Easy Skeleton Makeup Tutorial for This Halloween 2023

We’ve put together for you the coolest easy skeleton makeup tutorial that covers the full range of looks spanning from the simple black and white to glittery glam, neon to half skull looks! This is to follow up on our Easy Halloween Makeup Tutorial, Halloween Eye Makeup Looks and Easy Halloween Makeup for Beginners, giving you the full spectrum of makeup ideas for Halloween 2023. Our makeup experts have broken down the intricacies and detailing for you to Halloween makeup super-easy for you. here’s how to get them right!!!

Table of Content:

  1. Step by Step Skeleton Makeup Tutorial for This Halloween
    1. Neon skeleton
    2. Simple skeleton
    3. Joker skeleton
    4. Glittery skeleton
    5. Half skeleton
    6. Ghoul skeleton
    7. Colorful skeleton
    8. Black and white skeleton
    9. Red-haired skeleton
    10. Pumpkin Skeleton
  2. Wrapping Up

Step by Step Skeleton Makeup Tutorial for This Halloween

Each one of the looks we outline here balances spooky with cuteness! Just take care to cleanse your face well and moisturize it to create a wall between the skin and makeup elements. We cannot stress enough in the easy skeleton makeup tutorial that applying primer and foundation before using makeup colors is a must to help the color pigments stand out well and for longer times. Get to know the Reasons for Patchy Foundation and How to Fix Patchy Foundation to perfect any look. Here are the top 10 popular skeleton looks for Halloween!!!

1. Neon skeleton

First to go is the Neon skeleton makeup tutorial that’ll have you glowing in the dark scaring even the bravest around! You’ll be using a foundation that is darker than the normal skin tone and the palettes used for the look are 9 Colors Grey Eyeshadow Palette, and De’Lanci 24 Color Neon Eyeshadow Palette.

  • Begin by highlighting the eyes with the black eyeshadow all around and bring out the classical smoky eyes look. Move on to using the green glow-in-the-dark color on the upper lids and blend it well.
  • Next, shape and fill in the brows and continue by working out the patterns around the eyes, and the forehead with the same green color.
  • Work on the tip of the nose with the black color first and then use the green to form patterns around it along with the cheek region.
  • Finally, it’s time to outline the skeleton’s jaws and teeth with black first and then start filling in with the color. Wrap up with the green teeth formation, highlighting the jaw line and drawing patterns on the neck.

2. Simple skeleton

This is a simple skeleton makeup tutorial for those of you who love to keep it bright and light while imbibing the vibe of Halloween! It’s surely among the top choices in our easy skeleton makeup tutorial that’ll keep you looking vibrant even on the spooky Halloween night!!! Palette colors in use to create the look are taken from De’Lanci 54 Color La Catrina Eyeshadow.

  • Eyes are the first to begin with any makeup look. Here you need to work on the upper eyelids of both eyes with the black eyeshadow that is blended outwards. Line the eyes with eyeliner and also learn How to Apply Liquid Eyeliner for Beginners with this expert guide.
  • On one side, start drawing out the patterns that are close to the eyes, and on the nose. Once done color them up before moving on to the check, mouth, and teeth patterns.
  • While one half of the face will have the devilish look, the other side will complement with less of such colors, graphic eyeliner, and a bright red lip tint.
  • Pair the overall look with a loose white outfit and black hair to exude the air of a bright-looking devil moving around.


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3. Joker skeleton

Our experts have made this intricate looking Halloween look into an easy skeleton makeup tutorial with the listing of the steps and products in use! Stock up on De’Lanci Halloween Makeup Set to perfect the look effortlessly!!!

  • This time around you’ll have to start with the outlining on the skeleton on the face with black for application of the white paint in it.
  • Once done, it’s time to take care of the eye makeup colors, one completely black and the other with highlighted pink shimmer. Let the Joker triangles stand out prominently on both eyes, one completely black and the other with multiple colors.
  • Move on to work draw out the large Joker lips in black and fill it in with a dark magenta.
  • Add patterns on the neck in black, and complete the look with white and pink dyed hair.

4. Glittery skeleton

Next up on our easy skeleton makeup tutorial comes an extremely glamorous-looking skeleton that everyone is going love this Halloween! It’s all shimmer and glitter in gold using #06 from the 6 Colors Cosmetics Chameleon Flakes Eyeshadow by De’Lanci!!!

  • Make sure that the base skin preparation is good so that the shimmer shines out right. Work with the shimmer color on the eyebrows first, and the blob of the nose before anything else.
  • Now start working on bringing out black heavily smoked eyes and have the glitter on the inner corners to brighten them.
  • Get started to drawing the skeleton patterns on and around the mouth, finish up with those on the cheek and forehead.
  • Fill in all the skeleton’s teeth with the golden shimmer color as well as any other patterns space before you draw out on the neck.
  • Finish off this skeleton face makeup tutorial by spraying a setting mist couple with loose blond hair for that eerie look.

5. Half skeleton

Yet another bright and colorful easy skeleton makeup tutorial that is sure to make heads turn! We’ve made use of the 2-In-1 Water Based Facial Pastel UV Neon Body Painting Cream/Eyeliner for working up this half skeleton makeup tutorial.

  • For your foundation, use a darker shade to make the contrasting colors work wonderfully well. Time to do up the eyes with a light pink eyeshadow followed by cateyes using black color, and shimmering inner corners. Attach extra lashes to give them the added depth.
  • For the eye on the half of the face that will wear the skeleton look, use a translucent white lens to get the scary look. Here, you may be interested in learning How to Create Grey Eye Makeup Like a Pro.
  • Now, start drawing the skeleton pattern on the same side with black color, mark out the skeleton’s teeth, and then start filling in the spaces with colors and in-built patterns.
  • Complement the look with loose white hair, black nails, and a black outfit to turn around as a colorful half skeleton walking.

