12 Best Summer Makeup Looks You Can Try Out in 2022

Summer is just for you if you love warm days and bright sun. With deep reddish-brown lipstick and cool-toned eyeshadow, you are on the right path to giving yourself the best summer makeup look. The bright neon, pastels, and dewy highlighted cheekbones are the significant trends for the summers that work for actual IRL events and selfie cameras. However, the eyeshadow palette can add a whole new look to the eyes if you are not a pro at applying eyeliner. Here is a quick guide that can help you to come up with the most simple summer makeup looks.

Table of Content:

  1. 10 Makeup Looks to Rock This Summer
    1. Orange is the new black
    2. Rosy cheeks
    3. Dewy look
    4. Graphic eyeliner
    5. Colorful eyeliner
    6. Copper look
    7. Purple look
    8. Pink lips
    9. Donut skin
    10. Fluffy brown
  2. Wrapping up

10 Makeup Looks to Rock This Summer

Check out the makeup looks for sunny days. We have shared vibrant looks to help you achieve the refreshing look you desire.

#1 Orange is the new black

Orange has become the major trend and is now used as the black color was used once. Now combine the authentic orange color and mix it with smokey eyes to get the best summer makeup looks. One can swap vampy hues with deep black palettes and orange to add depth and dimension to the eyes. The best eyeshadow looks for dark skins will also look good with a tint of orange.

#2 Rosy cheeks

In the sun, the cheeks are the first thing that gets red and flush; hence, to get natural summer makeup looks; you can try to keep it that way. Rosy cheeks will work well to cheer you up and add a sweet look to your face. It can be a baby pink tone to shine your cheeks and eyes and a darker lip shade. The silky matte finish will keep your skin glow intact and your lips shiny.

#3 Dewy Look

If you want the right look, dewy can be the best fit. As the best summer makeup looks, glistening skin can do wonders and shine when you are in the sun. The dewy base of concealer and foundation is the right choice to help keep a shiny look with glittery eyeshadow. Skincare products can help in renewing the skin glow and keep the person in a relaxing state. However, to look perfect requires one to follow the necessary dewy makeup steps.

#4 Graphic Eyeliner

You can't have enough eyeliner look ever. Graphic eyeliner works wonderfully as the best summer makeup looks with graphic, bold, and cat-eye texture. It enhances the eye's shape and gives you a unique and attractive look. However, with graphic eyeliner, you can avoid smokey eyes look but match it up with a simple shade.

#5 Colorful Eyeliner

Once in your lifetime, you might have checked out graphic eyeliner looks and how to create them to get natural summer makeup looks. Well, you are at the right place. Summer is the weather to explore all the colors and pop out of the crowd. The same goes for eyeliner as well. One can try different eyeliners depending on their moods and dresses to make it a typical go-to look for summer.

#6 Copper Look

If you don't know what to do, it is best to go for a copper look with warm neutral lipstick, bronzer, and shimmery copper eyeshadow to complete the look. It is the best summer makeup look tip that one can follow to get major vives without investing a lot of time in blending.

#7 Purple Look

Purple can work wonders if you know how much and where to apply it. You can start with a brown, plum, and purple combination to get a muted and warm look to get gentle and the best summer makeup looks. On top of that, jean shorts and a white T-shirt can complete your face giving you a casual day-out style. Along with this, you can add a tint of eyeliner to the look, giving a wicked vibe.

#8 Pink Lips

Either way, it has a pink or rosy look for lips and will work well for you in the summer. You can start by lightening the lips with cool colors, and you are good to go. Keep your lips moisturized and get the long-lasting moringa oil and fruit seed oil effect to wear comfortable lipstick to get simple summer makeup looks. However, it is best to know how to apply lipstick makeup like a pro to get the right color combination and look.

#9 Donut Skin

Cream and the liquid formula are more than enough to highlight the beauty and help you move ahead in a fashion-forward style. The donut skin is one of the best summer makeup looks with a shimmering sheen look packed with a skincare regime, highlighters, and eyeliners to enhance the beauty. It also helps to maintain the day-to-day glow of your skin with moisturizer for soft skin.

#10 Fluffy Brown

Another of the best summer makeup looks is fluffy brown eyebrows to glam up your eyes. You can pick up the brow wax and start with the wax styler or pencil to lengthen up and straighten the hair. The aim is to add brown texture to the look while keeping a minimalistic makeup look.


If you are confused with all the top summer makeup tips and style statements, it is best to go simple and don't do much. You can highlight your lips, add a bit of eyeliner, and blush to complete the look. Check out makeup products perfect for every season. Don’t forget to have a good summer!

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