How to Apply Cream Concealer like a Pro: Step-by-Step Guide

Surely you want to look ravishingly flawless all the time, and that’s exactly what makeup helps you do! Concealer is one product that you just cannot leave out from your makeup kitty for a very obvious reason. As its name indicates, it is meant to conceal anything that is unsightly. You can either apply it over your foundation for more elaborate makeup looks or go solo with it for everyday natural looks. We’ve already discussed How to Apply Liquid Concealer like a Pro, and now, our expert tells us how to apply cream concealer like a pro!

Table of Content

  1. What is a cream concealer?
  2. 5 Steps on how to apply cream concealer like a Pro
    1. Start with a clean skin
    2. Prep the skin with primer
    3. Pick the right concealer shade
    4. Take time to blend it
    5. Set it with powder
  3. Wrapping up

What is a cream concealer?

Cream concealers is one of the 2 different forms in which concealers come – liquid, which is more common, and cream which comes in the compacted form of creamy consistency. Cream concealers are thicker than their liquid counterparts and offer very high coverage. They are usually used by makeup artists or individuals when opting for elaborate makeup looks for special occasions or photo shoots. Also, people who have very dark pigmentation or blemishes that are too prominent benefit from using cream concealers. It is important that you know how to apply cream concealer well so that the outcome is not a patchy-looking face!!!

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5 Steps on how to apply cream concealer like a pro

Get your makeup right with expert tips on how to apply cream concealer and stand out with a flawless-looking skin!

1. Start with a clean skin

Step 1 Start with a clean skin

Starting with a clean skin is the first step to getting flawless-looking skin while using the concealer!

  • Remove all traces of oil and dirt from the facial skin so that it retains the makeup product well.
  • This will help elongate the staying power for longer hours keeping you the same flawless-looking all day/night long!

2. Prep the skin with Primer

Step 2 Prep the skin with Primer

The next step in how to apply cream concealer should be to apply a good quality primer on the skin!

  • Primer is a makeup base that helps smoothen out the skin of the face and helps keep products applied over it intact.
  • If you want to retain the same fresh look all through the day/night, the base primer is a must!
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3. Pick the right concealer shade

Pick the right concealer shade

Moving on with the steps of how to apply cream concealer it’s time for you to pick the right shade of concealer.

  • This is as important as covering the flaws on the skin as you want it to look as your natural skin.
  • In case you need special color correction, here’s the choice of colors that you can mix with your concealer for the best effect:
    • Dark circles under the eyes are best concealed using peach color.
    • Red blemishes on the skin are best hidden using green concealer color.
    • Blue patches hide well when give a coat of yellow or orange concealer color.
    • Yellow discolorations and patches are best hidden using blue or purple concealer color.

4. Take time to blend it

Step 4 Take time to blend it

Apply your cream concealer by dabbing it onto the skin that needs its coverage. A seamless blending of the product goes a long way into getting a flawless look!!!

  • Now, move on to blend the product well by using a professional brush set so that even the thick layer is moved across well giving an even coverage.
  • The cream form contains a dense amount of pigment that should be evenly distributed for the natural look.
  • Wet the brush very lightly to make sure that the product does not stick to it but glides smoothly over the skin, covering it all!
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5. Set it with powder

Set it with powder

Now that you’ve reached the final stages of how to apply cream concealer, it’s time to seal it so that the finish remains for hours to come!

Wrapping up

With all the tips on how to apply cream concealer you can surely proceed to look the flawless diva like any celebrity! Just make sure that you pick the right color corrector or concealer for the best result from among DE’LANCI Cream Concealer Palette!!!

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