Step-by-Step Guide: How to Use Gel Eyeliner like a Pro

Adding a dash of eyeliner even to a completely nude face can be completely transformative when it comes to looks! Be it the simple swipe along the lash lines, or the sharp wings, eyeliner is always a great option to upgrade your look. You can of course choose from the different types of eyeliners like liquids, or more popular gel options for your looks. Gel eyeliner is among the most versatile makeup products, and if you haven’t used it yet, scroll along this how to use gel eyeliner guide for the best results!!!

Table of Content:

  1. Step-by-step process how to use gel eyeliner like a pro
    1. Clean and prime the skin
    2. Pick the gel eyeliner color
    3. Apply on the lash line
    4. Draw cat eyes for the evening glam
    5. Smudge for soft glam look
  2. 5+ pro tips to wear gel eyeliner
  3. Wrapping up 

Step-by-step process how to use gel eyeliner like a pro

Gel eyeliners are the most blendable and easy to apply because of their silky formula. The buttery formula of the product glides on the skin to give you any look you want with its thin angled brush. Get to know the most effective ways of applying these long-lasting and smudge-free eyeliners by following these steps of the how to use gel eyeliner tutorial!!!

1. Clean and prime the skin

Clean and prime the skin

The very first step of any makeup look is the skin preparation, and the how to use gel eyeliner is no exception! You must get all the oil and dirt off and also make the skin a smooth canvas for the gel eyeliner to glide on perfectly!

Steps to clean and prime the skin:

  • Use a high-quality cleansing agent and dab it on the skin around the eyes to remove all traces of grime and dirt present on the skin around the eyes.
  • Apply a light moisturizer on the skin and let it replenish any lost hydration to look supple and healthy.
  • Next, make sure to apply a primer on the skin around the eyes to make the skin smooth and wrinkle-free.
  • You can make use of a transparent or colored eye primer from the collection of 8 Color Eyeshadow Base Primer to complement your skin tone.
  • Wait a few seconds for the skin to absorb the product well before moving on to the next step.

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2. Pick the gel eyeliner color

Pick the gel eyeliner color

The next step of the how to use gel eyeliner involves deciding on the shade of the eyeliner color that will best complement your eyes! Applying the incorrect colors can wash off effect on your face making it look dull. So, take care to choose the eyeliner color well!!!

Steps to pick the gel eyeliner color:

  • Brown eyes will pop up when outlined with blue, purple, or green eyeliner colors.
  • Brown eyes also look exceptionally attractive with jet-black eyeliner color.
  • Hazel eyes come alive when lined with green, purple, taupe, or grey colors.
  • Green eyes look best when given a coat of burgundy, rust, and other warm or reddish-toned eyeliner colors.
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3. Apply on the lash line

Apply on the lash line

Now comes the step of how to apply gel eyeliner pencil for beginners that will take you to the actual application of the colors! Make sure that you practice this step a couple of times before you actually wear them outdoors for that perfectly adorable look!!!

Steps to apply the eyeliner on the lash line:

  • If you are using a gel pencil eyeliner, make sure that the tip is sharp and pointed so that your hands do not flounder much.
  • For those using a pot of gel eyeliner colors, get your hands to a thin-tipped pencil brush for eyeliner application from the DE’LANCI Windfall Brush Set.
  • Dip it in the color and make tiny dots on the lash line from the inner corner of the eyes to the outer edge.
  • Make sure that you work along the lash line and not on the waterline.
  • Finally, connect the dots with the brush with gentle strokes to draw out a uniform line just along the roots of the lashes.

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4. Draw cat eyes for the evening glam 

Draw cat eyes for the evening glam

Moving on with the how to use gel eyeliner guide, it’s time to tell you about glamming up the simple eyeliner look of the previous step! You can always elaborate on the existing simple eyeliner look for the day with a couple of strokes!!!

Steps to draw cat eyes for the evening glam:

  • Take the thin tip of the eyeliner brush or use the sharp tip of the liquid eyeliner pen for this step.
  • Draw a small wing from the outer end of the lower lash line upwards taking care to keep its tip fine.
  • Now, taking the same sharp tip of the brush or pencil draw a line from the inner eyes outwards.
  • Apply the eyeliner color on the lower lash line if you haven’t done that in the previous step.
  • Connect both the upper and lower lash lines with the protruding tips on both ends to complete the glamorous cat eye look.

5. Smudge for soft glam look

Smudge for soft glam look

An alternative glam look for the evenings in place of the cat eyes is to smudge the eyeliner for a soft glam look! This is precisely what we’ll tell you in this step of the how to apply gel eyeliner on lower lid guide!!!

Steps to smudge for the soft glam look:

  • You will have to carry out this step of smudging as soon as you apply the liner along the lower lid lash line.
  • Apply the eyeliner color close to the lashes on the lower lid.
  • Take the same brush with which you’ve applied the colors and gently smudge it all along.
  • Place the brush along the skin of the lower lash line and gently stroke it along its shape for a soft, and glamorous smudged look.

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5+ pro tips to wear gel eyeliner

Now that you know how to use gel eyeliner, it’s time to gather some more tips and tricks that will further help you go ahead with any eyeliner look!

  1. Avoid applying gel eyeliner colors along the waterline. apply it just above or below the waterline to prevent the product from entering your eyes! 
  2. A good way of using gel eyeliner is to apply it directly at the roots of the lower lash line, a technique which is also known as tightlining. This gives thicker lashes look and also outlines the eyes beautifully with a natural-like look! 
  3. Once your hands are steady with the eyeliner application, opt for an angled brush to apply gel liner. it will help the color glide along easier and is also better to create wings!
  4. Apply a white kohl pencil color with the unique ways of applying Kohl on the waterlines before applying your gel eyeliner color if you want to create the look of bigger eyes!
  5. Gel eyeliners tend to be less drying compared to liquid eyeliners that dry up almost immediately. so wait for a few seconds after applying gel liner and then move on to do anything else with your eye makeup!
  6. Using gel eyeliners when wearing natural, nude, or no-makeup looks is the best option as the products not just glide along better, but are more blendable and give a natural-like look!

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Wrapping up 

Be it for casual and everyday looks, or more elaborate and glamorous versions of yourself, this how to use gel eyeliner should come in handy at any time! Make sure that you use the right tools like the thin-tipped brush to apply the product correctly. Pick only the DE’LANCI Windfall Brush Set to get the best eye makeup. Share in the comment section below your experience of applying gel eyeliners for your eye makeup!!!

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