How to Apply Nude Eyeshadow: A Step-by-Step Tutorial

With celebrities around the globe wearing nude or no-makeup looks for the most important events, you can’t be left out! Go classy with the trendy nude colors on your eyes and wear them any place. Follow the steps of the how to apply nude eyeshadow tutorial by our makeup expert and be part of the chic group. Wear the nude eyeshadow looks as your everyday look, or jazz it up with shimmer for the red carpet. Just be the diva with these easy nude eyeshadow tutorial steps!!!

Table of Content:

  1. What is Nude Eyeshadow?
  2. Step-by-step tutorial on how to apply a nude eyeshadow
    1. Start with meticulous cleansing
    2. Apply moisturizer to hydrate
    3. Smooth it with primer
    4. Top it with concealer or foundation
    5. Pick the right nude shades
    6. Apply a light-colored base shade
    7. Shade with a darker color
    8. Add shimmer to the center
    9. Highlight the brow bones
    10. Frame the look
  3. Pro tips for wearing Nude eyeshadow looks
    1. Use a brightening primer
    2. Add dimension with complementing colors
    3. Always finish with a definition
  4. Wrapping up

What is Nude Eyeshadow?

Shades and colors that blend in with your natural skin tone are known as nude colors. These nude colors are a mixture of browns and whites that can be different shades of beige. Nude eyeshadow colors are those when applied on the lids and brow bones make the eyes look larger and brighter. Nude eyeshadow colors are very often used as base colors for different makeup looks.

Step-by-step tutorial on how to apply a nude eyeshadow

This super-easy tutorial on how to apply nude eyeshadow will help you ace the look and become the most attractive person around. Just perfect the steps with our expert guide and see your eyes glow!!!

1. Start with meticulous cleansing

Start with meticulous cleansing

The key to any stunning makeup look is well-prepared skin and more so for your nude eyeshadow look! Remember, that for this look you’re trying to project the colors that look most natural against your skin tone. So, you have the extra obligation to take care of your skin cleansing routine!!!

Steps to follow for meticulous cleansing:

  • Use a gentle scrubbing agent on your face taking care to exfoliate the dead and dull skin.
  • Apply the cleansing agent all around your eyes carefully.
  • Massage it well into the skin for it to work best.
  • Now use a cleansing pad to gently remove all traces of the agent from the skin.
  • The skin should look bright, clean, and glowing after this.

green eyeshadow tutorial

2. Apply moisturizer to hydrate

Apply moisturizer to hydrate

Your bare skin needs its daily dose of hydration to maintain its glowing presence. It is absolutely necessary that you apply a good moisturizer once the cleansing is done. Pick one that complements your skin type. if you have oily skin, you need a moisturizer too. Just make sure that it is not oil-based for oily skin and oil-based for dry to normal skin.

Steps to follow for moisturizing:

  • As part of the how to apply nude eyeshadow tutorial, dab the moisturizer all over your face in tiny dots.
  • Take special care to cover the skin around the eyes with the product.
  • Now, gently massage the moisturizer into the skin with circular motions.
  • Be tender when working with the area around the eyes as the skin is extra thin and more prone to wrinkles here.

3. Smooth it with primer

girl applying cream on face

Moving on to the next skin prep part of the how to apply nude eyeshadow tutorial, it’s important that you apply an eye primer. The work of a primer is to smooth out the skin by filling up the pores and wrinkles giving a smooth silky finish to the skin for a better makeup finish.

Steps to follow for priming:

  • Wait for a minute or so for the moisturizer that you’ve just applied to get absorbed into the skin.
  • Apply the De’Lanci eyeshadow Primer on the eyelids and the skin beneath the eyes in small dots.
  • Now, gently dab the primer into the skin with your fingers.
  • Take care to dab the primer and not rub so as not to displace the moisturizer beneath.

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4. Top it with concealer or foundation

girl applying concealer
Now comes the next stage of skin preparation in the guide on how to apply nude eyeshadow! For your nude eyeshadow colors to gain prominence on your face, you need to cover any spots or discolorations. 

Steps to follow for concealing:

  • You can either apply a full-coverage foundation around the eyes or opt for a color-correcting concealer.
  • In case of dark spots under the eye, apply De’Lanci Multifunction concealer palette.
  • Else, opt for a normal concealer as per your skin tone.
  • Apply dots of the product on the eyelids and under the eyes.
  • Blend in using your fingers or a wet sponge by dabbing the product into the skin into a fine finish.

5. Pick the right nude shades

Nude Eyeshadow Palette

A crucial stage of the how to apply nude eyeshadow guide is selecting the right nude eyeshadow shades for your skin tone! The best solution is to opt for an eyeshadow palette that offers just the right shade for all skin tones. DE’LANCI Take Me Away Nude Eyeshadow Palette is a unique selection of colors for all skin tone types!!!

Steps to pick the right shade:

  • You need to select 3 colors for a glamorous nude eyeshadow look including the shimmer.
  • Select the lightest matte color from the range of browns starting from beige to dark brown.
  • Run it against the back of your arm and check out which is the closest to your skin tone.
  • Choose another darker matte shade that is slightly deeper than the previous one.
  • For your glam look day, pick a shimmer color too as per the occasion and of course your outfit.

