Step-by-Step French Makeup Tutorial for Timeless Elegance

French makeup is the buzz-word in any makeup circle because of its minimalistic and naturalistic approach. Beauty enthusiasts are fast embracing the French makeup looks instead of seeking a transformative look. This cool approach to makeup lays more emphasis on regular skincare routine rather than going for cosmetic makeovers. If you’re someone that loves the less is more theory when it comes to looks and makeup, you’re just in the right place. Our makeup expert has brought together a comprehensive French makeup tutorial that will help you get all the right tips too! Just keep scrolling for it all!!!

Table of Content

  1. What is French makeup look?
  2. 7 Easy steps for French makeup tutorial for timeless elegance
    1. Regular skin care and right preparation
    2. Use the concealer
    3. Balance the eyeshadow colors
    4. Curly lashes that show
    5. Framed brows that highlight
    6. The natural blush and glow
    7. Lips that speak eloquently 
  3. 7+ Pro tips to wear French makeup look
  4. Wrapping up 

What is French makeup look?

French makeup look

French makeup look is an effortlessly natural and elegant look that you can achieve by highlighting your natural features. 

  • The makeup for this kind of look is to enhance your natural facial assets making you look defined and beautiful! 
  • The crux of this look depends on attaining the right balance of looks and application of the makeup products. 
  • French makeup look does not intend to transform your natural features to bring about a cosmetic perfection. 
  • It embraces the natural, highlights what already exists, and makes it more attractive. French makeup is classy, and has a natural glow that never makes it stale!

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7 Easy steps for French makeup tutorial for timeless elegance

Here are 7 super-easy steps of our French makeup tutorial for looking your best at any time of the day or night. Continue reading!!!

1. Regular skin care and right preparation

 Regular skin care and right preparation

Since French makeup look is all about looking beautiful and elegant naturally, taking care of your skin regularly is a part of it! 

  • While wearing the makeup, make sure that your face is clean of any dirt or oil so that the radiance retains well for long hours. 
  • Use a primer on the face to bring about an even and smooth skin surface on the face that further heightens the look. 
  • Stay away from powdering the face or mattifying it too much, the stress is on letting the face look fresh. this is among the tricks of French makeup over 50.
  • If you have an oily skin, then brush the face with a light dust of DE’LANCI Matte Loose Powder to get the perfectly balanced skin.

2. Use the concealer well

Use the concealer well

Moving on with the French makeup tutorial, we continue to emphasize your natural beauty with the clever use of makeup products!

  • Apply a color corrector or concealer of the right shade from DE’LANCI Multicolor Liquid Concealer for Dark Skin on the under eye dark circle, spots, or pigmentations. 
  • Blend the primer into the facial skin to get a fresh-looking, and evenly toned radiant skin that looks totally natural.
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3. Balance the eyeshadow colors

Balance the eyeshadow colors

Coming to the next part of the French makeup tutorial, we start highlighting the eyes with the right shade and balance it with the rest of the face for the natural look!

  • Take care to use the right concealer on the skin around the eyes to bring out the radiant look.
  • Use a neutral-colored eyeshadow color from DE’LANCI 15 Color Nude Bronzed Mocha Eyeshadow Makeup Palette and apply on the eyelids.
  • Blend the color to give the eyelids a near-natural light shading that brings out the brightness of your eyes.
  • In case you are looking to wear the French makeup look in the evening for any occasion, you can opt for the smokey eye look using a black color on the outer edge of the eyelids. 

4. Curly lashes that show

Curly lashes that show

We must stress the face in our French makeup tutorial, that the eyes play a pivotal part in the French makeup look! Eye lashes are the gateway to your eyes, so making them attractive is crucial!

  • Use a curler to give your lashes the curly twirl that makes them so very attractive.
  • Coat them with a volumizing mascara and let it dry for a few seconds.
  • Apply a light dust of translucent DE’LANCI Matte Loose powder on the lashes.
  • Reapply the mascara on the lashes and get a naturally thick-looking voluminous eyelashes.
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5. Framed brows that highlight

Framed brows that highlight

Another trick that we shall share in our French eye makeup look is that of framing your eyes for the most attractive look!

  • Brush your eyebrows and see if they need a little defining and filling in.
  • Outline the brows very delicately to give them a natural-looking shape.
  • Fill in with a natural brown shade using either Nude or Land from the DE’LANCI 9 Colors Leopard Nude Eyeshadow Palette.
  • Now, brush them upwards to make them look neat and full that will also help frame your eyes giving them more prominence.

6. The natural blush and glow

The natural blush and glow

Moving to the next part of our French short makeup tutorial, it’s time to add that natural touch of healthy flush to your face along with the glow!

  • Pick a shade from DE’LANCI Double-headed Blush Stick that perfectly complements your natural complexion to give it a natural-like blush.
  • Dab the stick onto your cheeks and apply very little color on them.
  • Now, use the brush on the other end of the stick, and blend the color on the cheeks giving them a natural and healthy flush look.
  • Add a healthy glow to the flushed cheeks with a touch of DE’LANCI Multi-functional Dual-ended Highlighter Stick to cap the look.

7. Lips that speak eloquently

Lips that speak eloquently

Coming to the last part of our French makeup tutorial, we give the lips the tint of color that makes them so irresistibly attractive!

  • The first step to attaining the best French makeup look is to strike the balance between the lip and the eyeshadow colors.
  • If you are wearing the smoky eyeshadow look, then opt for nude-colored lips with a matte finish from DE’LANCI Multicolor Aesthetics Matte Lipsticks.
  • For nude-colored eyeshadow, complement the lips with a red matte lipstick from the same palette.

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7+ Pro tips to wear French makeup look

  1. French makeup does not aim at attaining perfection, rather, give a neat, and polished look that is to disguise the use of makeup.
  2. Make use of a lightweight foundation or a tinted moisturizer that blends in with your skin to give the skin a refreshing look.
  3. Red lips are a staple when it comes to French makeup look, so balance out the rest of the face keeping it at the center.
  4. The use of mascara is almost imperative in the French makeup look. use the curlers, apply mascara, dust some loose powder on them, and reapply for naturally voluminous-looking eyelashes.
  5. Keep the use of eyeshadow colors restricted to natural skin-toned hues. smoke out the eyes with neutral lips for a stunning evening French makeup look.
  6. Contouring is never a part of the naturalistic French makeup look. Instead, you can use a highlighter to add a dash of natural glow.
  7. Application of the blush color is only to show that your skin has a healthy glow to it, so go very light on it depending on your natural skin tone.
  8. Use a bronzer in place of a blush for the sun-kissed summer French makeup look!

Wrapping up 

Let this French makeup tutorial be your guiding light to look naturally beautiful as you go about your everyday life! Regular skincare and the light touch of colors can surely transform you into a diva who looks naturally ravishing all the time. DE’LANCI Multicolor Aesthetics Matte Lipsticks can surely play the biggest role in highlighting your natural beauty. Let us know in the comment section how you’ve used different makeup products to customize your French makeup looks!!!

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