A Guide to Makeup Brushes: Essentials Brushes, Types, How to Use

If you’ve been relying on those steady fingers to apply primer and foundation, you might just be wondering about the need for different makeup brushes! But, trust me; if you really want that perfect airbrushed Insta-ready look, you’ve got to use the right brushes. Ask any expert and they’ll vouch for good quality makeup brushes as much as they do for high-quality makeup. There are different types of brushes that serve different purposes to give that perfectly blended finish. Fall back on our complete guide to makeup brushes and get the effortlessly multi-dimensional gorgeous look!

Table of Content

  1. What is a makeup brush
  2. Importance of using a makeup brush
  3. Types of makeup brushes
  4. Top essential brushes everyone should have

What is a makeup brush?

Makeup brushes are specially made to work as tools for applying makeup or for face painting. These brushes have bristles that are may be made out of natural or synthetic materials, and the handles can be made of plastic or wood. They are shaped in ways that help users apply and blend products and colors better onto the skin. There are a wide variety of makeup brushes; they derive their shapes and sizes depending on the face where and how the makeup is to be applied. Accordingly, they may be round, angular, straight, chiseled, flat, or tapered.

Importance of using a makeup brush

Makeup brushes are important because depending on the shape of the brush and its bristles they can pack the product and apply it densely or loosely. Synthetic bristles are the most common. They are used with cream and liquid products as they do not absorb them but help blend easily. Plastic, nylon, or any other synthetic fibers last longer than natural-haired bristles, do not degrade easily, and are cruelty-free. Knowing the best way to organize your makeup set and brushes will surely help extend their life as you put together your makeup!

Using quality brushes improves the final look of any makeup look. As tools, they make the application and blending easier, giving a smoother, and better color vibrancy. Using bad eyeshadow brushes for instance will end up in tacky looking and totally unattractive looks. Once you use quality brushes, your eyeshadow will set in almost instantly giving the perfectly blended pop of color.

Types of makeup brushes: how to use them

Now that we’ve created for you the list of makeup brushes and uses, let’s run you through the complete makeup brush guide for beginners!

1. Full coverage face brush

A brush with short and tightly packed bristles, this is an ultra-soft brush that is perfect for both powder and liquid formulas. Its dome shape helps cut away the extra product leaving the right amount on the skin for that ultra-polished HD finish. You can use this brush to apply loose powder or blend in liquid foundation evenly. The brush is specially designed to distribute all makeup products evenly. Its bristles help your skin retain any form of makeup letting it stay in place all through the day for the perfect flawless finish.

2. Blush brush

Blush is meant to add depth and warmth to your facial features and you need a splendid blush brush to do the job. Bring on the flattering flush to those lovely cheeks with this special domed-shaped brush that is made to help disperse the product evenly on the cheek. Its size is just right to fit the cheeks and lets you apply and blend the product with gentle swipes outwards towards the temples.

Some of the blush brushes come with a slight angle for precise application. These are more helpful when you opt for stippling motions while applying the product. The best way to use a good blush brush is to take a small amount of the product and keep building for a natural look.

3. Foundation brush

Flat on the top and angled on the sides, the foundation brush helps spread liquid foundation with sheer coverage. Its synthetic bristles do not absorb the product but act like a firm but soft paintbrush, ideal to blend in the foundation for a smooth finish. The bristles are firm but flexible, letting you work the product into the skin without leaving streak marks or harsh lines.

Start by dotting the product on your forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin. Use the brush to blend it evenly over the entire face. Hold the non-slip handle and use circular motions to blend in the product for best results. Make sure to clean the foundation brush regularly for the health of your skin and the brush!

4. Angled bronzer brush

Integral to our guide to makeup brushes is the use of the angled bronzer that’ll help you give the face a sun-kissed glow without actually spending time in the sun! The precise angle of this brush and fluffy make lets you disperse the bronzer evenly on the skin, giving a naturally tanned face look. Applying too much bronzer is sure to look out of place on fair skin.

