7+ Simple Nude Eyeshadow Looks You Can Try Out

Natural makeup looks can be simply ethereal and cast a spell on those looking at you! Get the latest update on the top simple nude eyeshadow looks whether you’re a minimalist or love loud colors. These 7+ easy nude eyeshadow looks a great way of making a chic beauty statement and are right for business and casual occasions. It’s surely a great addition to our Top Minimal Makeup Looks guide that you’ve always wanted!!!

Table of Content:

  1. 7+ Simple Nude Eyeshadow Looks You Must Try This Season
    1. Classic nude cat-eyes
    2. Classic nude eyes look
    3. Matte nude look
    4. Smoked nude eyes
    5. Brown nude eyes
    6. Classic soft nude eyes look
    7. Winged nude eyes
    8. Glowing nude eyes smoked-up
  2. Wrapping up

7+ Simple Nude Eyeshadow Looks You Must Try This Season

Get set to embrace the versatility of these simple nude eyeshadow looks and see your beauty quotient spiral up instantly! Remember, the best eyeshadow color payoff comes when you apply the pigment on clean skin that is also primed for even playout!!!

1. Classic nude eyes look

An irresistible and all-time favorite across all ages, we’ve attained this look using the shades of De’Lanci 9 Colors Leopard Nude Eyeshadow Palette.

Steps to create the classic nude eyes look

  • For the exact color payoff, use the shade Bronze from the palette and apply it over the upper lids.
  • You can choose to darken the shade using shades Nude or Metal over it to suit your skin tone.
  • Coat the lashes with mascara and frame the eyes by defining the brows and filling them with Coffee.
  • Pull off the look using a nude lipstick or gloss.
  • Lighlty highlight the brow bones as the perfect nude makeup looks.

    2. Classic Nude Cat-Eyes

    Finely defined cat-eyes with nude shaded eyelids bring out the classic beauty and are right for any occasion! Imitate the simple nude eyeshadow looks using the shades of De’Lanci Take Me Away Nude Eyeshadow palette!

    Steps to create classic nude cat-eyes

    • Start by shading the upper lids with the matte shade from the palette.
    • Smudge out some color along the lower lids for a heightened effect and add the white highlighter to the inner corners.
    • Do up the cat-eyes using black eyeliner and coat the lased to add depth to the eyes. Take care to define and fill the brows using the brown eyeshadow from the palette.
    • Complete the look with naturally blushed cheeks and a nude lipstick exuding the exotic pink nude eyeshadow looks.
    • Learn more on How to Apply Blush Stick for better makeup results.

    3. Matte nude look

    Bring an invigorating look to your face with this mesmerizing matte nude look! Get the simple nude eyeshadow looks using the colors of De’Lanci Nude Smoky Eyeshadow Palette!

    Steps to create matte nude look

    • Start by applying the pure nude shade from the palette on to the upper lids, and give the inner corners shimmering highlight.
    • Give the lower lash line a smudge kohl/black liner coat and apply mascara to the lashes.
    • Take care of the brows by filling them naturally, brushing them upwards, and applying gel.
    • The cheeks will do well with a healthy blush and the pout can make its show with a nude matte for the complete matte nude eyeshadow looks.

      4. Smoked nude eyes

      This is yet another hot favorite among simple nude eyeshadow looks that you can do up using De’Lanci Nude Bronzed Eyeshadow Makeup Palette!

      Steps to create smoked nude eyes

      • Use the blackish grey from the palette to do up the upper lids and extend it to form a wing.
      • Smoke out the outer eyes with the darker shade but keep it light letting the smoked wings meet the outer brows.
      • Accentuate the brows well to frame the otherwise nude eyes giving the lashes a healthy coat for added depth to the eyes.
      • Do up the lips with a bright nude as per your skin tone and you’re ready to rock the scene anywhere
      • Leave the cheeks nude or contour them using Contour Makeup Guide for Beginners by our experts.

      5. Brown nude eyes

      Work up this electrifying simple nude eyeshadow looks and up your glam quotient for the evenings and nights! You will of course need De’Lanci Nocturne Eyeshadow Palette to get the look!!!

      Steps to create brown nude eyes

      • Pick a nude shade from the palette as per your skin tone. for this model, we’ve used Memories.
      • Do up the upper eyelids taking it till the end of the eyes and highlighting the inner corner to add brightness.
      • Take the Blue Rose shade and smudge it along the lower lash line for the definition to the nude eyes.
      • Do up the lashes and brows to add depth and dimension to the cute nude eyeshadow looks.
      • Gloss up the lips and the stage is set to swing through the evenings to the night.

      6. Classic soft nude eyes look

      It’s one of those stunning simple nude eyeshadow looks with a pop of color! Bring on the glamorous nude mood eyeshadow looks using the fascinating shades of De’Lanci 54 Color La Catrina Eyeshadow!!!

      Steps to create classic soft nude eyes look

      • Start with shade Fade on the upper eyelids, blending the color out as smoothly as possible as you move outwards.
      • Smudge out a very light coat of Symbol at the outer lower lash line.
      • Fill in the brows using the same shade and coat the lashes to volumize them.
      • Wear a coral blushes look on the cheeks and highlight them too.
      • Give the lips a coat of a coral nude and gloss it up for that refreshing natural nude looks.

        7. Winged nude eyes

        Bring alive your looks with the simple nude eyeshadow looks that elevate your beauty quotient instantly! Use the right nude shade as per your skin tone from the De’Lanci New Flame Rose Eyeshadow Palette 18 Color!!!

        Steps to create winged nude eyes

        • Pick the shade that is nude as per your skin tone but has a hint of pink in it to exude that healthy flush.
        • Do up the upper eyelids with it blending the color till the end of the eyes for the perfect nude makeup looks.
        • It’s time to apply eyeliner on the upper lash line drawing out a small wing.
        • Use false lashes or coat with a volumizing mascara and fill in the brows.
        • Pair it up with coral-shaded lip colors to bring out the goddess of beauty in you with the cute nude eyeshadow look.

        8. Glowing nude eyes smoked-up

        Glitter is the way to spice up even the most simple nude eyeshadow looks! What better than the De’Lanci Mermaid Glitter Palette to do it right!!!

        Steps to create glowing nude eyes smoked-up

        • Use the silver grey from the palette to shade the upper eyelids.
        • Smoke the outer eyes using the black eyeshadow of the palette and blend them into a smooth transition.
        • Time to take care of the lashes and the brows that you can fill in with the black eyeshadow color.
        • Pair the riveting eyes with a super-dark pigment on the lips like black, or purple for that ultra-glamorous look.

        Wrapping up

        Explore the variations of the fascinating simple nude eyeshadow looks from the list above and bring out the diva in you! For more nude and minimalistic looks, read our American Makeup Looks blog. Make sure to shop for the choicest De’Lanci lip, eye, and face makeup products and best makeup brushes for the best results.

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