Korean Makeup Look: Meaning, Trending looks, and Tips!

With the hype in K-dramas and die-hard fans of BTS and black pink, the craze of Korean makeup looks has elevated above expectations. Whether it is a makeup artist or beauty influencer, everyone is looking for what exactly Korean makeup looks like. A few months ago, everyone was going gaga over the Korean skincare routine and now their makeup looks. They are simple and adorable. People are learning Korean makeup routines to look cute, right? Without delaying a bit, let’s move ahead with what is Korean Makeup Looks.

Table of Contents

  1. What is Korean makeup look?
  2. 5 Best Korean makeup looks you can recreate
    1. Seo Ye-Ji’s Korean makeup look
    2. Lisa - BlackPink
    3. Lee Sung-kyung - Korean model
    4. Jennie - BlackPink
    5. Kim Chung-ha [Chungha]
  3. Top 9 Korean makeup look tips
  4. Recreate Korean Makeup Look Now!

    What is Korean makeup look?

    The short answer is the makeup routine which is followed by Korean people is the Korean makeup look. Well, it is also the simplest makeup look you can do! Women in Korea have glowing skin, because of their daily skin care routine. Also, they focus on the enhancing that glow and not to add color on the face while doing makeup. So, whether you are inspired by the BlackPink Crew or K-drama, you know the core of the Korean makeup look.

    5 Best Korean Makeup Looks You Can Recreate

    The Korean makeup look is a new addition to the makeup trends of 2022. Here in this section, we have picked the most trending korean makeup look 2022 and the easiest one to recreate as well. Follow the list and you will end up having the best products and Korean makeup looks altogether.

    1. Seo Ye-Ji's Korean makeup look

    Seo Ye-Ji's Korean makeup look

    Image Credit:  Seo Ye-Ji

    The famous K-drama – It’s Okay Not To Be Okay’s Ko Moon-young AKA Seo Ye-Ji's makeup look is loved by every K-drama fan. The simple yet chic look is stealing the hearts of many people and is among the best Korean makeup look 2022.

    So, how can you recreate this look? 

    • Go with nude and shimmer eyeshadow, 
    • peach-red lipstick, 
    • light contouring, 
    • peach blush, 
    • minimal highlighter, 
    • and puppy eyeliner.

    2. Lisa - BlackPink 

    Lisa - BlackPink

    Image Credit: Lisa

    Lisa - the queenie character of the BlackPink crew. People are going mad over her voice, looks, fashion, and obviously makeup. Be the Lisa of your group recreating her Korean makeup look. You will need red lipstick, a colorful eyeshadow palette, and eyeliner. Lisa went with minimal highlighter and blusher to create this natural Korean makeup look.

    De’Lanci’s Product Recommendation For Recreating Korean Makeup Looks:

    3. Lee Sung-kyung - Korean model

    Lee Sung-kyung - Korean model

    Image Credit: Lee Sung-kyung

    The cute and well-known South Korean model Lee Sung-Kyun is an actress as well as a singer. She has given the super-duper hit TV shows in her career like Dr. Romantic and Flower of Queen. The bronze eyeshadow shade with coral lipstick and pink blush is all you need to recreate the natural Korean makeup look 2022.

    4. Jennie - BlackPink

    Jennie - BlackPink

    Image Credit: Jennie

    Jennie the cutie-pie of the BlackPink crew has stolen hearts with her dance moves and cute expressions. Just a few days back she shared this picture of herself from the shoot and people are already recreating it. Puppy eyeliner, nude eyeshadow, peach-based pink lipstick, and blush with the minimal highlighter are a way to recreate Jennie’s Korean makeup look for tan skin.

    5. Kim Chung-ha [Chungha]

    Kim Chung-ha [Chungha]

    Image Credit: Kim Chung-ha

    Last but not least on the list is our favorite Korean singer Chungha. The royal makeup look of Kim Chung-ha is all you need to attract attention from around. For eyeshadow, she went with the glitter on the lower lash line and a brown smokey eye for the eyelids. Curl your lashes high, because nothing can beat the perfectly curled and high lashes. For lipstick go with the nude waterproof lipsticks and pick the same shade blusher as well.

    Top 9 Korean makeup look tips

    Above were the best Korean makeup look to recreate. We didn’t just state the looks but also help you with how to recreate one. We will also be covering the Korean makeup look tutorial, don’t forget to check. But before that, here are 9 quick tips on Korean makeup look.

    korean makeup look tips
    1. Follow skincare routine: Korean people’s secret to the flawless base isn’t just the makeup technique, but their flawless skin.
    2. Use the right foundation: Use the foundation that is for your skin and gives full coverage.
    3. Order of concealer: Use concealer before applying the foundation.
    4.  Eyeliner shape/style: Instead of winged/cat eyeliner, go for the puppy eyeliner.
    5.  Eye makeup tips: Never forget to apply eyeshadow to the lower lash line. Along with the matte shades apply shimmer eyeshadow shades too!
    6. Lipstick style: Go for nude lipsticks or the red ones and the technique should be gradient.
    7. Makeup look: Never opt for a matte finish, the glossy is the way to get that Korean makeup glow
    8. Korean makeup look is for everyone: Don’t fall for the trap like, there’s no korean makeup look for tan skin. Recreate the look using the same techniques, but pick the shades that go with your skin color.
    9. Natural skin is the key: Korean makeup look is not just about the shades, but keeping the authenticity of your real skin alive.

    Wrapping Up

    This was all the information you needed to know about the Korean makeup look. In this article, we covered what it is, trending Korean makeup looks, and tips on creating one. Along with this, we also mentioned a few products that will be best for creating Korean makeup look. Hurry up and buy those to fill your vanity! Stay tuned with De’Lanci for more information on makeup trends, products, and much more.

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