How to Recreate the Trending Wednesday Addams Makeup Look

The mysterious psychic gal Wednesday Addams played by Jenna Ortega is having her moment! She has brought about the reigning trend of soft glam minimalistic look with her iconic eyes, face, lips. Her signature braids and gothic outfit perfectly complement the soft glam of her look. Here’s your chance to recreate and wear this alluring fresh dewy naturalistic Wednesday Addams makeup look with our makeup expert!

Table of Content

  1. Steps to Create the Wednesday Addams Makeup Look
    1. Wednesday Addams makeup look for face
    2. Wednesday Addams makeup look for eyes
    3. Wednesday Addams makeup look for lips
  2. List of makeup products to create the Wednesday Addams makeup look
    1. Beauty Carver Concealer Contour Multifunction Palette
    2. DE’LANCI Matte Loose Powder
    3. De’Lanci Multi-functional Dual-ended Highlighter Stick
    4. DE’LANCI Nude Smoky Eyeshadow Palette
    5. DE’LANCI 18 Colors La Catrina Lipstick Palette
    6. DE’LANCI Luxury 8 Piece Makeup Brush Set
  3. Wrapping up

Steps to Create the Wednesday Addams Makeup Look

The best way to go about explaining the Wednesday Addams makeup tutorial is to divide it in parts. You’ve got to go by the Wednesday Addams makeup look for the face, for the eyes, and for the lips. Keep reading for the right way to recreate it, and the products that you’ll need for it. As a lover of natural makeup look, you may want to check out some of the Top Minimal Makeup Looks!!!

Wednesday Addams makeup look for face

1. Smoothly-toned skin

Despite all her stern looks and intense gaze, Wednesday Addams has a smooth skin texture. This lets her show off the soft shades of the minimalistic makeup that she wears to accentuate her personality. If you wish to imbibe the mysterious expression of Wednesday Addams, here’s what you’ve got to do!

How to get smoothly toned skin?

  • Prime it: Start recreating the look by using a face primer that will give you a smooth skin canvas.
  • Fills in pores: The primer will help fill in pores and even out crease lines on the face for that smooth skin finish.

2. Pale freckled skin

She loves to keep it fresh and natural-looking to bring out the intensity of her mysterious personality! The freckles almost peek through to show off their mark on the face. It’s a classic example of the gothic glamorous look that was redefined in the ‘90s and now again!!!

How to get pale freckled skin?

  • Light coverage foundation: The trick to get that freckle-showing look is to use a light foundation over the primed skin.
  • Matte skin finish: It helps give a smooth matte finish to the face while letting the underlying freckles to peep through.
  • Loose powder matte finish: Alternatively, you can use a mattifying loose face powder to get that clear skin look with its touch of natural imperfection!
  • No concealer: Avoid using concealers unless you have too much of dark spots and pimples that you might want to hide.

3. Natural-contoured-looking cheeks

A high point of the Wednesday Addams makeup look is her sharply contoured almost hollow cheeks! Bringing in the intriguing otherworld element becomes prominent with those shallow-looking cheeks in natural warm brown colors.

How to get Natural-contoured-looking cheeks?

  • Brown for contouring: Opt for a brownish blush color for that highly contoured cheeks.
  • Apply along cheekbones: Use it along the cheekbones keeping in line with the upper end of the ears that connect the end of the lips.
  • Blend it for a natural look: Use a blending brush to bring it to dissolve with the skin texture for that contoured hollow cheeks look.
  • Seal the blush color: In case you wish to wear a light naturally blushed look, opt for a multifunction pink blush stick and seal it with translucent powder.
  • Naturally flushed look: This will give you the naturally flushed contoured cheeks that Wednesday Addams has.

Wednesday Addams makeup look for eyes

1. Intense looking light smokey eyes

Piercing eyes that look back at you intensely is the hallmark of Wednesday Addams! Her looks say it all as she stares with her big black eyes with a smokey look. Wednesday Addams would not be gaining as much popularity had it not been for her stares through the smoked eyes look!!!

How to get Intense looking light smokey eyes?

  • Black & brown: Use black and brow eyeshadow colors to recreate the soft Goth smokey eyes.
  • Lightly smoked eyes: A mixture of brown and black is the best way to get that lightly smoked eyes.
  • Well-blended look: Use De’lanci eyeshadow brush to blend the color on the upper lash line and blend it to a smooth finish for the soft smokey effect.
  • Smudge the lower lash line: Take a thin brush and color the lower lashline with it too. Now smudge out the edges to give it that softness of the iconic eye look.
  • Add depth to the eyes: Use a coat of mascara to add volume to the lashes that’ll also give depth to the eyes for that intense-looking eyes!
  • Modify adding wings: If you wish to add a wing to modify the look, here’s How to Create Winged Eyeliner and Silver Glitter Eyeshadow Looks!

