How to Create Red Eyeshadow Look: Step By Step Tutorial

It’s your turn to pull off the red color like a diva with an exotic red eyeshadow look! Surely, red is not restricted to the Met Gala events or theme parties. You can make it a part of your events and occasions looks once you master the art of creating the look. There are plenty of options to wear red eyeshadow looks. Our makeup expert has put together the tutorial on how to create red eyeshadow look for you to wear it confidently. Make your bold beauty statement with this step-by-step guide!!!

Table of Content:

  1. Introduction
  2. Step-by-step tutorial on how to create red eyeshadow look
    1. Create the perfect base for the red eyeshadow look
    2. Apply the base color
    3. Start applying the red color
    4. Add it to your lower lash line
    5. Keep the radius limited for the subtle look
    6. Create a winged red eyeshadow to glam up
    7. Blend in a highlighter
    8. Use black eyeliner
    9. Glitter it up for a smashing party look
    10. Add the finishing touches
  3. Some pro tips for wearing red eyeshadow look
    1. Always use concealer
    2. Choose the right red eyeshadow shade
    3. Blend it right
    4. Open up the look
    5. Keep the rest of the face nude-neutral
  4. Wrapping up

Step-by-step Tutorial on how to create red eyeshadow look

Minimal is the new bold now and you can glam it up effortlessly with our guide on how to do red eyeshadow look! We’ll walk you through the red eyeshadow look step-by-step so that you can effortlessly switch from the subtle to the super-glam effortlessly!!!

1. Create the perfect base for the red eyeshadow look

The area around your eyes, especially the lids should be totally clean. Any trace of dirt or oil is sure to interfere with the color of the eyeshadow and also diminish its life. Follow the regime of cleaning and preparing the area for the best results. This is how you should start your how to create red eyeshadow look tutorial:

  • Once you’ve cleaned the area, apply a good quality eye primer on the lids and around the eyes.
  • Let the product get absorbed into your skin. so wait for a couple of minutes before doing anything else.
  • The primer will help make your eyeshadow color last longer and retain its true luminosity all through.
  • Now apply a concealer if you have any dark spots or circles, else apply a foundation to give make the area the perfectly finished canvas.

2. Apply the base color

Moving on with the how to create red eyeshadow look steps, it’s time to start applying the base color to the eyelids. The base color helps bring out the true tones of the actual color that you intend to bring out. It’ll also help distribute the primary eyeshadow color more evenly for the best color payoff. So, now:

  • Star applying a pale nude color that is closest to your skin tone onto your eyelids.
  • Give the full areas spanning from the eyebrows to the lash line a good shading of the color.
  • Take care to blend it smoothly using an eyeshadow brush so that the color pigment spreads out evenly.

3. Start applying the red color

You’ve reached the stage in the how to create red eyeshadow look where you start working with the red color! As a beginner, you may want to keep the look more subtle. It’s best to opt for a peach or coral shade that plays out well on everyone. Reserve the darker red shades for the crease area or create smoked effects.

  • Take the color on your brush, and tap it lightly to dust off all excess for a clean distribution of the pigment.
  • Apply the color to the entire upper lid areas using a fluffy eyeshadow brush and blend it.
  • Take a darker shade of the red that you’ve applied on the lids and blend it into the area above the crease.
  • Blend it well with the main red color and it will help you create a beautiful gradient of red color.

4. Add it to your lower lash line

Moving on to the next important step of how to create red eyeshadow look, it’s time to color the lower lash line. Adding color to this region of your eyes will help extend the look of your eyes. The color symmetry between the upper lids and the lower lash line further enhances the overall look.

  • Take the shade to your lower lash line area keeping it as close to the lashes as possible and blend it in.
  • Take care to add the color with a thin brush.
  • Smudge it out evenly to give it a soft and evenly toned look.

5. Keep the radius limited for the subtle look

This is a step in the how to create red eyeshadow look that is meant for those wanting to keep it subtle! Also, those wanting to wear the light red tinted eyeshadow for day events will do well to follow this step carefully. Limiting your eyeshadow close to the eyes gives it a more natural look and is perfect even for everyday office looks!!! Here’s how to do it:

  • When you apply the primary red eyeshadow color, limit blending it to the natural shape of the closed lids.
  • The best way to go about it is first trace a light outline on the area with the brush and the color.
  • Apply the pigment at the center of the lids and then blend it outwards with the outline for a smooth coloring.

6. Use black eyeliner

When using red eyeshadow, it’s good to use a black eyeliner for that added definition to the eyes! Follow this step on the how to create red eyeshadow look and you’ll be ramp ready even with the subtle shade of the red. All you need is to use your regular black eyeliner to amp up the look!!!

