10+ Easy Thanksgiving Eyeshadow Looks You Should Copy This Year

Thanksgiving encompasses so much! It’s all about thanking for all that has come around the year in all its variations. So why shouldn’t your makeup be more than just pumpkin-colored shades? Explore our complete Thanksgiving Makeup Looks ideas for some of the best options! Our experts have curated some of the best eyeshadow looks for Thanksgiving that are sure head-turners. These 10+ top Thanksgiving eyeshadow looks are sure to round you up among the prettiest! Match them out with your outfit, and be Insta-ready instantly!!!

Table of content

  1. 10+ Easy Thanksgiving Eyeshadow Looks You Must Try Out
    1. Pink Love
    2. Cool blue tones
    3. Glitter and glam
    4. Dramatic smoky silver
    5. Feisty red glow
    6. Amazing green vibes
    7. Black glitter glam
    8. Plum pumpkin pie
    9. Soft sunshine yellow
    10. Chic glitter glam
    11. Natural glam punch
    12. Classic chic glam
  2. Wrapping up

10+ Easy Thanksgiving Eyeshadow Looks You Must Try Out

Before detailing the Thanksgiving eyeshadow looks step by step, we would like to emphasize the importance of skin preparation. You must take care to clean the skin around the eyes and even it out using a primer. This will prevent the eyeshadow color pigments from settling into the creases. Make use of color-correcting products like De’Lanci Multicolor Liquid Concealer for Dark Skin. It’ll help in bringing out the drama of your eyes effortlessly!!!

1. Pink Love

We begin the Thanksgiving eyeshadow looks with a dash of lovely pink that is both soft and glamorous! Get the look using the shades from De’Lanci 54 Color La Catrina Eyeshadow palette!!!

Steps to Create Pink Love Eyeshadow Look

  • Start by applying shade Feast on the upper lids going right up to the brows.
  • Take care to level out the color where your lashes end, and give the lower lash line a hint of the shade.
  • Take up the glitter shade Dance and apply it on the lids blending it till the cut crease, and the inner eyes.
  • Complete the look with moderate winged eyeliner, coated lashes, and framed eyebrows.
  • Pair up this cute Thanksgiving eyeshadow looks with Simple Nude Makeup Looks and go chic. 

2. Cool blue tones

Blue eyeshadow is predicted to be the Fall 2022 trend and you surely can’t miss that out from your list of Thanksgiving eyeshadow looks! We’ve created a preferred look for you in the shade using De’Lanci 9 Colors Dolphin Teal Eyeshadow Palette!!! 

Steps to create cool blue tones

  • Opt for the teal shade as the base color and coat your lids with it.
  • Take the color beyond the eyes to meet the brow end on the upper lid and lower lash line.
  • Spice up the upper lid with silver shimmer shade Wave blending it seamlessly at the crease.
  • Finish off with a black winged eyeliner and false lashes for incredibly glowing eyes.
  • Try out the complete look using De’Lanci’s silicone, stainless Makeup Practice Mask Face Board.

3. Glitter and glam

When it comes to Thanksgiving, you surely can’t miss out the razzmatazz!  Unfold the Thanksgiving eyeshadow looks with the high drama of color-changing shades!!! 

Steps to create glitter and glam

  • For this particular look, we’ve used #09 Nebula (Pink-Green-Gold) from the De’Lanci Multichrome Chameleon Liquid Eyeshadow collection. You can choose yours.
  • Make an outline of the area around the eyes using blue as the base so that there’s no smudging around.
  • Line the lower lash line with the blue shade to meet the upper lids and form a winged look.
  • Apply the chameleon color-changing liquid eyeshadow over the lids and blend all the way up to the cut crease.
  • You can opt to attenuate the crease line with a striking orange for an overly dramatic display.
  • Finish off by highlighting the lashes and framing the brows.

4. Dramatic smoky silver

Next in our collection of flattering Thanksgiving eyeshadow looks is the smoky drama played out in black and silver. Shades in use are Smoky, Silver, and Coal of 9 Colors Panda Black Grey Eyeshadow Palette by De’Lanci!!!

Steps to create dramatic smoky silver

  • Shade up the upper lids with a winged look with the Smoky pigment of the palette beyond the cut crease.
  • Take care to smudge out some color along the lower lash line too.
  • It’s time to highlight the look using Silver blending it till the cut crease and the brow bone letting the dark shadow show.
  • Take up the Coal pigment and shade the outer lash line from the center of the lids.
  • Wrap up with thickly coated lashes and shaped brows.

5. Feisty red glow

When being vibrant and radiant is the way with your Thanksgiving eyeshadow looks, this is the look to wear! Create it using the shades from De’Lanci Rose Eyeshadow Palette!!!

Steps to create feisty red glow

  • Swipe on the hot red matte shade of your choice from the palette blending it with a winged look.
  • Connect the lower lash line with it for the complete shading.
  • Smoke up the outer edges of the upper lids with the black smoky pigment of the same palette and blend.
  • Pair this electrifying eyeshadow look with the stunning red color from De’Lanci Aesthetics Matte Lipsticks collection. 

6. Amazing green vibes

Among the top eye makeup color trends, you surely can’t miss out green among the Thanksgiving eyeshadow looks! Our model wears just the vibe using the shades of Green Eyeshadow Palette!!!

