Top 10 Minimal Makeup Looks to Embrace for Wedding Occasions

Weddings are fun! While the bride is surely at the center stage of things happening, guests are around to make things more interesting. And the fun quotient certainly goes up with invitees wearing a myriad of makeup. Surely one of the best ways to steal the show is by elevating your natural beauty with some interesting minimal makeup looks. From subtle brow definitions to soft contouring, simple nudes to fresh highlighting, youthful gloss to fluttery lashes, here’s  how to look pretty with minimal makeup

Table of Content:

  1. What is minimal makeup look?
  2. 10 minimal makeup looks for wedding seasons
      1. Matte skin with nude lips
      2. Simple sun-kissed glam look
      3. Megawatt natural sheen
      4. Fresh-faced au-natural look
      5. Bronze beauty glam
      6. Smoky eyes & muted pink lips
      7. The healthy naturally radiant look
      8. The sultry eyes show
      9. Glamorous glossy lip pout
      10. Earth tones to rock the show
    3. Wrapping up

    What is minimal makeup look?

    Minimal makeup look is a special makeup look that highlights your natural beauty without any hint of applying colors that are too different from the natural tones. It involves preparing the skin to make it a smooth canvas on which subtle colors play out their drama as though you were born with them all! Minimal makeup is a huge trend currently which plays on micro-concealing and strategically used makeup colors to highlight one’s natural assets. 

    Playing with primers, foundations, and concealers is at the base of minimal makeup looks. Strategic use of eyeshadow shades, minimalist use of eyeliners, creating naturally flushed cheeks, and giving the lips a coat of complementing nude shades are the keys to the best natural minimal makeup looks!

    10 Minimal Makeup Looks for Wedding Seasons

    Read on and pick from among the minimal makeup looks that flatter your imagination and rock the season as you move on with experimenting with them!

    1. Matte skin with nude lips

    Look the gorgeous lovely lady that you are with matte finish skin without any distraction of shine or shimmer. 
    • Apply a layer of primer to smooth out the pores and lines and follow it up with a matte finish foundation;  It will give you a naturally plump-looking skin that you can contour to a fine finish; 
    • Use a matte bronzer to chisel up the cheekbones and sharpen the jaw lines;
    • Give the lips a coat of a nude color to exude that amazing charm;
    • Skip any highlighter and opt for the powder finish especially the T-zones to make them oil-free; 
    • Keep the eyes free of any makeup except for adding a coat of mascara to highlight them;

    This is one of the favorite minimal eye makeup looks that a lot of lovely young ladies want to wear any time and to any place!

    2. Simple sun-kissed glam look

    Warm up the occasion with natural sun-kissed minimal makeup looks using natural colors like warm browns with taupes. 
    • Prep your skin by cleaning it and applying primer and foundation so that the natural colors play out splendidly; 
    • Apply a warm brown or a taupe blush depending on your skin tone and the outfit; 
    • Blend it into the skin to give it that naturally bronzed complexion; 
    • Use a bronzer for an eyeshadow to give the overall look a seamless finish; 
    • Pair it all with a nude lipstick that is as close to your natural lip colors; 

    Elevate your natural beauty with this simple but ethereal makeup look!

    3. Megawatt natural sheen

     A popular choice among the different minimal makeup looks, this is for those of you that are fans of the highlighter sheen!
    • Once you prep your face the regular way using primer and foundation, use a high metallic gold sheen highlighter to contour the face; 
    • Use the product on the high points of your face like the cheekbone, and the bridge of the nose; 
    • Blend the color for a seamless diving radiance from within; 
    • Define the eyes and use the highlighter on the brow bone to add dimension to the look; 
    • Finish it up with a high gloss lip pout for a radiant presence at the wedding;

    It’s all about wearing a natural-looking metallic sheen that glams up the presence that you can perfect with the contour makeup guide for beginners

    4. Fresh-faced au-natural look

    Weddings are times to bring out your best face and what better than opting from the au-natural fresh minimal makeup looks? Here’s what you can do to get it right! 

    • Take care to clean your face and prepare the canvas with a transparent primer and skin-tone foundation; 
    • Use a matching tone concealer to minimize the patches and blemishes; 
    • Lock in all the products by dusting on a coat of translucent powder; 
    • Give the eyes a soft brown coat of eyeshadow and blend it seamlessly; 
    • Tint the lips with a nude color and let your natural beauty shine through the event!

