10+ Easy Christmas Eye Makeup Looks to Up Your Fashion in 2022

Christmas is all about warmth and color and the makeup for it definitely needs to be intense! Whatever your plans are about crashing the party or going uber-chic, here are the easy Christmas eye makeup looks. Get ready in style with our makeup artist’s guide with the most amazing Christmas party eye makeup looks effortlessly. Right from the bold to the subtle and pretty, there’s something of Christmas eyeshadow ideas that’ll brighten you up instantly.

Table of Content:

  1. 10+ Easy Christmas Eye Makeup Looks You Must Try Out
    1. Irresistible Christmas red eye makeup look
    2. Elegant in blue Christmas eye makeup look
    3. Bold and beautiful smoked eyeshadow look
    4. Brilliant green glam eye makeup
    5. Rocking pink neon eye makeup 
    6. Sparkling brown eyeshadow look
    7. Soft shimmer & shine Christmas eye makeup
    8. Mysterious Nebula shaded eyes look
    9. Dusty rose enigmatic eyeshadow look
    10. Outstanding graphic designed nude eyeshadow look
    11. Sparkling rainbow-hued eyeshadow colors
  2. Wrapping up 

10+ Easy Christmas Eye Makeup Looks You Must Try Out

Here’re your easy Christmas eye makeup looks with a hint of sparkle and shine to make the right impact to glam up!

1. Irresistible Christmas red eye makeup looks

Christmas is synonymous with red and the color in glitter is surely going to be the top choice of the season! This red eye makeup looks for Christmas is both classic and emphatic giving you an intense party look that everyone’s going to love. Level up your Christmas makeup in 2022 with this irresistible eyeshadow look with La Catrina Eyeshadow palette!

Steps to wear the irresistible red Christmas eye makeup look:

  1. Prep your eyes well for the right intensity of red, and create the base using matte Idol from the palette.
  2. Line the cut crease and create a small wing with red shimmer shade Wild from the palette.
  3. Learn How to Create Winged Eyeliner looks from our makeup expert.
  4. Top up the eye lid with the Connect shimmer to give the look the final touch of class.
  5. Finish off with Dance glimmer highlighter on brow bones, a small black eyeliner wing, defined brows, and mascara-coated lashes.
  6. Complement these dramatic eyes with the best Simple Nude Makeup Looks.

2. Elegant in blue Christmas eye makeup look

Blue-toned eyeshadow is up on the fashion ramps and you surely want it among the easy Christmas eye makeup looks! The look is a combination of the cool blue winter skies with the brightness of the snowy highlighter. Its classic appeal is sure to gel with a wide range of outfits for your day/evening Christmas holiday plans 2022!!!

Steps to recreate the elegant blue Christmas eye makeup look

  1. You’ll have to start with a matte blue base in the shape of a winged eye using shade Teal of the De’Lanci 9 Colors Dolphin Teal Eyeshadow Palette.
  2. Move on the highlight the lids by blending in shade Wave which is a silvery blue tint.
  3. Now that you’ve created the classic multi-layered blue look, define it with the black winged eyeliner.
  4. Match the Christmas vibes created by the small silver butterflies around the eyes.
  5. Complete the look by coating the lids with mascara, brushing, and defining the brows.

3. Bold and beautiful black eyeshadow look

The classic eyeshadow looks never gets any better than the definitive combination of black and grey! Imbibe this bold and beautiful black smoked eyeshadow easy Christmas eye makeup looks to set the ball rolling at any gathering. Emphatic, and gorgeous, this eyeshadow look is good for all times, especially to set fire to wintry nights!!!

Steps to wear the bold and beautiful black eyeshadow look:

  1. Prep your eyes and shade up the upper lids using the pigment Midnight from the Black and Grey Eyeshadow Palette.
  2. Create a small wing as you blend in the color to emphasize the eyeshadow look.
  3. Move on to smudge the same pigment along the lower lids connecting with the upper wing.
  4. Use the glimmer shade Ice to highlight the brow bone and open up the look.
  5. Pair it up with a red lipstick and black outfit to send rocking vibes in the gathering.

