Step-by-Step Summer Makeup Tutorial for a Glowing Complexion in 2023

Make the most out of your summer holiday and fun time with friends and family in 2023, looking your best with our summer makeup tutorial tips! There’s so much more than makeup mishaps and meltdowns with the best products in tow for you. Knowing the right things and doing them the summer way will surely see you miles ahead this season. Glow, or go matte and continue to look fresh all day or evening long without a single makeup change. Read more below to explore the steps that will keep you looking spring-fresh all through the summer day or night!!!

Table of Content

  1. Step-by-step summer makeup tutorial for 2023
    1. Pick the right moisturizer for your skin type
    2. Use a high-quality primer
    3. Mix sunscreen with your foundation
    4. Set it with loose powder
    5. Waterproof a light eye makeup
    6. Opt for the sun-kissed effect 
    7. Go for a natural flush
    8. Tint the lips in complementing shades
    9. Finish your makeup with a setting spray
  2. Wrapping up

Step-by-step summer makeup tutorial for 2023

Keep scrolling and make use of these easy summer makeup tutorial steps to look your best all through summer 2023!

1. Pick the right moisturizer for your skin type

Pick the right moisturizer for your skin type

Moisturizer is a product that helps the skin replenish its lost hydration while keeping it soft, supple, and looking fresh. All skin types must moisturize their skin, but, the trick is to opt for the right type for the best summer makeup looks!

  • Use a water or gel-based moisturizer if you have a normal or oily skin type. 
  • Opt for oil-based moisturizing solutions only if you have an extremely dry skin type.
  • Rub the product in and let the skin absorb it before you apply anything else on it.
  • Wait for a few seconds before you start applying primer or any other product.

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2. Use a high-quality primer

8 Color Eyeshadow Base Primer

Primer helps to even out the fine lines, creases, and pores on the skin to give it an even texture. Applying a primer ensures that the makeup products and the colors do not settle within them which results in a cakey look! 

  • Primers come in different finishes, so again, pick one that offers a matte or a dewy finish according to your skin type.
  • Use it all over your face skin to get an overall even skin canvas. this is an important step of our summer makeup tutorial.
  • Make sure to apply it carefully around the eyes so that the colors flow across the skin evenly without creating any flaws.
  • Opt for color primers from 8 Color Eyeshadow Base Primer to help double as a color corrector and maximize the staying power of the eyeshadow colors.

3. Mix sunscreen with your foundation

Mix sunscreen with your foundation

An essential of the everyday summer makeup tutorial is integrating the sunscreen with your makeup products! This is best done by mixing the sunscreen with the required SPF with your summer foundation!!!

  • Use a lightweight foundation that matches your skin tone and gives a matte finish for the summer beauty look.
  • Make a mix of foundation and sunscreen to provide the skin with the right coverage as well as protection from the sun.
  • Wait for a couple of minutes to allow the skin to absorb all of the product before you apply any other makeup.

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4. Set it with loose powder

Set it with loose powder

This step of the summer makeup tutorial will help your makeup last all day long and also help make it more resistant against sweat. In fact, it is always good to carry out this step as part of making your makeup long lasting!!!

  • Take a translucent or banana shade of DE’LANCI Matte Loose Powder using the puff provided.
  • Dust matte loose powder on your hand. Then apply a light coating of the powder on the face to seal all the products beneath.
  • This will also give a fine matte finish with an overall glow to the face.
  • There are several shades of the powder that you can choose from as per your skin tone.

5. Waterproof a light eye makeup

Waterproof a light eye makeup

We can’t miss out on a beautiful eye makeup in the summer makeup tutorial and so here’s how you can do it best! Just make sure that you apply only waterproof products to remain safe from sweat or water splashes!!!

  • Start by giving your eyelids a nude-colored hue from DE’LANCI New Nude NEUTRAL Eyeshadow Palette that looks like a tan against your skin tone.
  • Use the color to shade up the area up to the cut crease and blend well for an even-looking shadow.
  • Apply some of the same color along the lower lash line and smudge it out to enlarge the eye look. give the inner corners a dash of the white highlighting color.
  • Use a black eyeliner or eyeshadow color to line the upper lash line and from the center to the outer edge of the lower lash line.
  • Shape the brows and fill them in to set a frame to the eyes, coat the lashes with mascara to give the eyes depth.

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6. Opt for the sun-kissed effect

Opt for the sun-kissed effect

A repeating mantra to remember in the summer makeup tutorial is that less is always more! The lesser colors and shade variations you bring into your summer beauty look, the more natural and better it looks at all times!!!

  • Giving the face a sun-kissed look is easy and also helps contour your face for a sharp and chiseled look.
  • Use a shade that will give your skin tone the right sun-kissed hue from DE’LANCI Double-ended Contouring Stick.
  • Apply it along the cheekbones and blend it upwards to create the sun-kissed shade on the cheek areas.
  • Do the same along the bridge of the nose, along the jawlines and side temples, and blend well using the built-in brush in the stick.

7. Go for natural flush

Go for natural flush

For those of you that wish to stick to the cute summer makeup tutorial, you can always opt for the blush-on-the-face look! This will give you a more delicate and sweet look that you can complement with your personality!!!

  • Use a pink shade Shy or Rose from DE’LANCI Double-headed Blush Stick  and apply on the cheeks.
  • Blend the creamy color with the brush on the other end of the stick for an even spreading of the blush color.
  • Set it all with a light dust of the loose powder to give it long-staying power for the day.
  • Blend very little color into the skin so that the face has the look of a natural and healthy summer flush.

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8. Tint the lips in complementing shades

Tint the lips in complementing shades

We keep options open in our summer makeup tutorial for different tastes and personalities! You can always choose to opt for colorful eye makeup or stick to the no-makeup summer look in 2023. But, what’s important is to pair the lip colors accordingly!!!

  • It is best to keep the lips matte irrespective of the color that you choose to wear.
  • Opt for a velvety formula like DE’LANCI Multicolor Aesthetics Matte Lipsticks that offer all the popular colors for all skin tones.
  • Outline your lips with a pencil color or a thin lip brush and then fill in the rest for a seamless flow of color.
  • Get the best ideas on Stunning Matte Makeup Looks from the expert to make your summer looks awesome.

9. Finish your makeup with setting spray

Finish your makeup with setting spray

A crucial step of the summer makeup tutorial is to seal all of your makeup with the setting spray. This will not just keep your face moist and hydrated despite the matte look, but also increase the life of your makeup for 10-12 hours!!! 

  • Once again, pick a setting spray according to your skin type and the makeup finish.
  • Keep the spray bottle at a distance of 6-10 inches from your face and close your eyes.
  • Spray the mist onto the face covering all areas so that it seals the makeup uniformly.
  • Wait for a few seconds for the mist to get absorbed into the skin before stepping out to enjoy the summer day/night.

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Wrapping up 

Recreate a glowing diva look with these summer makeup tutorial steps and make the most of the season in 2023. Let us know of your experience with DE’LANCI Multi-functional Double-headed Blush Stick as you can use it as a blush, eyeshadow, and lip tint! Put in your comments below and how it has made a difference to your summer makeup!!!

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