How to Clean Makeup Brushes In 5 Easy Steps [With Bonus]

It’s our daily routine to apply makeup on our face. We usually kickstart applying concealer, foundation, highlighter, blusher, and lipstick with the help of makeup brushes. But, after a few days there arises a need to clean our makeup brushes. However, not everyone knows how to clean makeup brushes. We often tend to neglect the cleanliness of makeup brushes which can cause much harm to the skin. Yes, that's true. No matter whether use you professional makeup brushes or ordinary ones. Cleanliness is necessary. That being said, allow us to help you understand how to clean makeup brushes at home.

Table of Content

  1. Step By Step Process: How to Clean Makeup brushes?
    1. Step 1: Prepare a Solution
    2. Step 2: Swirl the Brushes in it
    3. Step 3: Rinse Under Lukewarm Water
    4. Step 4: Use Shampoo Again. [If Needed]
    5. Step 5: Squeeze Out Excess Water and Dry Them.
  2. What are the other easy ways to clean makeup brushes?
  3. Why should you clean your makeup brushes regularly?
  4. Wrapping up

Step By Step Process: How to Clean Makeup brushes?

Step 1: Prepare a Solution

Take a bowl, add shampoo, and warm water to it. Stir it well to make a solution. You can use detergent as well, but shampoo will also work fine. You might have heard someone recommending using dish soap as well, but our expert suggests avoiding that.

Although dish soap has degreasing properties, the harmful chemicals can destroy the smoothness of bruises as well. If you are using oil-based International cosmetics products, it is best to add olive oil or coconut oil to get cleaner and fresher makeup brushes.

Step 2: Swirl the Brushes in it

Once you have a solution ready, pour it into the shallow bowl. Take out all the makeup brushes and swirl them in the mixture nicely. Make sure it is about 20 seconds only and not more than that.

To check whether the brush is cleaned or not, swirl the multifunction makeup brush on your palm. If you still feel the product on your hand, take some shampoo and lather it up.

Step 3: Rinse Under Lukewarm Water

After that, rinse all the brushes under lukewarm water. How to check if your brush is properly cleaned or not? Run the water on it. If the water running out of it is clear, your brush is too. If it is yet not cleared properly, not too worry you can cleanse it further as well.

However, you must run your fingers through the bristles when it is under running water to help the product get out of it.

Step 4: Use Shampoo Again. [If Needed]

If your makeup brushes are still dirty, don’t worry as thick makeup products are hard to clean. Checkout the in detailed guide to makeup brushes. There’s no step that you followed wrong. Now to remove dirt from those brushes, all you need to do is take some shampoo and lather it up on your hand.

Use your fingers to clean the bristles, but be gentle on them. Then again rinse under lukewarm water. Feel free to repeat the process till you see the clean water running through your brushes. Usually, the second wash cleans the makeup brush thoroughly.

Step 5: Squeeze Out Excess Water and Dry Them

Once you have clean water swishing through the brushes, it’s time to remove the excess water and dry them. Take the brush, squeeze out the excess water from the bristles of the brush, and then lay them out flat for drying.

Let them dry out naturally, don’t use heat to heat them as the bristles are made of synthetic material and can get burnt from the excess heat of a blow dryer. Checkout the experts note on Difference between Natural vs. Synthetic Brushes.

Tada! Your makeup brushes are entirely clean now.

What are the other easy ways to clean makeup brushes?

If you don’t want to follow the lengthy process, you can also follow these steps to have properly cleaned brushes.

  • Spitz the rubbing alcohol on the brush tips after every use.
  • Wipe the excess makeup product from the bristles after use.
  • Rinse off the bristles in running lukewarm water for the everyday cleanup./

Even after following the above-mentioned tricks, it is advisable to deep clean the makeup brushes once in a while.

Now, the bonus section.

Why should you clean your makeup brushes regularly?

Well, many debates are going on the topic of regularly cleaning your brushes. Some people believe in cleaning and some don’t. But the one who is a real makeup enthusiast or a beauty queen will agree with the point of cleaning makeup brushes. Let us tell you why?

  1. Uncleaned makeup brushes cannot give a proper finish to the American makeup look you are trying to create.
  2. Uncleaned brushes with dirt and bacteria build-up can cause a breakout of blemishes on the skin.
  3. Cleaning makeup brushes regularly will make them last longer and will be a great investment with good results.
  4. Contaminated brushes can also contaminate other makeup products and harm their pigmentation and functionality.
  5. Regular cleaning of makeup brushes will keep them smooth and will enhance the pigmentation of the product on your skin while application.

Wrapping Up

We are at the end of the blog on how to clean makeup brushes. You can also opt for makeup brush cleaning tools or products for better results. Ensure to clean your brushes regularly for healthy skin and get the maximum of makeup products as well as brushes. Subscribe to Delanci’s newsletter to get makeup tips and hacks. Don’t forget to get your hands on our newly launched makeup collection.

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