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DE'LANCI New Special Effects Stage Halloween Makeup Kit-B

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Get just the look you want to wear for a scary Halloween or carnival, role play, haunted house shows, graveyard scenes, as movie props, or any special effect makeup with DE'LANCI Halloween Makeup Kit! Manipulate cuts and other molded shapes, and great for covering eyebrows or building a clown nose, this is a must-have special effects makeup tool for the best special effect look. With neon color effects under all lights and brilliant special effects with black light UV light, this professional Halloween makeup kit is perfect for adding fun to any makeup look or temporary tattoo. Perfect for professionals or beginners, adults or children to create these special makeup looks!!!

Perfect SFX Halloween makeup kit includes: 13 different kits

  1. Color: Scar wax for light skin 60g.
  2. Wax Spatula: 15x0.7cm.
  3. Coagulated Blood: 30g.
  4. Stipple Sponges: 3 pcs, different holes for each.
  5. Skin wax extension oil: 10ml.
  6. Neon Body faces painting glow Shades: 12 colors.
  7. Makeup brushes: 4 pieces.

Benefits and Advantages of Using DE'LANCI Halloween Makeup Kit

  • All-in-one Halloween special effects makeup kit: You can use this SFX makeup wax set to create the gruesome effects of true surfaces such as burns, big wounds, gashes, scars, cuts, bites, and more!
  • Application for all special occasion looks: DE'LANCI SFX makeup kit is the best Halloween makeup kit for creating crazy looks, suitable for a fun themed party, and fancy dress shows.
  • Neon face & body paint glow-in-dark: Bright, neon-colored in natural light, DE'LANCI Halloween Makeup Kit produces an incredible glow under UV lighting/black lights.
  • Complete special-occasion makeup kit: DE’LANCI best Halloween makeup kit contains makeup scar wax 60g, a spatula tool, coagulated blood 30ml, castor sealer 10 ml, stipple sponges 3pcs, body face painting 12 colors, 4 makeup brushes in the separate packaging box.
  • Perfect makeup gift idea: With this all-in-1 SFX Halloween makeup tool no need to look around to search for fake blood, or scar wax tools, making it finding the perfect gift easy.
  • Guaranteed 100% satisfaction: Use skin wax can cover the tattoo or scars, only, make sure that the covering is not too thin so that the covering is good and comes off easily too while removing; safe and non-toxic;

How to Use the Professional Halloween Makeup Kit

Step 1: Clean the skin part where you want to create the special makeup effect so that the colors and the wax adhere firmly for a lasting effect.

Step 2: Take the color that you wish to apply from the kit and create a solution of the right consistency, which is, not too thin for it to show right.

Step 3: The coagulated blood should have a consistency that is not too thin so that you can form the wound colors well and also take them off easily.

Step 4: Use the extension oil to mix the wax to form the right consistency of the product that will stick to the skin.

Step 5: Use the brushes, wax spatula, and stipple sponge to apply the colors, and wax, and blend them for a firm and realistic effect look.

Pro Tips to Use the Best Halloween Makeup Kit

  1. Decide your character well in advance and carry out some practice before the actual day of the special makeup for the best output!
  2. It is not always necessary to use everything in the kit for anyone's look; use them in the right combination for the best realistic look!
  3. Take care of the consistency of the materials and colors as this is the key to getting the entire look right.
  4. For a quick distressed character look, rub in some color with the brush, apply the wax for a grungy look, and finish with a sponge for it to set in!
  5. Take care to remove every trace of your special effect best Halloween makeup kit makeup with a good cleansing agent before retiring for the day!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What does the DE'LANCI Halloween Makeup Kit contain?

This is an all-In-1 SFX makeup kit for face and body painting glow-in-the-dark colors + fake scar wax + coagulated blood + sponge + spatula + extension oil for Zombie festivals and theatrical wound modeling scars.

2. What are the occasions for which I can use this DE’LANCI professional Halloween makeup kit?

The makeup kit is suitable for Halloween parties, fancy dress, carnivals, festivals or TV programs special effects, daily pranks, and many more!

3. Is it easy to use the colors and wax of the kit for creating special effect looks?

Yes, once you practice and get the right consistency of the colors and wax, you can easily create scars and wound effects.

4. Are the contents of the DE’LANCI professional Halloween makeup kit safe for the skin?

Each product of the kit is made of skin-friendly ingredients, mild and non-irritating, that will not cause any harm to your skin. You can use it safely on any body part!