The best way to use the angles bronzer brush is to take a little product on it and make a big ‘3’ shape on the face touching the temples, hollow of the cheek, and the jawline. Make sure that you buff it out so that there are no visible lines to get the most natural tanning in the right places.

This is also the brush that you should be using to contour your face in case you’re not using a bronzer but contouring colors. Its densely angled bristles let you contour with cream or powder products. Once you’ve marked out the contour shapes, just use a stippling motion to work the pigment onto the skin. 

5. Fan brush

A fan brush is among the most specialized makeup brushes and derives its name from its shape. There can be several brushes to apply highlighter to different parts of your face. The fan brush is just the tool that lets you apply the glow evenly and most naturally to the top of your cheekbones.

The light bristles of the brush ensure that the product spreads out lightly to give a hint of shimmer instead of making the face resemble a disco ball! Pick a small amount of the product and sweep it back and forth on the cheekbones and top of the nose for that glowing look.

6. Highlighter brush tapered

A tapered head brush with strong synthetic bristles, it is perfect for applying highlighters to tight areas like the corner of the eye, eyeshadow to the crease of the lids, the Cupid’s bow, and the tip of the nose.

The tapered synthetic bristles of the brush provide more elongation compared to those made of natural fibers. This enables them to pick and drag the right amount of product on the skin. This is extremely important for all makeup products, but more so for highlighters so that they do not end up giving a disco ball effect!

7. Fluffy shading brush

A slightly rounded brush with firm bristles, this is the brush you need for the universal blending of products. It works well to soften harsh product lines and smooth edges, especially when blending multiple colors on and around the eyelids.

Take the brush and move it in light circular motions where you need to blend the colors. The intense bristles will help in spreading out the color pigments evenly and carry off those that are extra. Result? A subtle, matte, and fresh-for-hours look that highlights your facial color vibrancy!

8. Small tapered blending brush

Featuring a small and tapered head, this eyeshadow brush has a pointed tip that is ideal for adding depth to the eyes. Its perfect shape lets you place colors on crease areas with utmost control, especially when working with dark powder shadows. The tapered head helps to set in the pigment in the crease areas for that flawlessly colored finish.

Take a little product at a time, tap the brush and apply in the crease lines. Repeat the process for best results ensuring that there is minimal falloff. Blend in the product well later for the most natural-looking bright look!

9. Pencil brush

Tapered tip with a soft finish, the pencil-shaped brush is just perfect for smudging the pencil liner or creating soft definition using eyeshadow. Just take on the product, carefully applying and then smudging along the upper and lower lash lines. Alternately, if you’ve applied a pencil liner, use the brush tip to smudge the line for a softer and more vivid effect.

Using the pencil brush lets you get that perfect wing shape without a tapered brush. The brush works equally well with gel and liquids. The tapered end of the brush makes defining the wings that much easier as you can use it to follow the curve of the eyes.

10. Cream color brush

Coming with a long and firm brush head, the brush is meant to let you apply eye shadow bases and cream eyeshadow smoothly. A precisely shaped brush with slight angles on both sides lets you glide the product on the eyelid without a hitch. Also read the guide to find the best eyeshadow for mature eyes.

The strong and aptly shaped fibers let you take the product to all the lines and creases evenly. Take a little product at a time and work on the eyelids giving them a second layer for a more intense look.

11. Eye shading brush

Adding on beautiful hues from the eyeshadow palette to take on any makeup look calls for more than one brush. These are smaller than the blush brushes and specifically designed for the precise application of eyeshadow colors in the most controlled manner. Eye shading brushes are flat which helps in spreading out the product on the eyelid evenly. The bristles are denser and so the brush is more compact compared to the larger but lighter blush brush. The trick to using the eye shading brush is to take a little product at a time with it, tap the brush, and then apply the color onto the lids. This will prevent the eyeshadow from assuming any chalky look.

