10+ Winter Eye Makeup Looks to Try Out in 2023

The chill in the air surely is an inspiration for you to wear bright colors and dress up in beautiful shades.  It’s time to complement it all with some stunning winter eye makeup ideas that blend in with the ambiance. Be it for the winter evening parties or the daytime looks to work, you deserve to wear impressive winter eye makeup looks 2023. Get the special feel as you look the perfect diva in these awesome eye makeup looks from our experts!

Table of Content:

  1. 10+ Winter Eye Makeup Looks For 2023
    1. Dewy fresh eyes look
    2. Frosted silver finish eyes look
    3. Graphic-lined eyes
    4. Shimmer-n-shine eyes look
    5. Dominant blue eyeshadow look
    6. Warm-toned eyeshadow look
    7. Super-embellished eyes
    8. Chic glam smoky eyes
    9. Super-cute in coral hue
    10. Emerald eyes
    11. Earthen-toned eyes look
  2. Some tips to Eye Makeup in Winter
    1. Go generous with moisturizer
    2. Prime it up well
    3. Stick to liquid and cream formulae
    4. Color it up in bright hues
    5. Keep it waterproof
  3. Wrapping Up

10+ Winter Eye Makeup Looks For 2023

Blend in with the most trending makeup looks and vibes with these top winter eye makeup looks. Attractive and easy to wear, pick the one that will complement the time and place you want to impress!!!

1. Dewy fresh eyes look

Let’s begin our dossier on winter eye makeup look with this beautiful natural-looking dewy eyes look. Soft and natural looking eye makeup, it’s good to go for any occasion or your everyday look. Its amazing softness lends prominence to your face.

How to wear the dewy fresh eyes look:

  • Take care to prepare the eyes with moisturizer and primer to set in the natural glow.
  • Use a natural brown shade from the DE’LANCI Nude Eyeshadow Palette to create a base.
  • Carefully line the lower lashes with the same shade for a seamless flow of color.
  • Use a hint of the glitter to brighten up the center of the lids blending it for a natural finish.
  • Open up the inner corner of the eyes with the white to complete the fresh-looking eyes.

2. Frosted silver finish eye look

When you want to add that extra dose of charm to your winter eye makeup looks, this frosted silver finish is what you need! Muted frost look with a hint of sheen, it’s among the most trending New Year Eve Makeup Ideas!

How to wear the frosted silver finish eye look:

  • Pick a brown shade close to your skin tone from DE’LANCI 54 Color La Catrina Eyeshadow palette to define the area around the eyes.
  • It’s time to give the eyelids the frosted look using the FAMILY shade going up just beyond the cut crease.
  • Give the eyes a hint of the MYSTERIOUS glimmer to add some shine to the frosted look.
  • Blend in the shade DANCE along the outer eyes for a light-smoked look.

3. Graphic-lined eyes

Subtly glamorous this is way to go with this fabulous winter eye makeup looks! A touch of glittering lines around the eyes is the perfect way to let it make the most emphatic statement!!!

How to wear the graphic-lined eyes look:

  • Make sure to clean, moisturize, and prime the skin around the eyes for the best results.
  • Use a colored pen from the De’Lanci La Catrina Glitter Liquid Eyeliner depending on your taste/outfit/occasion.
  • Create graphic designs as illustrated or that of your choice starting with the upper lids.
  • Move on to the lower lashline area and finish off with the inner eyes part.
  • Coat the lashes with mascara for the effect of the look to flow out.

4. Shimmer-n-show eyes look

You surely want to add the best color vibrancy to make your winter eye makeup looks electrifying. We sure have the heads up on it with this soft shimmering pink-purple eyeshadow look for any evening party!!!

How to wear the shimmer-n-show eyes look:

Start by creating the shape around the eyes using the light pink-purple shade from De’lanci New Purple Blue Eyeshadow Palette.

  • Give it a light-smoked look at the outer end by darkening the purple with blue.
  • Time to shimmer up the look for a showy look using the pink-purple glitter from the palette.
  • Take care to blend the shimmer along the upper lid for a seamless show of the color.
  • Embellish the inner arch of the eyes with the shimmer to add dimension to the look.

5. Dominant blue eyeshadow look

Bring out the high-voltage diva in you with incredibly glamorous winter eye makeup looks in blue! Use the color in its sparkling and vibrant tone using the shades of DE’LANCI Heartquake Eyeshadow Palette 16 Colors. You are sure to be at the center stage effortlessly!!!!

How to wear the dominant in blue eyeshadow look:

  • Give the eyes a clear base to bring out the suppleness of the skin for the color to stand out effortlessly.
  • Use the light or the darker shade of blue from the eyeshadow palette to define the eye areas including the lower lashline.
  • Coat the lashes with mascara to add depth to the eyes and add a little white to the inner eyes.
  • This is among the simplest yet most extraordinary eyeshadow looks that can also double for your Simple Fall Makeup Looks.

6. Warm-toned eyeshadow look

Bring alive the smooth canvas of your colorful eyes with a warm-toned eyeshadow for your winter eye makeup looks! Flatter yourself with this subtly bright makeup for any event/occasion and make a chic statement.

