How to Apply Liquid Concealer like a Pro and Get a Flawless Look

Glow with the flawless-looking skin with your makeup products that cover them all! The secret to it of course is applying the right products that include foundation, and more importantly, the concealer. While foundation helps even out the skin tone to a large extent, it’s the concealer that does the final job of hiding all the flaws. But, it’s important that you know how to apply them right so that your makeup looks much like your natural skin. Our makeup specialist has put together the how-to apply liquid concealer guide for you to do it right!!!

Table of Content

  1. What is a liquid concealer?
  2. Step-by-step process on how to apply liquid concealer like a pro
    1. Prepare the skin
    2. Choose the right shade
    3. Target its application
    4. Seal it with powder
    5. Contour and lift with it
  3. 7+ pro tips while using liquid concealer
    1. Use concealer as an eye primer
    2. Apply concealer as a lip base
    3. Use liquid concealer as a highlighter
    4. Apply concealer to the inner eye corners
    5. Use concealer for contouring
    6. Use a brush for blending
    7. Use a wet sponge to finish
    8. Use liquid concealer for the best coverage
  4. Wrapping up

What is a liquid concealer?

DE'LANCI Multicolor Liquid Concealer for Dark Skin

Liquid concealer can be regarded as a kind of foundation, mainly to cover damaged skin or skin with scars. A concealer is very much like a foundation but thicker in consistency that gives build-up to help hide imperfections by mixing them into the skin! This must-have makeup product almost always comes in liquid form. Those like, DE’LANCI Multicolor Liquid Concealer for Dark Skin offers you 4 shades for color correction, and concealing! The liquid concealing agent gives a buildable coverage that blends with it without drying. At times, concealers can also act as lightweight alternatives to foundations!

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Step-by-step process on how to apply liquid concealer like a pro

Getting to the details of how to apply liquid concealer, there are certain steps that you must follow to get a natural-looking skin. Here’s what our expert suggests:

1. Prepare the skin

Prepare the Skin

Makeup products will blend in smoothly on the skin surface and retain their homogeneity when the skin texture is clean.

  • Clean the skin of your face and make it free of all dirt and oil as the first step to achieving a flawless look using your concealer.
  • Also, the product will remain on the skin for a longer time duration when the base surface is clean.
  • Use the right cleansing agent according to your skin type, exfoliate if needed, and follow up with a moisturizer.
  • After this, you can choose to apply foundation for heavier coverage or opt for a lighter concealer-only natural-like coverage!

2. Choose the right shade

Choose the right shade

Picking the right shade of concealer is among the key points to achieving the much-desired flawless-looking skin in the how-to-apply liquid concealer guide! The idea is to blend in the concealing pigment into the skin in a way that looks just like your natural skin, but flawless. Choose a shade that complements your natural skin tone. In most cases, it should be that of your foundation so that the 2 products blend seamlessly for the best effect.

  • In case of color correction, pick concealer shades that cancel out the discoloration;
    • Cover dark blue patches with orange-colored concealer.
    • Cover under-eye dark circles with peach-colored concealer.
    • Cover red rashes and outbreaks using a green concealer.
    • Cover any yellowish discoloration marks using purple concealer.
  • The best way to do it is by mixing and matching shades of concealer to get the exact the customized shade that will cancel the spots. Read up on our expert’s Ultimate Concealer Guide to do it right!

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3. Target its application

Target its application

Just as its name goes, concealer is meant to conceal or hide imperfections!

  • We must insist in our how-to-apply liquid concealer guide that you pick the target spots where you wish to apply the product.
  • Once identified, dab the product onto the spots and continue the same motion to blend it into the skin.
  • You must remember not to rub your concealer on the skin especially if you are applying it over a layer of foundation.
  • This way you do not run the risk of displacing the layer of product beneath the concealer!

4. Seal it with powder

Seal it with powder

The best way to retain your flawless look is to seal the foundation and concealer using loose face powder!

  • Applying a fine dust of the powder will set the products below helping them retain their luminosity, pigment play, and finish all day long.
  • Make your pick of loose powder from among the shades of DE’LANCI Matte Loose Powder that comes in 7 different skin tones including the translucent one.
  • Take some powder on your fluffy powder brush and dust off the excess before swirling it on the face to give the perfect-looking matte face!

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5. Contour and lift with it

Contour and lift with it

Concealer is a versatile product that not just hides the flaws and dark patches on your skin but does a lot more!

  • You can use the right shade of concealer to give your face a contoured and lifted look by applying it strategically.
  • Once you have applied your eye makeup and blush, take the concealer and apply it as dots along the outer edge of the eyes pointing to the brows for a lifted look.
  • Similarly, you can apply the product just below the blush and blend it in for a contoured and lifted cheek look!!!

7+ Pro Tips While Using Liquid Concealer

The uses of the concealer are making it increasingly popular as revealed in the liquid industry market size report. Here are some pro tips on how to apply liquid concealer that will help you get the maximum out of this wonderful makeup product!!!

pro tips while using liquid concealer

1. Use concealer as an eye primer

Your concealer can be the best eye primer as it evens out the wrinkles and fine lines while also brightening and illuminating the skin. The pigment particles do the color correcting as they settle on the lines and wrinkles to give an evenly toned flawless skin around the eyes.

2. Apply concealer as a lip base

Giving your lips a base cover is as important as doing it to your facial skin! Applying concealer on the lips helps lighten them of the dark pigmentation, and also fills in the wrinkles for a smoother and better lipstick and lip color output!

3. Use liquid concealer as a highlighter

Applying your concealer on the cheekbones, on the bridge of the nose, and on the center of the forehead highlights them effortlessly! This is the way to go with natural highlighting if you do not want the shiny effect of highlighters on the face!

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4. Apply concealer to the inner eye corners

Once you are done applying your eye makeup, instead of adding eyeshadow colors, you can apply a dab of concealer at the inner corners. It will instantly draw out the depth of the eyes and make them stand out better!

5. Use concealer for contouring

If you do not want to invest in too many products or do not like applying layers and layers of products, this is the trick! Once you have applied your blush or bronzer, dab a little concealer just below the cheeks along the hollow of the cheekbones. Blend it well and it will instantly give a sharply contoured look to your cheeks!

6. Use a brush for blending

You must blend your concealer well for that flawless-looking and long-lasting effect! Use a slightly wet brush to blend the product on the cheeks, around the eyes, temples, and jaws. A blending makeup brush set is the best choice to carry the concealer particles across and spread them smoothly for that even look!

7. Use a wet sponge to finish

This is a trick that will help you not just get the best coverage, but also that natural-looking flawless skin! Once you have completed applying the concealer, take a slightly wet sponge and dab it lightly all over the skin. It will help the product set in better and will also take away any excess that might be on the skin!

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8. Use liquid concealer for the best coverage

Opt for a liquid concealing product for the best seamless coverage on the skin. The liquid particles spread out more evenly while covering the flaws and discolorations. Also, liquid concealers are less drying than their cream counterparts that are more likely to become cakey!

Wrapping up

Closing in the tips and tricks on how to apply liquid concealer, we have shared some of the top secrets of makeup artists here! Make sure to use only proven makeup products from renowned brands like DE’LANCI Multicolor Liquid Concealer. The shades are perfect for covering and color-correcting without drying the skin for the perfect look! Share with us how the concealer has helped you easy and better your makeup experience in the comment section below!!!

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