Korean Lip Makeup: Trends and Looks for 2023

Korean lip makeup is a part of mainstream Korean makeup that emphasizes less is more! Such lips are sure to make you look attractive be it when going to work every day or attending a special event. Soft colors, a hint of shine, or a velvety touch of a matte look, there’s so much to it. Our makeup expert has brought for you a list of the most popular Korean lip makeup that is sure to make you super-attractive. Explore the variety and make your pick as your makeup needs demand!!!

Table of Content

  1. What is perfect Korean lip makeup?
  2. 7+ Trendy Korean lip makeup looks in 2023
    1. Popsicle lips
    2. Caramel-touched lips
    3. Juicy and plum lips
    4. Nude-colored lips
    5. Matte velvet lips
    6. Coral matte lips
    7. Glossed-up luscious lips
    8. Naturally flushed pink lips
  3. 5+ tips to wear Korean lip makeup
  4. Wrapping up

What is perfect Korean lip makeup?

Korean lip makeup is the use of soft lips colors, stains, and tints on well-hydrated lips often playing with the ombre effect. The most popular looks that Koreans wear is the ‘popsicle lip’ or ‘gradient lip’ which has been in use for years but has gained popularity only recently. With the Korean gradient lip, you are likely to look more youthful and innocent! This apart, there are several other Korean lip makeup that has become insanely popular among women across the globe! Get to know more about Korean Makeup Look for Beginners with inputs from our expert artist!!! 

7+ Trendy Korean lip makeup looks in 2023

If you were to look up popular trends in Korean makeup looks, lip makeup is sure to take a front seat! Here are 7+ Korean lip makeup for you to make your pick for different times of the day and occasions. Just to remind you that the key step to achieving any of these top trendy lip looks is to take care of your lips. So, apply a good exfoliating agent on the lips to remove all dead skin, and moisturize it regularly.

1. Popsicle lips

Popsicle lips

The gradient or the Korean popsicle lips have taken the world by storm making it the go to lip color style! It’s now your turn to wear this unique Korean lip makeup trend and make your lips look soft and delicate!!!

How to recreate the popsicle lips:

  • Apply a coat of moisturizer and follow it up with a primer on the lips, allowing each to get absorbed before applying the other.
  • Take a light-colored lip stain of your choice from DE’LANCI 18 Colors La Catrina Lipstick Palette and dab it at the center.
  • Now, spread it out around the rest of the lips.
  • Make sure that the color is concentrated at the center and spreads out evenly creating the gradient or popsicle lips look.

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2. Caramel-touched lips

Caramel-touched lips

Give your lips that inimitable caramel-touched glow that is so typical of the Korean lip makeup look! It has a soft and moist look with the appeal of a matte finish making it so unique. Follow the steps to ace the look!!!

How to recreate the caramel-touched lips:

  • Prepare your lips with the base moisturizer and preferably topped up with a coat of primer.
  • Take the caramel color Divine from DE’LANCI Matte Lipstick set Nude Waterproof 8 colors and fill the lips with it.
  • The next step is to use a light gloss on the upper lips for that soft look.
  • Lightly press the upper lips against the lower ones to give them only a touch of gloss but more of a matte look.

3. Juicy and plum lips

Juicy and plum lips

Irresistible juicy and plump lips are an essential part of Korean lip makeup and now it’s your turn to wear it too! They are ideal when going out to informal gatherings and get-togethers where you really want to get noticed for your looks!!!

  • Keep going with your lip care routine and on the day give them a good coat of concealer over the moisturizer layer.
  • Once the above products are set into the skin, opt for Shade 05 from DE’LANCI Multicolor Aesthetics Matte Lipsticks
  • Create an outline around the lips that make them look larger and fuller.
  • Now fill them with the same color to get that full lips look.
  • Dab a drop of the transparent gloss from the set at the center of the lower lips and take it to the upper center for that plump look.

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4. Nude-colored lips

Nude-colored lips

An immensely popular Korean lip makeup, and good to wear almost anywhere and everywhere, this has become a celebrity style! Nude-colored lips are among the trending makeup looks across the globe and you too can wear it with our guide!!!

How to recreate the nude-colored lips look:

  • Make sure that your lips are smooth and exfoliated before applying the primer on them for the look.
  • Pick a nude color that complements your skin tone from DE’LANCI Matte Lipstick set Nude Waterproof 8 colors.
  • Outline your lips with the color and then fill them in with it for an even finish.
  • Give the lips a soft finish with a hint of gloss on the lower part for that alluring lip look.