4. Brilliant green glam eye makeup

Green eyeshadow looks continue to dominate all fashion circles and the trend is set to continue for Christmas 2022! We’ve brought out this fascinating yet easy Christmas eye makeup looks to keep you up on the makeup quotient. Perfect for party evenings and nights out, wear the look with a green outfit and pull off the drama in monochrome!!!

Steps to wear the brilliant green Christmas eye makeup:

  1. Use the green matte of the Avocado Green Eyeshadow Palette to form a uniform base going right up to the brows.
  2. Time to start shading the outer eyes and the cut crease with the black pigment and create a smooth transition.
  3. Now bring out the glamor of the look using a central highlighting yellow on the upper lids and giving it a dash of golden shimmer.
  4. Take care to blend the colors to form a seamless transition of colors, and highlight the brow bones with the white.
  5. Cap off the look with winged eyeliner, mascara coated/added lids, and defined brows.

5. Rocking pink neon eye makeup

When it’s all about hip and happening easy Christmas eye makeup looks, you’ll surely have the neon colors from neon eyeshadow palette in place! This look is all about the throbbing neon pink that looks bright under ordinary light but has a special glow to it in the dark. Perfect for late-night parties, it’ll give incredible depth and warmth to your Christmas party eye makeup looks!

How to get the rocking pink neon eye makeup:

  1. Prep the eyelids well using primer, and concealer if needed, this will help highlight the eyeshadow look to the fullest.
  2. You’ll be using only the bright pink shade from the palette that glows in the dark with UV light.
  3. Start with the eyelids proper and shade it upwards giving a hint of color extending to the brow bones.
  4. Get back to the eyelids and give them another coat of the eyeshadow color to make the neon shade stand out.
  5. Smudge out the lower lashline with a hint of the same color for an emphatic outcome.
  6. Cap off with a maple imprint beneath the brows, and coat the lashes with mascara and add depth to the look.

6. Sparkling brown eyeshadow look

This is one look that is dramatic and subtle at the same time! Softly brown-colored eyeshadow, with a dose of golden sparkle is just right to light up any festive look. We’ve included this majestic-looking easy Christmas eye makeup looks among our creations for those in love with the nude colors!!!

Steps to create the sparkling brown eyeshadow look:

  1. Dab on the light earthen brown color from nude eyeshadow palette on the upper eyelids in a winged form.
  2. Smoke out the outer eyes and the area above the cut crease with the darker shade from the palette and blend the transition.
  3. Time to give it a sparkling look using the golden glitter from the inner corners to the center of the lids.
  4. Define it further by giving the cut crease a light brush of white glimmer.
  5. Bring in a seamless transition of colors with a clean brush, and coat lashes with mascara/add extra lashes.
  6. Get more ideas about Simple Nude Eyeshadow Looks from our expert makeup artist.

7. Soft shimmer & shine Christmas eyeshadow look

Adorn yourself with the chic pink-shimmer eyeshadow that flatters a majestic makeover to your looks! This is an incredible look that has the right amount of shimmer and blended matte that spins out a winter tale of drama. Include this among your easy Christmas eye makeup looks and pull off a mesmerizing glow of colors!!!

Steps to recreate the soft shimmer and shine Christmas eyeshadow look

  1. Give your upper eyelids a smooth blend of the Proud Flower shade of the De'Lanci Little Prince & Rose 25 Color Eyeshadow palette.
  2. Take the color right up to the brow on top, and smudge it along the lower lash line.
  3. Ride it up using the Rose shimmer on the lids only up to the cut crease.
  4. Top it up with a hint of the Glass Globe white shimmer for a more glamorous effect.
  5. Finish off with a small winged eyeliner, coated lashes, and defined brows for the scintillating effect.