    Get the look right by reading our expert’s opinion on how to apply concealer for beginners!

    5. Bronze beauty glam

    A fan of the sultry-looking diva? We have just the minimal makeup looks for you! Look scintillating with the bronzed-up and minimal eye makeup looks that will rock any wedding event! Learn more about it from our expert’s opinion of how to use liquid eyeliner for beginner.

    • Take care to prep the canvas of your face with the regular regime of cleansing, priming, and foundation cover; 
    • Use a high-quality metallic bronzer to cut out the cheekbones; 
    • Give the eyes a coat of the same metallic bronzer effect; 
    • Use a liquid eyeliner along the upper lashes for a highlighting effect;
    • Finish off with satin lips using a complementing nude color; 

    Pair it up with glossy hair and a low-cut dress to let the oomph in your flow!

    6. Smoky eyes & muted pink lips

    It’s time to go glamorous and what better than those awesome smoky eyes! Of course, we are within the ambit of minimal makeup looks and show it how! 

    • Give your skin prep step a careful go with the right toned primer if using color primer followed by the foundation cover; 
    • Make use of the concealer if you feel the need to hide any unsightly scar or blemish; 
    • Now it’s time to turn to those beautiful eyes and give them the lovely smoky cover using a blackish eyeshadow; 
    • Highlight the corners with a jade black shadow and let the eyes stand out on a naturally flawless-looking skin; 
    • Use a muted pink or nude shade to coat the lips to attenuate the natural look; 

    If you’re in love with gloss, put on that extra sheen using De’Lanci Multicolor Aesthetic Matte Lipsticks that give you the right nude and gloss options!

    7. The healthy naturally radiant look

    An effortlessly healthy natural radiance is every woman’s dream! You could wear this look this wedding season imitating minimal makeup looks like this one. 

    • This is a “no-makeup makeup” look that needs a good skin preparation; 
    • Once you’re done with the cleansing and priming, take care with the foundation; 
    • Use a light coverage foundation to imitate the natural look as applying full coverage foundation is sure to result in a cakey appearance; 
    • Subtly contour the cheekbones with a light bronzer and blend it for a seamless finish; 
    • Blend it a natural brown eyeshadow to add depth to the eyes; 
    • Complement with a nude lip color for the complete no-makeup look!

    Make a bold statement with your naturally radiant look and steal the scene with your flirty side on!

    8. The sultry eyes show: Minimal makeup looks

    can have everyone swooning around you when you give multi-dimensional looks to your eyes. 

    • Once you’re done with the initial preparation of the face canvas, it’s time to concentrate on the eyes; 
    • Give your eyelids a pop of a pale hue; 
    • Trace a darker shade along the outer corners and blend them seamlessly; 
    • Coat the eyelashes with a generous coat of mascara; 
    • Need be, use false lashes to nail the look of the sultry eye show!

    Be the star apart from the bride as you flutter those sultry eyes with a contrasting white outfit!

    9. Glamorous glossy lip pout

    This is one of the minimal makeup looks that can be used by both the guest as well as any minimalistic bride! 

    • Give your face the all-over glow with the initial skin prep and by adding some dewy radiance to it; 
    • Use a radiating foundation cover and top it up with a highlighter for the right dose of skin sheen; 
    • It’s time to hit the show with a shiny pout using a nude color glossed up or apply a high-sheen gloss over the nude color.

    Define your minimalistic look with waterproof products that will take you through the long hours of the occasion!

    10. Earth tones to rock the show

    It’s time to hit the show and what better than to do it with some earthy-toned minimal makeup looks

    • To bring out the natural hues of the earthen makeup color, take care to give your skin a good base of priming and foundation; 
    • Use a concealer to cover any dark circles or blemishes; 
    • Apply an earthen brown eyeshadow to give the eyes that warm hint of natural color; 
    • Use the same color along the lower lashes for the right impact; 
    • It’s time to use the earthen tone blusher to cover the cheekbones, draw the jaw line and cover the side of the foreheads; 
    • Pair up the coloring with a natural pink or nude lip color for the final effect!

    This is one look that can be universally flattering and no one can go wrong with it irrespective of skin color or tone!

    Wrapping up

    It’s time to enjoy this wedding season wearing from the top 10 minimal makeup looks and get complimented on your looks. Learn more about best eye makeup technique for every eye shape from our makeup experts to perfect your minimalistic wedding looks! Do it right using the best makeup products lip, eye, face, and accessories coming only from De’Lanci.

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