10+ Easy Halloween Makeup Looks for Beginners in 2022

The lovely parties, the electrifying looks, and the bags of trick-or-treat levels up any Halloween get-together. Close and up to one of the most exciting parts of the year, it’s time to get the easy Halloween makeup looks for beginners right! You don’t need to be a makeup pro artist to get the looks right. Our beauty expert is laying out the Halloween easy makeup looks for beginners that everyone’s going to love! Check them out!!!

Table of Content:

  1. 10+ Easy Halloween Makeup Looks For Beginners
    1. Cruella De Vil look
    2. Joker look
    3. The Scarecrow look
    4. Carrie look
    5. The Devil look
    6. Barbie Zombie look
    7. The Clown look
    8. Dark Fairy look
    9. Frankenstein look
    10. Vampire look
    11. The Nun look
    12. The Skull look
  2. Wrapping up

10+ Easy Halloween Makeup Looks For Beginners

Get to whip up some spooky but sweet and cute easy Halloween makeup looks with your well-stocked De’Lanci makeup bag with the essential

1. Cruella De Vil Look

Look fabulous as the look-alike of the glamorous and fashion-obsessed Cruella De Vil and her killer looks!!! Let your hair down with this surprisingly easy Halloween makeup looks for beginners that does not need any extra material other than your regular ones.

  • Prepare the base of your face with primer to give it an even and smooth look.
  • Use a lighter shade of foundation than your regular one to get that witch-like whitish skin color.
  • Paint the lids of your eyes with green sparkling eyeshadow that stands out with all its high drama.
  • Frame it with accentuated thin eyebrows that make those envious eyes even more interesting.
  • Now, give the pout a sumptuous coating of a bright red lipstick from the De’Lanci Multicolor Aesthetics Matte Lipsticks, or choose to paint them green for a more envious look.
  • Blush up the cheeks prominently and highlight them for the luminous effect.

You can choose to leave your hair open or do it up in an outlandish style to complete your easy Halloween makeup looks for beginners matching it up with a large furry coat!

2. Joker look

Get an elevated spin on this famous movie character and pull off a colorful Halloween makeup without looking scary! Colorful, interesting, and glamorous, you can do it by using some red, blue, and white face paint.

  • Go with your regular primer and foundation regime to set the base for the intense play of colors.
  • Use a foundation color that is at least 2 shades darker than your normal foundation that will give your face the right dose of whitish Joker look.
  • Start by highlighting your eyebrows prominently to set the frame right.
  • Move on and paint the blue triangles over and below the eyes for the classic look of the character.
  • Set a red arch over the top of the triangle on each eye.
  • Now move on to the lips and draw an outline that extends till the end of the ear.
  • Paint the inner area a bright red using either lipstick or lip paint.
  • Give the tip of the nose a red blob to complete the look.
  • Pair up this easy Halloween makeup looks for beginners with a yellow shirt, red suit and green scarf to be the center of attraction this Halloween!

3. The Scarecrow look

The Scarecrow is among the favorite makeup looks for Halloween and mostly because it is among the top easy Halloween makeup looks for beginners! While the makeup itself is a no-brainer, the best way to complete the look is to pick a complementing outfit!

  • Start with your face cleansing, priming, and foundation application for the crow look gain prominence on a flawless skin.
  • Start with the eye makeup giving it an overdone smoky look in black color using the Black White Face Paint Body Painting colors.
  • Use liquid eyeliner to bring out the black crow element prominently by learning how to apply liquid eyeshadow for beginners here.
  • Do up your eyelashes for the eyes to stand out prominently.
  • Frame the eyebrows thick and strong for the crow to get the frowning look.
  • Blush out the cheek with a dark pink shade for the contrasting black to stand out.
  • Now draw out the shape of your nose on the real nose area with a black paint or eyeliner color.
  • Time to start working on the crow’s lips giving them an extended look till the ears.
  • Give the lips a stitched look by painting vertical lines on the extended lips.

Now, pick an appropriate black outfit with a grey color having long sleeves, and an oversized hat that you can wear over loose hair as super easy Halloween makeup looks for beginners!

4. Carrie look

This is among the easy scary Halloween makeup looks to invoke that spooky feel on Halloween! It’s time to freak everyone out of their wits with your not-so-shy scary look that you can put on without being a makeup pro!

