadow brush for that perfect finish.

Pro Tips for Using the Light Blue Eyeshadow Palette

  1. For hooded eyes, take a concealer and dab it all over the lids to create a single large base and cancel out the fold.
  2. Never skip the primer preparation when applying eyeshadow for that smooth and even color payoff.
  3. Learn to decode your palette colors and create your own shade by mixing and matching the shades on the back of your hand when starting with a new palette.
  4. Brighten up your everyday look by dabbing a little shimmer at the center of the eyelid over the matte base.
  5. Take care to finish off by applying a little concealer at the outer edge of the eyes and give them a clean shape.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the best time to wear these eyeshadow colors?

The amazing colors of the best blue eyeshadow palette can be used in different ways to wear the full spectrum of looks. You can use the single colors as eyeliner for your everyday look or mix and match the matte and shimmers for as many books as you can think of for any occasion.

2. Is it safe to use De’Lanci Dolphin Teal Eyeshadow Palette on my skin?

Like all De’Lanci products, the palette colors are made from the safest ingredients that are listed above. The product is hypoallergic and safe on all skin types. We recommend you carry out a patch test to make it foolproof.

3. Can I use it on my skin tone (medium/dark tone)?

The Dolphin Teal Eyeshadow Palette is curetted with colors such that it suits all skin colors and tones. You just have to try the shades individually or mix and match to lighten or darken the shades for the perfect look!

4. Can I wear the colors in humid conditions or during the rain?

The light and dark blue eyeshadow palette colors are all waterproof, smudge and crease-resistant making them perfect to wear in all humid and rainy weather conditions.