Wednesday Addams makeup look for lips

1. Signature standout pout

That standout pout defines who Wednesday Addams is with all her enigmatic natural looks! The Goth glam pout is largely responsible in adding that mysterious element that describes everything about her. She continues to draw attention to her proverbial pout in muted colors!!!

How to Get Signature standout pout?

  • Clean the lip skin: Take care to exfoliate your lips to bring out the healthy-looking Wednesday Addams makeup look pout.
  • Make them supple: Moisturize it to bring out the soft and supple skin of your natural lips.
  • Define them: Use lip lining to define your pout before filling the inner part.
  • Make a thick outline: Take a lip brush and opt for a light burgundy shade to draw the lip outline keeping it as thick as possible.
  • Blend with inner color: Now, blend in the inner lips with the same shade or a slightly lighter tone for an even-looking tinted pout.

2. Lightly highlighted cupid bows

That pout of the Wednesday Addams makeup look has a touch of definition to it. This comes from the accentuated cupid bow! This comes from the accentuated cupid bow! Natural-looking yet so surreal, this is how best to describe the enigmatic Wednesday Addams. She shines through her almost without-makeup look with the subtle use of a glow!!!

How to get Lightly highlighted cupid bows?

  • Highlighted bows: Use a dust of highlighter to touch up Cupid’s Bow that brings the pout to greater prominence.
  • Glowing chin: Give the lower chin a light dusting of the same highlighter to add more definition to the chiseled face.

List of makeup products to create the Wednesday Addams makeup look

Now that we’ve walked you through the easy Wednesday Addams makeup tips, it’s time to get to the list of makeup products you’ll need! Here are some of the best makeup products and tools that’ll help you ace the Wednesday Addams makeup look effortlessly!!!

Makeup products for the face

  1. Concealer & Blush: Beauty Carver Concealer Contour Multifunction Palette is an all-in-one makeup kit of cream-based colors. It is all that you need for your foundation, contouring, and blush needs. The 18 colors of this versatile palette give you 12 contouring shades that you can also use for the natural blush effect.
  2. Loose Powder: DE’LANCI Matte Loose Powder is what you’ll need to give the face that typical Wednesday Addams look. Available in 7 shades, the translucent matte loose powder is best suited for this particular look. Lightweight, waterproof, and sweatproof powder have a no-interference formula. It settles on the skin without affecting any makeup color which is what you need for the right Wednesday Addams makeup look!
  3. Highlighter: De’Lanci Multi-functional Dual-ended Highlighter Stick comes in 4 popular shades that let you choose the right one for your skin tone. Easy to apply, the stick has a brush attached to the other end letting you diffuse the light-highlighted look. Its enriched formula with Vitamin E and Shea butter will keep the skin moisturized with a light sheen.

Makeup products for the eyes

  1. Eyeshadow: DE’LANCI Nude Smoky Eyeshadow Palette is the best product for any smokey eye look, especially the Wednesday Addams makeup look! The palette has a full spectrum of nude and smokey colors that is perfect for this look. Its combination of neutral, brown, black, and whites give you the option to get the right shade for the soft smokey eye look.

Makeup products for the lips

  1. Lip colors: DE’LANCI 18 Colors La Catrina Lipstick Palette comes with its own lip brush that lets you define the pout outline easily. The palette has curetted colors in all the right shades ranging from Wine Red to Berry Purple along with the White Day. You can simply mix and match the colors with the white for the perfect burgundy or plume shade of the Wednesday Addams makeup look. 

Makeup tools

  1. Makeup brushes: DE’LANCI Luxury 8 Piece Makeup Brush Set is perfect for eye and face makeup. In fact, this professional brush set covers all the basic needs of your everyday and occasion makeup needs. Sturdy wooden handles and nylon bristles give you the firm ergonomic grip you need for your eye and face makeup. Eyeshadow crease definer, blender, and shader all give you precise application methods.

    Wrapping up

    Mysterious, supernatural, and intriguing, Wednesday Addams is truly enigmatic! Now’s your chance to imitate the famous Wednesday Addams makeup look with these expert makeup tips, and the best-in-class makeup product list! For more supernatural look inspiration, read our expert guide on Easy Halloween Makeup Looks for Beginners. Explore the high-quality eye makeup products, face makeup products, lips makeup products, and Makeup Tools  for all your makeup needs!!! 

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