How to wear the warm-toned eyeshadow look:

  • Once you’ve decided on your outfit, pick a bright warm shade like coral/orange/peach.
  • Use the direct shades of De’Lanci 12 RED Apple Eye Shadow Palette or combine them as per your customized need.
  • Shade the area all around the eyes right up to the brow bone for its sheer impact and blend.
  • Use the shade along the lower lash line and coat up the lashes with mascara to complete the look.

7. Super-embellished eyes

Go places with the high-voltage rainbow eyeshadow shades as part of your winter eye makeup looks this year! It’s sure to glam you up effortlessly with its faultless finish adding instant warmth to your face!!!

How to wear the super-embellished eyes look:

  • The key to this look is a supper-blended canvas of a part or the full spectrum of the rainbow colors.
  • Our model here has opted to stick to the orange-yellow end of the color spectrum for a bright look.
  • Take the sunset yellow from De’Lanci 35 Bright Colors Matte Shimmer Eyeshadow Makeup Palette to color the lidshorizontallyl
  • Top it up with the orange going just beyond the cut-crease and blend for a seamless transition.
  • Use black eyeliner to draw out a cat's eye and coat the lashes with mascara for the final look.

8. Chic glam smoky eyes look

Surely you can’t leave out the option of the hot smoky eye looks when it comes to the top winter eye makeup looks! Dramatic but chic, this is the look that can effortlessly highlight your presence at any gathering!!!

How to wear the chic glam smoky eyes look:

  • Use the NUDE shade from De’Lanci 9 Colors Leopard Nude Eyeshadow Palette and create the base around the eyes.
  • Take the CHOCOLATE black to smoke out the outer eyes and also line the lower lashline.
  • Glitter up the center of the lids using shade BRONZE and blend for a uniform flow of shades.
  • Use mascara for the lashes and define the brows to set the sensuous-looking smoked eyes.

9. Super-cute in coral hue eye Look

The world is still nuts over peach, and we had to include this super-cool color for our winter eye makeup looks! In fact, the color transcends all times and seasons and instantly adds a dollop of warmth in winter!!!

How to wear this coral hue eye look:

  • Since the look centers around soft colors, prepping the face for the right color outcome is very important.
  • Start shading the upper lids using shade Cocoa or Maple Red from DE’LANCI Nocturne Eyeshadow Palette depending on your skin tone.
  • Blend the color into a smooth finish and line the lower lashline using a hint of the Cabernet shade.
  • You can use the same shade as that of your eyeshadow to blush up the cheeks for a well-coordinated look.

10. Emerald eyes

Green has remained on top of the list all through the seasons and it sure will dominate our winter eye makeup looks! Be it eye makeup only or more coordinated eye-lip looks, the choice is yours to make!!!

How to wear emerald eyes makeup:

  • Time to start with the base color as usual, and this time it’s the light green from Avocado Green Eyeshadow Palette 12 CoLORS DE’LANCI.
  • Line the lower lashline also with the same color for an impactful look.
  • Take the yellow from the palette and highlight the inner corner moving slightly inwards.
  • Use the white shimmer very slightly on the center of the lid to create the highlighting effect.
  • Accentuate the cut crease with the white for a stunning look.
  • Coat the lashes or attach extra ones, and define the brows to complete the look.

11. Earthen-toned eyes look

Up your earthly vibes with winter eye makeup looks that brings out the diva in you! A radiant look that is just right to counter the chilly winter pangs, it draws on muted colors that root you to the earth!!!

How to wear the earthen-toned eyes look:

  • Start creating the base shade using the lightest earthen tone from the DE’LANCI 15 Color Nude Bronzed Mocha Eyeshadow Makeup Palette.
  • Move on to create the smoked outer eye look using the dark brown from the colors.
  • Use a black eyeliner to outline both the upper and lower lashlines, and draw out cat eyes.
  • Apply the white to the center of the inner eyes to open up the look instantly.
  • Use mascara, and shape the brows to complete the look.

Some tips to Eye Makeup in Winter

1. Go generous with moisturizer

It goes without saying that keeping your skin hydrated, especially those around the eyes will prevent the creasing of the colors. Make it absolutely sure that you apply the moisturizing product before you apply anything else on the skin.

2. Prime it up well

Take care to apply eye primer around this sensitive part of your face. Primer will help even out the existing creases for the product to spread out evenly without deposition in them.

3. Stick to liquid and cream formulae

One of the best ways to apply eye makeup during winter is to opt for creamy eyeshadow formulae like those from DE’LANCI. Use liquid or cream-based eye pencils if needed avoiding total powder-like products.

4. Color it up in bright hues

Even if you prefer keeping it subtle, opt for bright shades that lend warmth to the face. This is ideal for winter eyemakeup looks as it will help counter the natural cold and unsavory weather.

5. Keep it waterproof

Winter is a time when you want to have fun in the snow or indulge in fun time. Keeping your eye makeup waterproof and smudge-proof will let you enjoy your time stress-free!

Wrapping Up

We’ve included the complete range of winter eye makeup looks to let you glam up as per your outfit, taste, and choice! You can choose to vary the colors or intensities of the eye makeup in keeping with your outfit and individual skin tone. Stick to using the range of eye makeup products, lips makeup products, face makeup products, and makeup brush set. These are high-quality products that are completely safe on all skin types and give you desired color payoff for a long time!

Enjoy your Winter!!!

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