7 Grey Eyeshadow Looks: How to Create Grey Eye Makeup like Pro

Want to look mystique and utmost sexy in your next makeup look? If yes, then pick the grey eyeshadow looks. Why? It adds definition to your eyes and can help in achieving any look you want, be it sexy, dramatic, or simply alluring. Single grey color can make your face pop out at night and blend in during the daytime. Confused how? You’ll get the answers in this article. Read on!

Table of contents

  1. What are grey eyeshadow looks?
  2. 7 grey eyeshadow looks that are easy to create
    1. Grey eyeshadow looks brown eyes
    2. Black and grey eyeshadow looks
    3. Metallic grey eyeshadow look
    4. Subtle grey eyeshadow look
    5. Glittery grey eye makeup look
    6. Matte grey eyeshadow look
    7. Grey smokey eye makeup looks
  3. 5-Step guide on how to create a grey eye makeup look
    1. Step 1: Prep your eyes
    2. Step 2: Add a base layer
    3. Step 3: Give depth to your crease with a dark grey shade
    4. Step 4: Add lighter grey eyeshadow
    5. Step 5: Apply eyeliner and Mascara
  4. Conclusion

What are grey eyeshadow looks?

The grey eyeshadow looks are the ones that are created using the shades in the Grey color family. This particular eye makeup look has picked up the pace in the makeup industry. Well-known makeup artists and influencers are creating grey eyeshadow looks that are winning the hearts of many. You can create a grey eyeshadow look with De’Lanci Panda black grey eyeshadow palette. Also, have a look at our guide on how to do eye makeup using an eyeshadow palette.

7 Grey Eyeshadow Looks That Are Easy To Create

Here are 7 grey eyeshadow looks that you can create easily. This list has every grey eyeshadow look, be it for a party or a day out with friends and family. The grey eye makeup suits women of any age group as well, all you need to know is some essential eye makeup tips for women over 40. Below this section, you will get to know about how to create one of these grey eye makeup looks like a pro. So, stay tuned!

1. Grey Eyeshadow Looks for Brown Eyes

If you have brown eyes and want to go with an eye makeup look that will help you stand out in the crowd, then this grey eyeshadow look is perfect for you. Go with red lipstick to add glam to your look.

2. Black and Grey Eyeshadow Looks

The smudged eyeshadow look is something that is in trend nowadays. The black and grey eyeshadow looks is one of the best looks you can carry to a friend's day out. Blend both the colors to get the final look. Top it up with basic eyeliner and mascara.

3. Metallic Grey Eyeshadow Look

The metallic eyeshadow look is best for clubbing and party. Wear the black dress you have and show your amazing eye makeup skills by recreating this metallic grey eyeshadow look. Just like this model, you can also go with the reverse eyeliner for a chic look.

4. Subtle grey eyeshadow look

This one is your everyday eye makeup look. Whether you are going to college or the office, this subtle grey eyeshadow look will give you a boost in confidence. You can wear this subtle grey eye makeup look with semi-formals, casuals, or even fully formal clothes.

5. Glittery grey eye makeup look

Are you planning to have a night out at the club with friends, or have a date with the love of your life? No matter what the occasion is, the glittery grey eye makeup look will do wonders for you. Apply the natural grey eyeshadow and then swipe the glitter version of grey on the middle of the eyelid and you are good to go.

6. Matte grey eyeshadow look

The matte grey eyeshadow look goes well with every attire and every age. Matte grey with less shimmer is best suitable for women with more mature skin or you can say above 40. Carry this look to attend a wedding, baby shower, or even a day out with family and you will be stunning.

7. Grey smokey eye makeup looks


The sexy and all-time favorite makeup look is smokey eyes. Creating those looks difficult but is easy, if you know the correct way. Below is the guide for the same. A grey smokey eye makeup look can be your go-to option for bridal makeup. You will look breathtaking in a white wedding gown and grey eyes (just imagine)!

Step-by-Step Process to Create Grey Eye Makeup like a Pro

Smokey eyes are one of the most asked eye makeup tutorials from our makeup artists. It is easy to do if you know the right technique. So, here in this section, we will learn how to create a grey smokey eye makeup look. Ditch the black for a smokey eye and embrace the grey for an effortlessly chic look.

Step 1: Prep your eyes

Before you do any eye makeup, the essential step is to prep your eyes. You should prep your eyes with primer, and add concealer for the smooth base.

Step 2: Add a base layer

The next step is to add the base layer. The base layer of smokey eyeshadow should always be a brown or nude shade. Apply brown shade all over your eyelid and blend well. Pick the right eye makeup brushes for ultimate finishing.

Step 3: Give depth to your crease with a dark grey shade

Now, it’s time to add depth and give definition to your crease. Use the dark grey shade to deepen your crease even further. Normally, people use black color, but as we are going for the grey eyeshadow look, we will stick to a dark grey shade for the crease.

Step 4: Add lighter grey eyeshadow

Then pick the lighter grey shade and apply it to the middle and inner part of the eyelid. This is the color that will make or break the grey eye makeup look. Also, do the blending well so there are no fine lines visible, and your eyes look mesmerizing.

Step 5: Apply eyeliner and Mascara

The last step is to add eyeliner and mascara. You can go with the silver glitter eyeliner from our glitter eyeliner range. Add volume to your lashes with mascara. And there you have, one of the best grey eyeshadow looks.


With this, we would like to say goodbye. In this article, you read about different grey eyeshadow looks and how to do a grey smokey eye makeup look in 5 simple steps. For more articles, trending makeup looks, or our new product launches, stay tuned to De’Lanci. You can also check out other De’lanci’s makeup products. Subscribe to our newsletter to get everything directly delivered to your inbox.

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