5. Matte velvet lips

Matte velvet lips

When it’s time to go super-glamorous, the matte velvet lips Korean lip makeup style is your go-to look! Bright and attractive, this lip look in a matte finish is good to go with a range of outfits, making them suitable for any special event or occasion!!!

How to recreate the matte velvet lips look:

  • Take care to apply the primer on your moisturized lips and let the skin absorb the product before you proceed.
  • Opt for a bright red or maroonish-red for your lips to complement the color of your outfit from the Everlasting Matte Liquid Lipstick Set.
  • Draw out the outer lip line with the color to give them a fuller look.
  • Fill the lips with the color spreading it evenly and wait a few seconds to let it dry for that velvety matte look.

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6. Coral matte lips

Coral matte lips

Coral matte lips are a range when it comes to Korean lip makeup because of the instant appeal of the color! This shade is suitable for all skin tones and is also good to wear at any evening event. Put on the irresistible charm with this uber-chic-colored Korean lip look!!!

How to recreate the coral matte lips:

  • Work up your cared-for lips with moisturizer and primer to get an evenly laid-out lip skin.
  • Take the coral matte shade from DE’LANCi 25 Color Matte Lip Palette with a lip brush.
  • Carefully outline the lips going just beyond the natural confines for a full and symmetrical look.
  • Now, fill them in with the same colors with an evenly blended finish for that alluring coral matte charm.

7. Glossed-up luscious lips

Glossed-up luscious lips

Glossed-up luscious lips are what every woman wants all the time making it among the top Korean lip makeup styles! This is a look that you wear to school or work every day, and even when meeting up with friends in it. Its immense popularity has taken the simplicity of the look to great heights!!!

How to recreate glossed-up luscious lips look:

  • You will have to take care of your lips regularly all the days of your life for this look, so prepare well.
  • Apply a good coat of moisturizer on them, let it soak in, and then apply a transparent primer over it.
  • Once the products have dried up on the lips, take the transparent gloss from the DE’LANCI Multicolor Aesthetics Matte Lipsticks set.
  • Apply it all over the lips keeping it within the confines of the natural lip lines for this awesome look.
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8. Naturally flushed pink lips

Naturally flushed pink lips

Yet another Korean lip makeup rage, the naturally-flushed pink lips is something that you can wear with celebrity style! Much popular on the fashion circuit due to its natural appeal, this lip makeup can be worn with any outfit for any occasion or event!!!

How to recreate the naturally-flushed pink lips look:

  • Well-cared-for lips are a must for this look because of the light natural look, so get going with it before the day.
  • On the day of the makeup, apply moisturizer and follow up with a transparent primer to get an even-looking lip skin.
  • Pick a natural pink shade as per your skin tone from DE’LANCi 25 Color Matte Multi Shade Lip Palette.
  • You and make your customized lip shade by using the white or black colors in the palette to mix and match.
  • Draw the outline of the lips in keeping with their natural shape using a professional brush set and the desired color.
  • Now, fill in the lips for that soft natural matte lips that you can carry all day or evening long.

5+ tips to wear Korean lip makeup

The immensely popular Korean lip makeup styles are all for you to recreate at any time and for any occasion! Just remember these tips to get the best out of these super-popular looks!!!

  1. Once you apply the moisturizer and primer on the lips, take a tissue and press it across the lips to remove any excess product for that smooth look.
  2. Once you’ve applied a lip color, hold a clean tissue to the lips and dust some transparent colored DE’LANCI Matte Loose Powder on them. It is best transfer-proof tip to totally set-in matte look.
  3. Create the base by lining your lips with a natural-colored lip liner instead of the lip colors for a better output.
  4. If you want your lips to look plumper and larger, use a concealer as the primer that lets you trace outside the natural lip line for a fuller look.
  5. Dab some transparent gloss at the center of both lips to bring alive any color while making the lips the center of attraction.
  6. Take off all lip color or gloss before going to bed and apply a lip balm in place of regular moisturizer for naturally soft lips. exfoliate them once a week.

Wrapping up

It’s time to wrap up on our Korean lip makeup tips and tricks and get you started with recreating the looks. Just grab your favorite lip product from the high-quality DE’LANCI Multicolor Aesthetics Matte Lipsticks unique set with 9 mattes + 1 transparent gloss for any look you like! Share your experience in the comment section about these fascinating colors and the beautiful Korean lip makeup looks that you’ve created with them!!!

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