The Ultimate Tutorial: How to Apply Loose Setting Powder Like a Pro

Giving your makeup a long life is among the skills of being a fine makeup artist, whether professionally or for personal application! Apart from picking the right shades of cosmetics, the correct blending, and of course the right highlight, you must set it all for the ultimate radiant finish. The use of setting powder is an imperative step in it all and knowing how to apply loose setting powder is the key to your flawless all-day-long look. We’ve asked our makeup specialist all the right questions about setting powder and its correct application for you to know it all!!!

Table of Content

  1. What is loose setting powder?
  2. Purpose of using loose setting powder
  3. 7 steps to how to apply loose setting powder
    1. Clean and moisturize the face
    2. Apply primer
    3. Use foundation
    4. Conceal if needed
    5. Choose the right shade of loose setting powder
    6. Give the final baking effect
    7. Finish the makeup
  4. Wrapping up

What is loose setting powder?

DE'LANCI Matte Loose Powder

Loose setting powder is a fine dust with nano-particles that helps in absorbing oil from the skin and sealing any product beneath it. Products like DE’LANCI Matte Loose Powder also have the ability to blur discoloration to some extent and conceal fine lines giving the perfect matte finish. You can apply the loose setting powder over a clean and moisturized skin or after primer, foundation, and concealer application to set all these products for a long-lasting matte look. We’re putting together this how-to-apply loose setting powder guide for you to stay with the latest makeup trend!

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Purpose of Using Loose Setting Powder

Before we actually define the steps of how to apply loose setting powder, knowing the purpose of the product is helpful.

  • As a guide to setting powder, you must know that loose setting powder sets any makeup and looks in place.
  • It is used as part of the makeup baking method that sets and seals the foundation and concealer for all-day wear.
  • The product gives the face the right matte finish with its shine-controlled, but softly radiant, flawless look!

7 steps to how to apply loose setting powder

It’s time to up the ante with the steps on how to apply loose setting powder for that perfect matte face for any time – every day, or special occasions! Here are 7 imperative steps that you must follow to get the perfectly baked look that lasts all day/night long!!!

1. Clean and moisturize the face

Clean and moisturize the face

Getting the base right is equally important when using loose powder for setting your makeup for extended hours. Here’s what you must follow to get the best out of our guide on how to apply loose setting powder!

  • Start by cleaning the face so that you have a dirt and oil-free skin with its natural glow.
  • Take care to use a cleansing agent that suits your skin type so that it is neither striped off too dry nor made extra oily.
  • To achieve the best-baked makeup look, it’s best to stick to an oil-free cleansing agent.
  • Touch it up with a moisturizer, again, according to your skin type, and wait for a couple of minutes.
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2. Apply primer

Apply primer

Once your skin has absorbed the moisturizer, it’s time to give the skin an even look using a high-quality primer.

  • Make use of this product even if you’re going out to work every day.
  • The use of primer will help minimize the pores and wrinkles on the face showing an evenly toned skin.
  • Again, wait for the skin to absorb and product before applying anything else.

3. Use the right foundation

Use the right foundation

Because you are going to seal the base makeup on the face, it is extremely important that you pick the right foundation for your skin.

  • Look for a foundation that gives a matte look and also does not make the skin dry.
  • At the same time, opt for the shade that will blend in with your skin giving it a coverage as though it is the natural look!
  • Let the foundation get absorbed by the skin before moving on to the next step!

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4. Conceal if needed

Conceal if needed

For a perfectly flawless look, use color correction and concealing with the right product using DE’LANCI Concealer Contour Multifunction Palette.

  • Take care to apply the concealer on all blemishes, spots, and of course any dark circles under the eyes.
  • You can also use the concealer to give your face a lifted effect by applying it just above the cheekbones, from the corner of the mouth and nose upwards.
  • Blend it in and wait a few seconds for the perfect effect.
  • Check out our expert’s advice on How to Apply Concealer for Beginners to get the best out of this step.

5. Choose the right shade of loose setting powder

Choose the right shade of loose setting powder

The best loose setting powders come in different shades including the white or translucent variant.

  • While fair-toned skins do well with the white or translucent variant of the loose setting powder, other skin tones may need those that contain some color!
  • One of the best ways to pick the right tone for your loose setting powder is to test it on the cheeks, neck, and jawbones.
  • Make sure that you pick one that is at least one shade lighter than your natural skin tone and completely matches the foundation color.

6. Give the final baking effect

Give the final baking effect

The first thing to do now is to pour some of the loose setting powder onto a makeup tray and then take it up with the right tool.

  • Use a large fluffy brush from DE’LANCI Professional Makeup Brushes Set or a powder puff that comes with the pack.
  • Tap off excess powder, and apply it onto the T-zone of the face. Move on to the areas under the eyes, and then the cheeks if necessary.
  • Make sure that you swirl the puff or brush to evenly distribute the powder so that it seals the foundation and concealer beneath.
  • If you’re applying it directly over a moisturized skin, you may want to give the face a second dusting of the product.

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7. Finish the makeup

Finish The Makeup

Time to finish the makeup by applying the contour, blush, and highlighter products on the cheeks, on and above the cheekbones.

  • You can choose to lighten the blush and contour shades and give the face a more natural look by just running the large fluffy brush or powder puff all over the face.
  • This will help transfer the loose powder trapped in them onto the face and also give it the final sealing and baking effect.
  • Make your pick of blush color from among DE’LANCI Multi-functional Double-headed Blush Stick for the perfect hue!

With an ever-increasing demand for the all-day/night long perfect, the demand and use of loose setting powder is on the rise globally

Wrapping up

Now that you know how to apply loose setting powder, it’s time for you to pick the right product from among the DE’LANCI Matte Loose Powder shades! With the help of this guide to setting powder, you can make the right pick of the loose powder. You can use it over your clean skin for the light and natural matte look or use it to seal and set the base makeup for the baked look! Share your experience about DE’LANCI Matte loose powder and its shades along with the ways you use it for your makeup in the comment section!!!

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