  • The look is all about a lot of blood, so set the base right with your primer and foundation.
  • Give your eyes the super dark and smoky eyes by smudging the eyeshadow colors all around.
  • Apply eyeliner to make the outline of the eyes more prominent as you learn different types of eyeliner looks here.
  • Use your De’Lanci body paint kit to color your face with a lot of blood pouring all over from the temples down to the neck and chest.
  • Use a lighter shade of red on the lips to make the contrasting colors stand out.

Let your hair hang loose over a white costume that is streaked and soaked in blood colors! Your looks should spook everyone around in Halloween 2022!!!

5. The Devil look

Go scaring everyone around this Halloween 2022 with your easy scary Halloween makeup looks! Red body paint and a black outfit are your companions for this haunting look that makes a real impact and is quick to wear.

  • Once you’ve prepared your face with the primer, foundation, and concealer, it’s time to move over to the coloring part.
  • Use a red face and body paint from the De’Lanci kit to give your skin that devilish red tint from the face down to the neck, chest, and exposed parts of your body such as the hands.
  • Start by defining your brows and joining them at the center to create an all-imposing frame for the eyes.
  • Do up the eyes with a large smoky look that is smudged at the edges.
  • Wear thick false lashes to make the eyes look intensely scary.
  • Colors the lips with a dark shade of brown or maroon that looks ominous with the other colors in tow.

Complete the look with a suitable hairstyle and a black outfit that together will have you as the most intriguing devil walking around in Halloween 2022!!!

6. Barbie Zombie look

With the new Barbie movie trending across the globe, it’s a good time to cash in on this special easy makeup looks for Halloween! Cute-goes-spooky look is no big hassle and will just need you to use some colors from the 2-In-1 Water Activated Face & Body Paint UV Split Cake Neon Body Painting Kit.

  • Take care to prepare the base of your face with the regular primer and foundation to help the colors of the paint come out brilliantly.
  • Prepare the blood-red color by mixing red with some black and smear them around the lips dragging them towards one side of the cheek.
  • Continue to color the same side of the neck with the same color to give it the blood-smeared look of a zombie sucking on blood.
  • Now, move on to the eye, and give them a tint of black all around taking care to smear them as you blend it.
  • Do up your lashes with mascara or add false lashes for the right effect.

Match up your makeup with a Barbie-like hairdo of your choice, complementing jewelry, and of course outfit.

7. The Clown look

Scary but funny, this is one Halloween look that you can think of pulling off if you’re a fun-loving person! Quick to wear, and easy to pair with some colorful clownish outlook, you can both go around scaring and fooling around at the same time!!!!

  • Make sure to use a foundation that actually matches your skin tone for the rest of the colors to stand out.
  • Now, start making an outline with a black color from the edge of the bridge of your nose taking it all the way down to the chin, circling back to the other side of the nose.
  • Paint the entire area within the mark white including your eyebrows.
  • Create a smoked outline with black color around the eyes and keep it prominent.
  • Draw out an extended lip with black color around the actual entity and color it red.
  • Fill in the lips with a red matte color to complete the makeup.

Pair up this easy Halloween makeup looks for beginners with a red wig, white gloves, and a super-colorful outfit in which you can comfortably move around!

8. Dark Fairy look

Mimic the prowess of the Dark Fairy with a magical aura around wearing the dark and ominous looks! Bewitch people around you in the darkness with your fascinating easy Halloween makeup looks for beginners as you move around commanding everyone around you!!!

  • Prepare the canvas of your face with primer and foundation that is lighter than your normal skin tone.
  • Your face should have a look that is lighter than normal to mimic the impact of the Fairy makeup.
  • The main accent should be on your eyes and lips that have to be done up with vibrant, sultry, and of course a bit scary colors.
  • Opt for the violet shade for your eyes and do them up either by creating an outline of by blending the eyeshadow color till the brow bone.
  • Accentuating your lashes is important to bring out the accent of your eyes.
  • Add some shimmer or rhinestones to the outer and inner edges of the eyes to bring in the Fairy element in your look.
  • Wear a purple or dark blue lipstick to coordinate the colors with your eyes for an impactful Dark Fairy look.
  • Use your regular blush color and highlight the cheeks for the brightening effect.

Pair up your Dark Fairy makeup with accessories, a hairdo, and a white outfit that will let you fleet around with your ominous powers in Halloween 2022!!!