8. Mysterious Nebula shaded eyes look

Christmas is the perfect time for the Northern Lights to unfold their dramatic play of super-annulated colors!  Incorporate them into your list of dramatic but easy Christmas eye makeup looks and retain the mysterious luminous glow on the eyes. Let some intense color-changing eyeshadow makeup heighten your glam quotient this Christmas festive season!!!

Steps to create the mysterious Nebula eyes look:

  1. Ensure that you’re working with clean eyelids; you won’t need any primer as the product formula takes care of it.
  2. Prepare the cut crease area with a violet-pink matte eyeshadow base, smudged-out lower lashline, and a thin wing.
  3. Use the #09 Nebula (pink-green-gold) multichrome liquid eyeshadow over the upper eyelids with the applicator.
  4. Lay out the liquid eyeshadow above the wing extending beyond the brows for a dramatic play of colors.
  5. Dab in a hint of the same color along the brow bone and inner corner of the eyes for a magnificent look.

9. Outstanding graphic-designed nude eye look

If you wish to look glamorous yet go minimal with your eye makeup, this is the easy Christmas eye makeup looks to go for! The use of a nude base as an eyeshadow cover is beautifully done up with colored eyeliner graphic designs. This look gives you the liberty of easily moving from day to evening festivities while retaining the perfect pop of colors!!!

Steps to create the outstanding graphic-designed nude eye look

  1. Apply the skin-colored pigment from the nude eyeshadow palette to set the base of the look.
  2. Pick the colored eyeliners and draw out the graphic design or pick one that you fancy.
  3. Take care to define the brows well as this will give a definitive frame to the look.
  4. Coat the lashes with mascara to add depth to the eyes.

10. Enchanting dusty rose eyeshadow look

Pull off this amazing look with the dusty rose-colored eyeshadow with or without the graphic designs for the festive days. While just the eyeshadow color is good to go for any day event, enhancing it with the graphic lines gives it extra voltage for the evenings! Stash this look as among your easy Christmas eye makeup looks, and you sure will be noticed everywhere!!!

Steps to wear the enchanting dusty rose eyeshadow look

  1. Star building the base using the matte Rose Red shade of the rose eyeshadow palette taking it to a winged form.
  2. Smoke out the outer eyes with the Dusty Rose version of the matte color.
  3. Shimmer up the inner eyes up to the center with the glimmer Rose Purple.
  4. Time to embellish the eyeshadow look using black eyeliner and a small wing with added lashes.
  5. For the full-out dramatic look, use the pink-colored De’Lanci La Catrina 3 Color/Set Glitter Liquid Eyeliner to outline the graphic design.

11. Sparkling raindow-hued eyeshadow colors

Go colorful with the best rainbow-hued eyeshadow colors on you to look the ultimate diva! The look is good for all skin tones and hues, and also complements a host of outfits. Add to your list of high-voltage but easy Christmas eye makeup looks, and see the impact you make. Intricate looking, but easy to create, this is sure to be a hit eye makeup look for Christmas 2022!!!

Steps to create the sparkling rainbow-hued eye colors:

  1. You need to start with a matte base using a light orange or yellow shade depending on your skin tone.
  2. Use multiple eyeshadow brushes and apply the colors, green, yellow, orange, pink, and violet vertically in sequence.
  3. Blend the colors to create the seamless transitions and smudge the brush along the lower lash line leaving an impression of color.
  4. Take the golden chameleon from 6 Colors Cosmetics Chameleon Flakes Eyeshadow with a brush wetted with glue to apply it just above the crease line.
  5. Complete the look with added lashes and defined brow that give depth and frame to the eyeshadow look.

Wrapping up 

You may want to add variety to your easy Christmas eye makeup looks using some Simple Fall Makeup Looks!!! Select the looks that complement your taste and dash for the De’Lanci eye makeup products for them. We are the premium manufacturers and sellers of world-class lip, eye, and face makeup products and best makeup brush sets. All our products are indigenously made, tested hypoallergic, vegan, and completely cruelty-free!!!

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