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6. Apply a light-colored base shade

girl applying eyeshadow

We now step into the part of the tutorial on how to apply nude eyeshadow where you actually start applying the colors! You’ve made your pick of colors, so it’s time to create the base shade on which you’ll be applying the other layers for the amazing final look. Here we go!!!

Steps to follow for applying base shade:

  • The base color of the eyeshadow creates the foundation of the look with its subtle shade.
  • Take a flat eyeshadow brush to carry the lightest of the chosen matte shades.
  • Tap the brush against a firm surface to let go of all excess pigments on it.
  • Now, gently apply the color at the center of the eyelid and start blending in all directions.
  • Cover the entire area going right up near the brow bone with the nude eyeshadow color.

7. Shade with a darker color

girl applying eyeshadow makeup

Time to move on to the second shading part in our how to apply nude eyeshadow guide! This shading will be contained to the outer edge of the eyes to give it a darker shade compared to the rest of the eyes. The colors remain nude but with the effect of a slightly shaded gradient!

Steps to follow for darker shade application:

  • Use the De’Lanci Professional brush set to take the darker of the 2 nude matte shades.
  • Repeat the tapping motion to dust off any excess that will make blending difficult later.
  • Now, apply it to the outer edge of the eye and start blending.
  • Extend only up to the center of the lids but with a seamless transition of the 2 shades.

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8. Add shimmer to the center

looking mirror young beautiful girl sitting desk with makeup tools applying eyeshadow

This part of the how to apply nude eyeshadow tutorial is best reserved for your occasion and the event looks! You can turn the chic nude eyeshadow look into a glamorous version of yourself! Just shimmering up the natural-like matte look of the eyeshadow can do the wonders of making you ramp-ready in seconds!!!

Steps to follow for shimmering the look:

  • For those of you that wish to keep it as nude-looking as possible, opt for the beige shimmer.
  • Opt for the sparkling gold shimmer for an ultra-glamorous look.
  • Reserve the silver shimmer for highlighting effect.
  • Take a small eyeshadow brush to take the shimmer color from the palette.
  • Tap off the excess and apply very little product at the center and blend in both directions.
  • Give it a seamless finish for a subtle shine to your nude eyeshadow colors.

9. Highlight the brow bones

girl applying makeup on eyebrow

You’re almost at the end stage of applying eyeshadow colors of this how to apply nude eyeshadow guide! It’s time to highlight some strategic points around the eyes that’ll help open up the look. At the same time, the highlighter color helps is brightening up the eyes and the colors around it!!!

Steps to follow for highlighting the brows:

  • It’s time to make use of the silver shimmer on your DE’LANCI nude eyeshadow palette
  • Use a clean thin eyeshadow brush to take the color from the palette.
  • Alternatively, you can use your finger to take the silver shimmer color.
  • Apply it along the brow bone and blend for a gentle shine to the area.
  • Dab the same shimmer color on the inner side of the eyes and blend to give it a soft bright look.

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10. Frame the look

nude eyeshadow look

Coming to the final stage of our how to apply nude eyeshadow tutorial, we must tell you how to finish the look! Your eyebrows are the frames of your eyes, and the lashes help add depth to them. You must take care of these 2 parts to bring alive your face and eyes!!!

Steps to follow to frame the look:

  • Take the dark brown eyeshadow from the palette to give shape to your brows.
  • Use the color to fill in the brows to the extent that you wish to laminate brows.
  • To keep the look natural, underline only the outer parts of the brows.
  • Fill in only the areas that look sparse for a naturally full brow look.
  • Use a volumizing mascara to do up the lashes so that they stand out against the eyes giving them depth.

Pro tips for wearing nude eyeshadow looks

Now that you’ve covered every step of the how to apply nude eyeshadow guide, we’ll share some secret tips with you! 

1. Use a brightening primer

Primer helps smooth out the skin of all its unevenness making it a good canvas for makeup colors. Using a brightening primer helps add to its luminance which further enhances the makeup pigments. Using brightening primer for the eyes makes the area brighter and helps bring out the shades brilliantly.

2. Add dimension with complementing colors

Bring out the best nude eyeshadow look by using complementing shades of blush and lip tint. You can vary the colors depending on the intensity of your matte or shimmer nude eyeshadow look. One of the best ways to keep it all natural-looking is to use a brown color for a slight bronzing effect on the cheeks. Use a lip color that is nude pink, coral, or nude brown depending on your skin tone.

3. Always finish with a definition

Always complete your eye makeup by defining your brows and highlighting the lashes. A good way of defining the eyes is by adding a line of De’Lanci eyeliner Set along the upper lashes with a small wing. This further attenuates the framing along with the brows for that emphatic look!

Wrapping up

Look chic with the subtle nude eyeshadow looks with a soft-focus effect. You can never go wrong with the exhaustive steps of our how to apply nude eyeshadow guide. Make sure that you use only the shades of DE’LANCI 9 Colors Leopard Nude Eyeshadow Palette or DE’LANCI Take Me Away Nude Eyeshadow Palette. Every color is dermatologically tested, vegan, and cruelty-free. Despite their high quality, our palettes are the most affordable on the market!!!

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