  • Keep as close to the upper lash line as possible and draw out a line with the black eyeliner.
  • You can also opt to apply the black eyeshadow color from the DE'LANCI 9 Colors Panda Black Grey Eyeshadow Palette if you’re good at handling it.
  • Draw out a small wing limiting it to close to the tip of the eyebrow for more emphasis.
  • Thicken the line slightly by smudging the eyeshadow color or add to the existing eyeliner to make it prominent.

7. Create a winged red eyeshadow to glam up

Continuing with the how to create red eyeshadow look steps, here’s the option to glam up your red eyeshadow look! Winged formation help highlight your eyes like no other and doing it with the primary red eyeshadow is the key. Follow these steps to add that extra dose of color vibrancy to your unique eyeshadow look!!!

  • Blend the red eyeshadow color beyond your natural eyes keeping it within the winged area.
  • Create an outline with the brush and eyeshadow and meet it up at the cut crease.
  • Now blend the color for a winged red eyeshadow look that is extremely prominent.
  • Clean up the area just below the wing with a De’Lanci Multifunction Concealer Palette to make it sharp and prominent.

8. Glitter it up for a smashing party look

Going further, we’re taking how to create red eyeshadow look tutorial a notch higher! We have yet another option for you to super-glam up your red eyeshadow look, and it’s with glitter. This is surely an option for glamorous party looks for the evenings when you’re in for all the razzmatazz and its glitziness!!!

  • Take a red glitter eyeshadow with a small tipped brush, tap off all excess before applying on the lids.
  • Swipe the lids with the glitter starting from the center to the inner and outer corners.
  • This way you’ll be able to bring in a smoothly flowing glitter glow on the lids.
  • Take care to limit the glitter to the outer limits of the crease area and the winged formation.
  • In case you want to give it a cleaner definition, you can apply a golden glitter along the cut crease meeting up with the wing.

9. Blend in a highlighter

Coming to the finishing stages of how to create red eyeshadow look, you need to brighten up the high points. This is done using a highlighting color that is available on most good eyeshadow palettes. The aim is to enhance the look of your eyes and draw attention to them instead of the makeup colors as per the current trends!!!

  • Take the highlighting color that complements the primary red eyeshadow palette.
  • It’s good to use colors like champagne, or keep it simple to plain whites, or those with a hint of silver glint.
  • Apply it on the brow bone area and blend it as though it’s the skin that’s giving a soft glow.
  • Take some of the pigment on a small tipped brush or your fingertip and apply on the inner corner of the eyes, and blend.
  • The effect should be large bright looking eyes with shades around it.

10. Add the finishing touches

This last step of the how to create red eyeshadow look tutorial is a must-follow one! For your eye makeup to bring out its true beauty, you must add volume to your lashes and, shape up the brows. These will add depth to your eyes and set the frame within which the beautifully done eyes will show.

  • Use volumizing mascara on your upper eyelashes coating them well.
  • In case you’re looking for a dramatic look, use a second coat before the first one dries up.
  • Alternatively, you can wear added lashes to add to the volume and thickness of the lashes.
  • Next, outline your eyebrows using a brown eyeshadow palette, and fill them in with it too.
  • Brush them upwards and outwards for that well-framed look.

Some Pro Tips for wearing Red eyeshadow look

These pro tips on how to wear red eyeshadow look will definitely make your eyes makeup the center of attraction effortlessly!!!

Pro tips for wearing red eyeshadow look

  • Always use concealer: When wearing red eyeshadow clear up the skin around the eyes making it spotless using your concealer. Having spots and marks around the eyes can give you a tired and worn-out look! 
  • Choose the right red eyeshadow shade: Pick out the red shade for your complexion. Those with lighter skin will do well to consider lighter shades while those with deep skin tones benefit from choosing burgundy or dark red shades.
  • Blend it right: Red is a striking color and for it to give the right color payoff, you must blend the product into the skin well. Use the right eyeshadow blending brush or even your fingertips to bring in this effect.
  • Open up the look: Don’t miss out on the use of De’lanci highlighter palette on the brows and the inner eyes. It’s important that you open up the look of the dark shade with the highlighting effect.
  • Keep the rest of the face nude-neutral: Downplay the rest of the color on your face to bring out the right color payoff of your red eyeshadow. Nude lipstick, lightly bronzed cheeks, and a brush of highlighter are some best options. 

Wrapping up 

Now that you’re armed with all the tips and tricks on how to create red eyeshadow look, you can wear it for events or every day! As we wrap up, we must recommend only red eyeshadow palettes that give you all the options. Check out our extensive collection of high-quality DE’LANCI eye makeup products to suit your mood and style. Visit us for the complete range of products for all your makeup needs at the most affordable prices!!!

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