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  • fruit eyeshadow palette
  • all color eyeshadow palette
  • fruit eyeshadow palette
  • best eyeshadow makeup palette
  • all color eyeshadow palette
  • best eyeshadow makeup palette
  • fruit eyeshadow palette
  • fruit eyeshadow palette
  • best eyeshadow makeup palette
  • best eyeshadow makeup palette
  • all color eyeshadow palette
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DE'LANCI 12 Color Fruity Eyeshadow Palette

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Super-pigmented fruit-colored eyeshadow palette in flattering colors comes in soft creamy powder form to complement all skin tones. Its rich color vibrancy is designed to last all day/night long in its silky smooth finish. Fascinating shades such as an orange eyeshadow palette, peach eyeshadow palette, blueberry eyeshadow palette, and blueberry eyeshadow palette are smooth powdery pigments Mix and match the assortment of colors and highlight stereoscopic eyes. Smoky, cut-crease, or pop eyes, the choice is all yours!

5 Fruity Palettes:

  1. Apple eyeshadow palette
  2. Orange eyeshadow palette
  3. Peach eyeshadow palette;
  4. Silver eyeshadow palette
  5. Blueberry eyeshadow palette

Each palette contains 12-color fruity eyeshadow

Palette size: 14.9cm*11.5cm*2cm
Palette weight: 150 g

Benefits and Features of De’Lanci 12-Color Fruity Eyeshadow Palette

The 5-in-1 fruit eyeshadow palette is great both for personal use and is also an incredibly loveable eyeshadow gift set. 60 pieces of bright and glowing colors bring along a host of benefits with them.

  • Multi-shades of fruits: Each eyeshadow in the apple, orange, peach, blueberry, and silver eyeshadow palette is super-pigmented, and the colors come in almost all shades that you can think of.
  • Creamy & lightweight: The light and creamy powder is easy to apply, and blend, and ensures minimum fall-off.
  • Soft matte glow: All colors are waterproof, and sweatproof (when applied after a coat of eyeshadow primer) budge-proof, smudge resistant, crease-resistant, and long-lasting.
  • Hypoallergic: Each palette color is dermatologically tested, hypo-allergic, and suitable for all skin types.
  • Vegan & cruelty-free: The product is vegetarian, and cruelty-free, garnering high sales in the market.
  • Easy to take off: Despite its intense color payoff, all colors of the apple, orange, peach, blueberry, and silver palette can be removed easily using regular cleansing agents;

How to use De’Lanci Queen 12-Color Fruity Eyeshadow Palette

Step 1: Clean and prime your eyelids using a high-quality eye primer; alternately you use De’Lanci Multi-Color Foundation Concealer for the same purpose.
Step 2: Use an eyeshadow brush to take the base color from the palette.
Step 3: Pick a matte color for the base.
Step 4: For the day go monochromatic for the everyday look.
Step 5: For an intricate look, use the lightest shade of the combination you wish to apply on the brow bone and inner corners of the eyes.
Step 6: Use a dark shade along the crease of the lids to define the eyes.
Step 7: Blend it all seamlessly for a flawless finish.

Pro Tips for Using the Best Fruit-Colored Eyeshadow Palette

#1 Always start by preparing the base by applying primer and foundation on the eyelids;
#2 Enhance the crease by using a shade darker than the base color;
#3 Use the same color to the lower lash line blending it well towards the outer corner;
#4 Always use darker color towards the outer third of the eyes;
#5 Blending your colors is the key to ace the eyeshadow look;

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the best time to wear the colors of the 5-in-1 fruit eyeshadow palette?

You can use any of the 12 colors of any of the amazing powder eyeshadow palettes at any time and for any occasion. This multi-occasion eyeshadow palette is good for your everyday look too. Wear it to work or any social events, birthday parties, theme parties, weddings, anniversaries, or festivals.

2. Is De’Lanci 5-in-1 eyeshadow palette safe?

All De’Lanci products are made from the safest ingredients and are dermatologically tested, making them safe on all types of skins. But we recommend a patch test before applying to make it foolproof.

3. Can I use it as a highlighter on my face?

Though the apple, orange, peach, blueberry, and silver eyeshadow palette colors are mainly meant to be used as eyeshadows, you can also use them as highlighters for your face as a beauty hack. It works wonderfully!

4. How long does the color stay?

The high-pigment colors of the palette offer long-wear with their brightness and sheen intact when applied properly.

5. Can it be used on medium or dark skin tones?

The vast collection of colors in the eyeshadow palette and its ultra-high pigment blend in perfectly on any skin tone. Just choose the shades according to your mood, occasion, and outfit, and let the colors play the symphony!