12 Steaming Hot Valentine’s Day Makeup Look [2022]

Ok, now that you have your Valentine’s Day plans in place, it’s time to sort out the type of look you want to wear to make it oh-so-memorable!!!

There’s so much you can choose from – the dewy looks to the highlighted face, bold statement colors to the classical coy pink expression. Your makeup deserves to be seen, and the Valentine’s Day makeup look is one that flaunts your best features effortlessly. We’ve compiled a list of makeup ideas that will let you highlight your sultry eyes or draw out the luscious lips for the most lovable makeup look using beauty staples like lip colors, eyeshadows, and eyeliners, apart from anything else that you vouch for.

With all the legwork done, here’s a curated list of the most sought-after Valentine’s Day makeup ideas for the year!

1. Purple Ombre passion

Peri purple and lavender are the colors of the year [2022]. Opt for orchid eyeshadow for this Valentine’s Day, use the ombre layering, and make everyone swoon over it. Start with the lightest shade on the outmost area beneath the brow. Use a brush to apply a darker shade below it and finally top it with a dark purple on the lids, and highlighter at the center. Blend it for that perfect purple ombre eyes. Top it up with a purplish pink lipstick and see the spell-binding effect with those soft hazy pink lips. Ace the look using De’Lanci’s New Purple Blue Eyeshadow Palette + Matte Lipstick Palette.

Credit: https://www.beautylish.com

2. Flaunt The Classic Smokey Eyes

For that ultimate sexy and sultry feel, go by the smokey eyes in fascinating shades like dark brown, deep blue, or dark purple apart from the traditional black. Create softer, smoky tones use matte shades, and give the lower lids a dash of color blending it well. Get vivid large eyes with the soft smokey effect to make a statement effect. Bring alive your lips with the soft neutral lipstick and gloss it over for those inviting lips waiting to be naughty! Here’s the Valentine’s Day makeup palette 72-Color Eyeshadow Makeup Book to ace the look.

Credit: https://www.glamourmagazine.co.uk

3. A Kiss of Pink

Freshen up your V’Day look with an apt Valentine’s Day makeup palette of pink. Go full glam with the all-pink look using a Fruity Eyeshadow Palette. Pick a pink that is close to your heart and shade up the eyelids. Give it a shimmering touch of highlighter around the corners to give the eyes a sensational look. Finish it with a matte pink and gloss it up for the eternal pink Valentine’s Day look! Show it to the world that pink still rules…

Credit: https://www.lovethispic.com

4. Shimmery Shinning Hued Eyes

High-voltage multi-colored eyes are easier to create than you ever thought of. Pep up your look with all new De’Lanci Chameleon Liquid Glitter Eyeshadow that gives 3 different shades with the reflection of light at different angles. Keep the rest of your look minimal as you make hearts flutter with every move of your eyelid. Finish off with a coat of mascara and neutral matte lipstick and see the drama unfold.

5. Popsicle Lips and Simple Winged Liner

If you’re looking to floor the perfect look in under-15 minutes with a soft finish, we have just the look for you. Create the proverbial cat-eye look with a liner or even black eyeshadow powder for a softer vibe. Outline the lips and fill them in with a candy-colored lipstick with more focus on the center for the color to flow out well. We’re sure you can make it effortlessly using Everlasting Matte Liquid from De’Lanci.

Credits: Instagram/@jennakristina

6. Metallic Lip and Eye Makeover

High-voltage Valentine's Day makeup look black girl, with metallic eyeshadow and lip colors impact is going to be the talk of the town! Use a soft brush to swipe metallic eye shadow across your lids for that dazzling look. Make sure you blend it all the way for the even finish all around the eyes. Give your lips a good shimmer of the same shade, but darker in color. Finish it off with a blusher and carry the looks of a Diva. Get the look using Glitter Palette + Highlighter Palette combo by De’Lanci.

7. Glitter It Up Light

If you’re someone who loves that light glittering look, here how to get it this Valentine’s Day. Start with the La Catrina Glitter Eyeliner; draw a line above the lashes and gradually take it to the ends and draw a wing. Top it up with a light coat of shimmer eyeshadow to complete the dazzling eye look. Fill in the lips with Everlasting Matte Liquid plum color and rock the evening through the night.

Credits: https://www.prettydesigns.com

8. A Classic Tale of Love

Rock the look with the combo of winged black eyeliner and bright red lipstick. Bring alive a classic tale of love right out of the movies from the 80s and twirl to set the floor on fire! You can never go wrong with the timeless combination that complements all skin tones. Keep the wings as close to the eyelid as possible, and accentuate upper and lower lashes with a coat of mascara. Draw out the lips with a liner and fill in a rich red, dab off with a tissue and reapply another coat for that bright payoff that lasts for hours. Use De’Lanci 25-Color Matte Lipstick Palette for outstanding results.

Credit: @micaelakbeauty

9. Soft Glam Whisper of Love

Not a lover of a show of bold colors, but love to go subtle? Here’s just the simple Valentine’s Day makeup look that is right for you to set the stage for a sultry dinner date or a glamorous evening. Use warm tones for your eyes, and cheek and go nude for the lips to draw attention to the high drama of the face. Use a terracotta shadow shade and give the eyes an inviting dusky look, pep up the cheeks with an orange blush and give the lips a smack of peachy nude color. It’s a great combination for medium skin tones that you achieve with De’Lanci’s Fruity Eyeshadow Palette + 25-Color Matte Lipstick Palette.

Credit: Tara Sutaria via Instagram

10. High-drama in Shades of Red

It’s time of the year to rock it with some electrifying look, and what best color than to go by shades of red? But this dramatic look is not as difficult as it may look so long you have the right makeup essentials handy. Prep the eyes and blend in colors for the stunning reddish-pink sunset effect on the lids from the La Catrina Eyeshadow Palette using an excellent blending brush. Cap the eyes’ look using a simple black eyeliner, and finish off with a stroke of mascara. Use a vibrant coral for the lips to complete the look.

Credit: @hungvanngo/Instagram.

11. Pretty Peach Passion

Exude the warmth and love of Valentine’s Day with the peach tones that look great on medium and dark skin tones apart from light skin. Create a peach-toned glam with gradient eyes and lips and see the glam effect spill around with fervor! Start by using a light peach color on the lips and blend it smoothly all over so there aren’t any lines visible. Add dimension to the lips by using a terracotta to the inner lips. For the eyes, use peach, orange and gold shades for the 2-toned look. Use Fruity Eyeshadow Palette + 25-Color Matte Lipstick Palette + Mermaid Glitter Palette, all by De’Lanci.

Credit: @antheabueno/ Instagram

12. Go green this Valentine

Green is a cult color and it’s everywhere – on social media, ramps, and the catwalks, and you just cannot do without it this V’Day! The best part about this makeup color is that it’s a fresh and earthly color that brightens up the eyes on any skin tone. Go for a dramatic green shade if you have brown or dark eyes. Dark green or a subtle sage green goes with any skin tone. Keep up nature’s vibe by dashing in a peachy nude liquid lipstick, and top it with a dash of gloss. Ace the look using De’Lanci Avocado Green Eyeshadow Palette + Nude Matte Lipstick.

Image: @glambymykaila/Instagram

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