    Steps to create amazing green vibes

    • Take care with the matte light green creamy pigment of the palette and blend going over the cut crease.
    • Use the yellow at the center for the highlighting look and blend into the light green around.
    • Give the outer corners a smoked effect using the darkest matte green.
    • Brighten up the overall look with the silver shimmer on the brow bones and the inner corner of the eyes.
    • Draw out winged eyeliner, add extra lashes, and fill in the brows with the smoky grey for the final look. 

    7. Black glitter glam

    It’s not just the timeless LBD, black eyeshadow too keeps getting bigger! We’ve created just the gorgeous black Thanksgiving eyeshadow looks using De’Lanci Nocturne Eyeshadow Palette!!! 

    Steps to create black glitter glam

    • Start with the natural-hued Memories as the base, blending the color right up to the brow bone.
    • Give it the dark black shadow using the shade Dark Clouds taking care to blend over and above the cut crease.
    • Shade the lower lash line with the same eyeshadow and smudge it out lightly.
    • Draw cat eyes at the inner corner and line the cut crease too using black eyeliner.
    • Time to finish up by defining and filling the brows with Silence, and coating the lashes. 
    • For an extra dose of glam use white shimmer dust on the lashes.

    8. Plum pumpkin pie

    When it’s time to go bold and beautiful with your Thanksgiving eyeshadow looks, you should glow in the dark! We’ve curette the look on our model using De’Lanci Neon Eyeshadow Palette for you!!!

    Steps to create plum pumpkin pied

    • Pick the pumpkin orange UV-Light-sensitive pigment as the primary color for the look.
    • Blend it all the way to the brows for an even-toned look on the lids.
    • Give the outer corners a blending of a darker shade of the same color and the inner corner a lighter shade.
    • Highlight the crease line with white or a glowing color of your choice or leave it at that as per your taste.
    • Finish off with a small winged eyeliner and added lashes.

    9. Soft sunshine yellow

    Don’t let the sun set on your Thanksgiving eyeshadow looks, keep it alive with this bright look! Imitate the look of our model using the rule-breaking shades of the 35 Color Travel with Rainbow Eyeshadow Palette!!!

    Steps to create soft sunshine yellow

    • Use the lightest pink matte as your base color shading right up to the brows for the ethereal effect.
    • Now, it’s time to shade in the sunshine color using the bright matte yellow of the palette.
    • Take the shade just beyond the cut crease and extend it at the outer corner into a wing.
    • Highlight the brow bone with the shimmering yellow, and at the inner corners to open up the look.
    • Finish off with added lashes, and finely defined brows using the black pigment from the palette.

    10. Chic glitter glam

    Bring out the glam doll in you with the exclusive glittering Thanksgiving eyeshadow looks! We’ve glittered up the looks with De’Lanci Mermaid Glitter Palette colors. The base colors are pink and blue shades from our De’Lanci 54 Color La Catrina Eyeshadow!!!

    Steps to create chic glitter glam

    • Set the base with Leave from the La Catrina Palette giving the eye lids a pink background.
    • Use Secret from the same palette only over the lids to bring out the contrasting pink and blue drama.
    • Time to sparkle the show for the effortless radiance using the shimmering gold shade from the Mermaid Glitter Palette.
    • Take care to blend all colors into one another for that incredibly glowing and smooth finish.
    • Set off the mesmerizing eyes with coated lashes and well-defined brows for the perfect framing. 
    • Learn How to Apply Blush Stick, using The Blush Guide for the complete look.

    11. Natural glam punch

    Add depth and warmth to yourself with the timeless natural Thanksgiving eyeshadow looks! This effortlessly glam look comes using the palette colors of De’Lanci Little Prince & Rose Color Eye Shadow!!!

    Steps to create natural glam punch

    • Set the base using shades Lamp or Tame as per your skin tone to give the eyes a natural highlight.
    • Take the color beyond the cut crease and extend it right to the corner of the eyes.
    • Give the lower lash line a smudged coat of the teal blue Leaf pigment of the palette.
    • Accentuate the brow bones with a hint of the shade Little Prince and add to the glam look.
    • Add eyeliner along both lash lines, coat the lashes, and set the brows for the final signature of radiance.

    12. Classic chic glam

    Eye-catching and flattering, the classic chic look with soft rose-hued neutral shades is just magical! Wear the classic Thanksgiving eyeshadow looks using the shades from the De’Lanci 18 Colors Desert Rose Eyeshadow Palette!!!

    Steps to create classic chic glam

    • Pick up the delightful pink to give the eyelids the flattering soft hue going right up to the brow bones.
    • Brighten it all up with the shimmering pink at the center, blending it seamlessly on either side.
    • Highlight the inner eye corners and the brow bones with the white-silver pigment of the palette.
    • Complete the look with a dark smoked outer eye with black with a winged look meeting the smudged lower lash line. 
    • Give the upper lash line a coat of the black eyeliner and the lashes mascara, and top off with defined brows.
    • It’s the perfect pair to your choice of Simple Fall Makeup Looks.

    Wrapping up

    Well, now that you have the best Thanksgiving eyeshadow looks option, you just can’t do without the De’Lanci staples for the eye, face, lip makeup products and makeup tools!!! The insanely pigmented shades of the palettes are multi-functional as eyeshadows, blush, highlighter colors, and lip tints. Grab them NOW, they’re sure to leave you beaming!!!

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