5 Amazing French Makeup Looks You Must Try with Tips

Every country has a specific makeup style, whether it's America, Korea, China, India, or France. Reasons can include facial features, individual preferences, weather conditions, or different role models to ace the style. De’Lanci has seen many makeup styles, such as a French makeup look. We're sure you're also curious to learn about the French makeup look and master it! Just like this, we have also covered the Korean makeup look in our blog section. Yes, here in this article, you will be learning everything about the natural French makeup look.

Table of Contents

  1. What is the French makeup look?
  2. 5 Best French Makeup Looks to Recreate
    1. Bold red lipstick and subtle makeup
    2. Smokey eyes with nude lipstick
    3. Shimmery eyes with a subtle lip shade
    4. Natural French makeup look
    5. French eye makeup look
  3. 5 French Makeup Look Tips
  4. Ace French Makeup Look and Be The Diva!

What is the French makeup look?

The French makeup look is the style that is adorned by the woman in France. The classic French makeup look is all about the right balance. Confused? Let me clear it up for you. The right balance means if the yes are bold, lips go subtle, and if lips are bold, eyes go subtle. This technique is to ensure classy, healthy, and naturally glowing skin. That’s it. This is what a French makeup look is all about!

5 Best French Makeup Looks to Recreate

Now that you know about the Parisian makeup look, let’s see the classic French makeup look to recreate. You will also find the best French eye makeup look on the list. Without delay, let’s move ahead and look at the natural french makeup look to recreate and be the diva of your group! A pro tip for you, know the exact use of the best makeup brushes for the flawless makeup look.

1. Bold Red Lipstick and Subtle Makeup

When going for the French makeup look, the essential makeup product in your vanity needs to be the red lipstick. In French culture, using the right red lipstick shade is one of the classic and traditional ways to look gorgeous. But why red lipstick? The answer lies in the history of red lipstick. Parisian women wear red lipstick for confidence and that appealing look altogether. Go with the nude eye makeup and near to no blush or highlight.

2. Smokey Eyes With Nude Lipstick

As I said, French makeup is all about the striking right balance. Go with the smokey eye look, a winged eyeliner, fuller eyelashes, perfect blush, and highlighter, but keep your lip tinted with nude lip shade only. The smokey eye look and nude lips form the perfect balance of natural and glowing skin.

De’Lanci’s Product Recommendation for Recreating French Makeup Look:

  1. 3 Color/Set Glitter Liquid Eyeliner Pen
  2. 36 Color Beauty Blooming Double Pages Eyeshadow Palette
  3. Beauty Artistry 36 Colors Eye Shadow Palette-Matte & Shimmer
  4. Everlasting Matte Liquid Lipstick Set Of 5
  5. New 6 Color Highlighter Palette

3. Shimmery eyes with a subtle lip shade

Who said Parisians don’t love shimmers? The Parisian hat goes perfectly well with the shimmery and glittery eye makeup. If smokey seems subtle, go for shimmery smokey eyes and glossy nude shade lipstick. However, don't forget to maintain the balance.

4. Natural French makeup look

The natural French makeup look is as real as it gets. With subtle eyes, subtle lips, and a charming face, it looks like you have only applied moisturizer and sunscreen. When you go for the natural French makeup look, make sure you have primed your skin well, apply minimal foundation, and go with concealer only if needed. Then apply the lightest nude shade as an eyeshadow, and the same is for lipstick.

5. French eye makeup look

The last is the most loved French eye makeup look. Well, it is not prohibited to apply eyeliner in a Parisian makeup routine. As with the Korean makeup look, the French also have specific eyeliner shapes that women over there like, and it is perfectly winged eyeliner. It should look a little dramatic. So, if you don’t want to apply eyeshadow, skip that and go for eyeliner instead. And the last step should be red lipstick with a beautiful black spot on your right cheek, just like Marilyn Monroe.

5 French Makeup Look Tips

Here I am adding the best makeup tips that Paris women swear by and are behind their flawless makeup look. Read carefully since this will help you recreate the classic French makeup look more effortlessly.

#1: Skincare should be the center of your beauty routine. If your skin is stunning, makeup will also be!

#2: Focus and bring attention to one aspect of your makeup. It should either be the lips or the eyes, never the both!

#3: If you are clueless about the makeup look you’ll create, simply apply the bold red lipstick, and you are good to go. It is a staple French makeup look.

#4: For blush, go with the natural one. And natural blush colors are pink and peach. Just a hint of it will make your face glow.

#5: Your eyelashes should always be thicker and heavier. Take good care of them!

Ace French Makeup Look and Be The Diva!

This article had all the information about the French makeup look, and it is not as hard as it looks. You just need the right tools and materials to get through it. Don't forget to add the products recommended in the blog to your basic makeup kit for recreating French makeup look as and when needed. Stay tuned to De’lanci for more updates on the beauty industry, product launches, and their uses.

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