12. Eye blender brush

Perfectly shaped with a slight angle on one side, the eye blender brush is a versatile tool that lets you blend in those lovely hues. It’s important that the colors around the eyes blend well without leaving any harsh lines. This specially shaped brush helps reach out on every cut and crease of the eyelids to spread out the color. Once you’ve finished applying the colors, use this brush by placing the tapered end on the eyelid skin, and keep blending.

Apply a little shimmer at the end and blend again. You can use the same brush for blending colors on your brow bone for that extra glam effect. Since you’ll be blending so many colors with the same brush, take care to clean it so that the colors retain their integrity each time you blend them.

13. Angled brow brush

Short, slightly stiff angled brush head, this special makeup tool is just what you need for your brows! Instead of defining your eyebrows by drawing harsh and unnatural-looking lines, use this ergonomically angled brow brush while working with your eyebrows. The stiff bristles let you draw a light line along the brow ends for a naturally fuller look. Take a dark eyeshadow like brow, or dark grey, and fill in the brows starting with the outer lines. This will make the color set in instantly and brighten your looks drawing attention to the eye area.

14. Brow and lash brush

Featuring a spool-shaped tool, the brush is tailored for use on the brows and for lash grooming. Use it as a comb to tame those unruly eyebrows and give them a good shape. Fill them in applying a dark eyeshadow color close to those of the brow. Use the brush end to even the pigment out among the hair growth for a natural-looking thick finish.

Use the comb-like bristles to work with your lashes. Use a coat of mascara, let dry. Work on the lashes with the comb end to unclamp the lashes; apply yet another layer of mascara and see how your eyes become the center of your looks effortlessly!

15. Small angled brush

A brush with a sharp and slanted edge, the versatile brush lets you work on your eyes with it. Use it to evenly apply any product on the eyelids, to fill in the creases and lines for the right play of pigment, or create wings with it.

The shape of the brush is just right to play with your eyeshadow colors, build gradients, and contour for a smoky look. At the same time, you can use it for applying a single layer of color more smoothly with its angled shape.

16. Lip brush

Coming with a small but firm head, the lip brush will give you a precise outline of your lips before you fill them in with colors for that pout. The strong tip lets you contour lips as you wish – making them look larger or smaller depending on your glam quotient.

Using a lip brush makes applying your lipstick much easier than you’ve ever imagined. The thin brush with its sleek bristles acts like a paintbrush, giving you a clean outer line. Once you’ve enhanced the lips with the outer lining, it’s time to pucker it up by grazing in a layer of pigment. Wait for a few seconds and add another layer for a super-pigmented effect.

Top Essential Brushes Everyone Should Have

You need not be a pro makeup artist to own a quality makeup brush set! In fact, anyone working with makeup and wanting to put in the minimal effort for an instantly gorgeous look must have some brushes. It may look that most brushes look alike and you may not need them all. But the truth can never be farther than that!

These are some of the brushes that you must own to bring out a smooth canvas on your facial skin and pamper it with eye-catching colors:

  • Blush brush: To apply blush colors and blend in the pigment evenly.
  • Bronzer brush or contour brush: The unique angle of the brush lets you contour the face effortlessly.
  • Highlighter brush or fan brush: A specially shaped brush that let you apply highlighter colors for a subtle effect.
  • Cream color brush: Lets you work with cream-based products, especially eyeshadows
  • Full coverage face brush: A final blending brush with a large head that spreads out all products evenly without any streaks or lines
  • Eye shading brush: Specially made small brushes with tight bristles to apply the shadow pigments on the eyelids
  • Small angled brush: Lets you take the eyeshadow colors to the creases and lines as you work carefully with different colors for gradients
  • Lip brush: The ultimate tool to let you define your pout before filling in with colors

Wrapping up

The best makeup brushes help you put the show together. Not using the correct brush can ruin the potential of even the best beauty products. Once you have the guide to makeup brushes, you can use these specially shaped tools to get the wow effect. De’Lanci brings to you its luxe black rose gold Windfall Brush Set made of high-quality bristles that extend to give maximum coverage. Use the right brush for the right product application and you’ll fall in love with doing your makeup every day!

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