6. Ghoul skeleton

We come to an extremely popular look in our easy skeleton makeup tutorial that will surely have you excited! It’s both simple and bright, letting you pair the look with several outfits easily. Palette colors in use for the look are Black White Face Paint Body Painting and De’Lanci New 78 Colors Mixing Makeup Palette!!!

  • You will need your normal foundation color to bring out the bright-looking Ghoul! Start by giving the upper lash line a thick liner like forming cat-eyes, and paint the lower lash area white to extend the lashline and attach lashes.
  • Create the heavy black smoked eyes look and attach extra lashes on top and lower extends white below eyes. Shape and fill the brows thick and prominent after doing up the brow bones with pink eyeshadow and highlighter.
  • Time to start working on the face first by drawing out a dark pink shaded contour from the lower cheeks to the forehead and back on the other side of the cheeks in a semi-circle.
  • Draw out the Ghoul using the colors from the black and white body paint kit and highlighter the cheeks for a bright glow. You can either do up the neck in pink and black for a more emphatic makeup look or wear an outfit that resembles it for the complete look.

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7. Colorful skeleton

Halloween is also about a lot of fun with colors and this is just the look in our easy skeleton makeup tutorial that lets you do it right! As the model displays it, colors in use for the look come from De’Lanci 24 Color Aurora Glow Neon Eyeshadow Palette. The look is good in both normal and UV light!!!

  • Start with the eye makeup giving the lids a cover of the darkest shade from the palette, do up the brow bone area with a light pink and highlighter. Also, highlight the inner corners, shape and frame the brows, and attach lashes to complete it.
  • Move on to drawing the skeleton’s mouth using white paint from Black White Face Paint Body Painting and color it up using black. The teeth get the colorful makeover here with multi-colored glee.
  • Now, it’s time to draw out the patterns on the face and neck with the UV colors of your choice.
  • Pair it up with bright ear and hair accessories along with a dark outfit to fleet around as the lit-up ghost of the town.

8. Black and white skeleton

How can we miss out on the traditional black and white skeleton in our easy skeleton makeup tutorial? This is one look that is good that is completely gender-fluid and also goes well with all ages! The best part is, you’ll need only the black and white body painting kit for the look that perhaps makes it the easiest Halloween look of all times!!!

  • Get started with painting the area around the eyes black going up to the brows, the bridge of the nose, and the well beyond the outer end of the eyes.
  • Work on painting the rest of the face up to the chin white to get the color of the skeleton.
  • It’s time to start defining the mouth by extending it with a line on either side and draw out the teeth with black strokes.
  • Embellish the areas around the eyes and the rest of the face with patterns that fancy you and be the beautiful skeleton walking around in a suit or formal dress.
  • You can pair the look with any kind of outfit depending on your mood and personality for the best Halloween 2023 experience.

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9. Pink-red-haired skeleton

Who said skeletons don’t have hair? Well, our next easy skeleton makeup tutorial will show you how to be one during Haloween 2023!!! Make use of the De’Lanci Little Prince & Rose 25 Color Eye Shadow apart from the black and white body paint for the look!!!

  • Start doing up the eye with the eyeliner along the upper and lower lashes followed by a prominent line above the cut crease. Color the lids with the rose shade from the palette, and add some shimmer on the inner eye and brow bones. Shape and fill the brows for framing the eyes.
  • Outline the skeleton’s face with black color taking it right to the end of the cheeks for the best impact. Fill it in with black and define the teeth in white.
  • Draw an outline with black on the tip of the nose and color it with the same violet eyeshadow color. Get going with the mouth by first outlining it till the end of the cheeks, filling it all with black, and then defining the teeth within in white.
  • Line the lower ends of the skeleton’s mouth with the shade Unique from the palette to give it a dark violet shade. Use the same color on the tip of the nose to shade it up along with a black lining.
  • Carry the look pairing it with a pinkish-red wig and black outfit for that red-pink-haired devil scaring people around.

10. Pumpkin skeleton

If you can’t separate Halloween from pumpkins, don’t you think that one of them could turn into a skeleton that’s walking/rolling around? Yes, this is a fun easy skeleton makeup tutorial look for you that certainly looks bright and interesting. Whip it up using the colors of De’Lanci New Flame Rose Eyeshadow Palette 18-Color!!!

  • Keep the normal eye minimal with only a thin eyeliner, light coat of a shimmer coral shade and volumize the lashes with a coat of mascara. You may want to learn about the Different Type of Eyeliners here.
  • Accentuate the brow by shaping and filling it in with a brow color.
  • Start drawing out zig-zag lines on one side of the face going down to the mouth and beyond. This will stand out as the pumpkin side that you’ll have to color up using a coral shade.
  • Fill in the areas around the mouth in patterns like a cut pumpkin, blacked the other eye in a triangle form, and the nose too.
  • Complete the look with large ear accessories, loose flowing hair, and a matching black outfit.

Wrapping up

It’s time to get started and get transformed into the skeleton of your choice with our easy skeleton makeup tutorial for Halloween 2023! It’s interesting to check out our blog on different Coachella Makeup Looks for bright and bold makeup ideas! Be cool, get involved, and stay calm through it all using the best quality makeup products only from De’Lanci! Here’s the whole new range of lip, eye, and face makeup products and tools for you!!!

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