9. Frankenstein look

Glam meets the monster in this easy Halloween makeup looks for beginners that is sure to make you stand out this Halloween! Spooky and colorful, you will need your body coloring kit to whip up this intricate-looking but easy-to-wear makeup!!!

  • Prep your face and give a foundation coat that is a couple of shades lighter to the normal color.
  • Use De’Lanci 15-Color Makeup Eyeshadow Palette for the ideal colors of the look.
  • Start with the eye makeup and give them a bright blue shimmer for impact.
  • Wear your eyeliners and do up the lashes to make the eyes of the Frankenstein stand out.
  • Take a net and place it over the temple and shade one side green and the other side the same shade as the eyeshadow.
  • Blend both colors at the center for a seamless look.
  • Repeat it on your neck in a small patch for balance and coordination in your makeup look.
  • Place some rhinestones on the temples and neck areas giving them a bright glow.
  • Now work on your lips filling them in with a blue that complements the monster look.

To complete the look use a white wig and complementing outfit that you are comfortable with but matches the Frankenstein Monster look!!!

10. Vampire look

No one can miss the glamorously creepy Vampire moving around with traces of blood all about her! Red is your underlining color in this super easy makeup looks for Halloween making you an attraction in any Halloween 2022 event!!!

  • Do up your face with the cleansing and priming.
  • Coming to the foundation, take care to mix a little white color with it to bring about the ash-white look on the face.
  • Now start working on the eye makeup which is doing up the eyelids extending to the brow bone with red eyeshadow color.
  • Accentuate the area beneath the lower lashes with the same color smudging them out to form a neat frame.
  • Take care to brush and accentuate your eyebrows for the proper framing of the eyes.
  • Use minimal blush just to add a hint of color contour to the cheek as Vampires lack healthy color.
  • Now, outline your lips to form a large pout and fill them in with a bright red for the bloody lips effect.

Use hair accessories such as a white wig and a suitable outfit as you go hunting for the blood of your next victim during Halloween 2022!!!

11. The Nun look

Work up the most intense creepy vibe on 31st October for Halloween 2022 with this look! Have no mercy on people around as you go around as the menacing Nun covered in devilish blood dripping instead of purging the evil! For company, you’ll need red eyeliner, red eyeshadow from the De’Lanci 54 Color La Catrina Eyeshadow palette, and some black lipstick to wear the look!

  • Make sure to give your face a good scrub and prepare it with a primer base.
  • Follow it up with a lighter shade of foundation and concealer for a pale and whitish look.
  • Now work on the eyes giving it a smoked red eyeliner look and smudge out the edges for an effective look.
  • Apply silver shimmer to the center of the eyelids to make the look more emphatic.
  • Use your red body paint to draw streaks of blood flowing out of the eyes and nose giving it all a menacing look.
  • Apply black lipstick or use black body paint onto the lips for the complete possessed-Nun-look.

Be at the center stage of Halloween celebrations with this easy makeup looks for Halloween with a habit of and scarf of a nun that you can easily hire! If you’re looking for tips on how to create grey eye makeup like a pro, check out our expert’s advice here!!!

12. The Skull look

The classic skull look is an all-time favorite with the young crowd and is among the easy Halloween makeup looks for beginners! It’s a concoction of colors while emitting the right vibes for Halloween parties!

  • You will of course need a clean base of a scrubbed, primed, foundation-coated skin for the colors of the skull to stand out.
  • Use De’Lanci 2-In-1 Water Activated Face & Body Paint UV Split Cake Neon Body Painting Kit to give the face the neon tint.
  • Move on to the eyes giving it a darkened circle while painting the lashes with green neon color.
  • Now start working on the contouring and highlighting part by adding colors to the cheek region starting from just above the ears to the lips.
  • Use a deep color of your choice preferably blue or black.
  • Now start working on the lip area giving it the stitched look with black or red.
  • Decorate the rest of the face with other neon colors to make a super-impact with your skull look.

Pair up this easy Halloween makeup looks for beginners with a shaggy outfit much like the dead walking to freak out everyone this Halloween! For those looking for graphic eyeliner looks and how to create them, read what our experts have to say about it!!!

Wrapping up

Now that we’ve covered 10+ easy Halloween makeup looks for beginners, it’s time for you to decide on the best option for this 31st October. Check out more such exciting looks for festivals like the Coachella makeup looks by our experts! You can wear any of these looks using premium lip, eye, and face makeup products and tools. Make your best buy of international range of makeup products at the most affordable prices only with De’Lanci.

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