How To Do The Best Bridal Makeup For Your Big Day


Bridal makeup is one of the main choices you take for probably the greatest achievement of your life. While unmistakably your marriage lehenga or outfit is the main concern for when you go out to shop, it assists with recalling that the outfit is ensured to look as great on your big day as it did at your fittings, however, your cosmetics is an entire other ball game. You must have the option to confide in either your own abilities or pick the right cosmetics craftsman, who can interpret your precise vision onto your face for one of the most captured days in your day to day existence. Here, we set up a total aide of everything marriage cosmetics, from how to pick the ideal craftsman, the best patterns existing apart from everything else and all the consideration you really want to enjoy your skin in to prepare it for the freshest shine of all time.

What’s different about bridal makeup?

Bridal Makeup in India

Wedding cosmetics need to scratch off certain cases: it ought to mirror your character; supplement your outfit; make you appear as though yourself, however complemented, rather than like an entire other individual; and above all, not move all through the service.

While your lightweight establishment may get the job done for an end of the week night out or a family evening gathering, your wedding cosmetics should furnish you with much more inclusion. You'll have to ensure your concealer figures out how to cover that large number of troublesome dark circles, so you don't look drained on your big day.

Your lipstick should be super pigmented, and not just swiped on your lips you'll have to buff away dry chips, prime with a little touch of establishment, then, at that point, go in with a lip pencil for a base and afterwards apply something like two layers of shading to ensure it stays through every one of the grins. On the off chance that you at any point asked why wedding cosmetics take such a long time to do, there's your reply. Above all, your wedding cosmetics need to either be more serious than your standard cosmetics, or a raised rendition of what you typically do, with longer-enduring, more full inclusion items.

Step 1: Use face wipes to clean your face.

How to do bridal makeup step 1

A clean and clear complexion ensures a flawless makeup application. The first and most crucial step is to use a gentle face wash that is appropriate for your skin type. Do not apply the face wash directly to your face. Take a small amount and rub it into your hands until you create a thick foam, then wash your clothes. Do not rub your face when drying it.

Step 2: To prepare your skin for the regimen, apply a light layer of primer.

How to do bridal makeup step 2

Apply a few drops of primer to your skin in the places that appear to be the most discolored. Pat it down with your fingers until it is even. Instead of using a brush, use your fingertips to produce an even mix.

Step 3: Use Concealer 

Apply a cream-based concealer - How to do bridal makeup

Apply a cream-based concealer in an upside-down triangular shape and mix thoroughly until it is close to the skin.

Step 4:  Put on your foundation.

Step 4:  Put on your foundation. - How to do bridal Makeup

To determine the hue of the foundation, compare it to the colour of your chest. When it comes to foundation, less is more, therefore use only the necessary quantity! Getting the right shade of foundation that looks natural and not overdone is a difficult task in and of itself. To choose the correct hue, you must first discover your undertone.

How to Determine Your Undertone:

How to Determine Your Undertone: How to do bridal makeup

  • Warm Undertones: If the basic colour of your skin is golden or gold, you have warm undertones.
  • Cool Undertones: If you see hints of blue, pink, or red, you have cool undertones.
  • Neutral Undertones: If you have a combination of warm and cool undertones, or if your undertone is the same colour as your skin, you have neutral undertones.

Step 5: Use the Compact Powder

compact power - how to do bridal makeup in india

The compact powder, which aids in the appropriate setting of the foundation, comes next. For complete coverage, use a blush brush to apply the powder.

Step 6: Defying your Brows

defining your brows with short strokes -Bridal makeup steps

Begin by defining your brows with short strokes, and then fill in the spaces with a colour that matches the colour of your brow hair. Defining your brows will give your face a broader appearance and will keep your makeup in place.

Step 7: Use the Eyeshadow 

Step 7: Use the Eyeshadow - Bridal makeup tutorial

Choose an eyeshadow colour that complements your attire and begin blending from the corner of your eye to the farthest point of your brow. Also, apply some highlighter to the brow bone and shape it with a white base to define your brows and eyes.

Bridal eye shadow pallets to try

1. DE'LANCI Pro Warm Nude Eyeshadow Palette 48 Colors the Leopard Book of Cat Eyes: High performance eyeshadow made for brides

2. DE'LANCI Tender Night Eyeshadow Palette: A pastel bride’s go-to pallet

3. DE'LANCI New Flame Eyeshadow Palette-18 Color: For a desi hot makeup look 

Step 8: Take the perfect Highlighter 

Step 8: Take the perfect Highlighter - Bridal Makeup Steps

Use a highlighter to add the final touch of glitter and boost your glam quotient to new heights. For definition, apply highlighter to the middle of your forehead, also known as our T-zone, top portion of your nose, also known as the bridge of your nose, under eye area, across your jawline & under your lips, and on the tip of your lips.

Bridal highlighter pallets to try

  1. DE'LANCI NEW 6 Color Highligher Palette for Dark Skin: This makes you the highlight of your day!
  2. DE'LANCI 6 Color Cream Highlighter Makeup Palette: For a sparkly duly look you crave.

Step 9: Use the Blush

Step 9: Use the Blush - Bridal Makeup Steps

Apply the blush in an upward motion and finish with a dab of highlighter. Keep in mind that the colour of your blush should be precise. If you intend to wear heavy eye makeup and lip colour, keep your blush on the cooler side, and vice versa.

Bridal brush pallets to try

DE'LACNI Blush and Highlighter Face Makeup Palette: Add a tint to the blushing bride.

Step 10: Line your eyes with a fine layer of eyeliner.

You may achieve the perfect winged appearance by using stencils. If not, draw a line on the far end edge of your upper lid. Then, drawing a line from the far end inwards until you reach the inner eye, draw a line from the far end inwards until you reach the inner eye. Fill it with the liner and you're finished!

Step 11: Use a Waterproof Kajal

Now, on the waterline, apply a waterproof Kajal.

Step 12: Apply mascara to your lashes to enhance volume.

Step 12: Apply mascara to your lashes to enhance volume.

To curl your lashes even more, use a little pre-heated curler.

Final Words on How to do the best Bridal Makeup

We hope this blog helps you and wish you all the happiness in the world for your big day. Pro tip: Don’t forget the best thing that amplifies your makeup: A smile!

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