Step-by-Step Guide: How to Apply Cream Eyeshadow like Professional

A makeup newbie or someone that likes spending only 5 minutes on makeup, you’ll be thrilled to know it all about cream eyeshadows! Coming with a list of advantages like being super-easy to blend, high buildability, high color payoff, and long-wear, it surely is hot on the market. All you need to know is how to apply cream eyeshadow steps correctly. We have here a detailed discussion on cream eyeshadows by our makeup expert for the best application methods. Read on for the best results!!!

Table of Content:

  1. What is cream eyeshadow?
  2. Different types of eyeshadows
    1. Cream eyeshadows
    2. Pressed powder or compact eyeshadows
    3. Baked eyeshadows
    4. Liquid eyeshadows
    5. Loose powder eyeshadows
    6. Glitter eyeshadow colors
  3. Steps for how to apply cream eyeshadow like a pro
    1. Clean the skin
    2. Prep it well
    3. Choose your eyeshadow tool
    4. Apply little product
    5. Apply all over the lids
    6. Build up for the evenings
    7. Dazzle it up
  4. Pro tips for wearing cream eyeshadow
  5. Wrapping up

What is Cream Eyeshadow?

Cream eyeshadows, as the name suggests have a waxy cream-based pigment that you can apply around the eyes. They are intensely pigmented and give off high color payoff. Their creamy base makes them super-blendable on the skin. Cream eyeshadows do not necessarily have a shiny formula. They can come in matte formulas apart from the dewy, or shimmery ones. Also, they may be available on the market in tubes, sticks, or more popularly, eyeshadow palettes. In our how to apply cream eyeshadow guide, we must tell you that cream eyeshadows are among the easiest to apply on the skin!

Different Types of Eyeshadows

In our how to apply cream eyeshadow guide, we must tell you about the different types of eyeshadows before you learn to apply it. There are 6 different types of eyeshadows available on the market. These are -

1. Cream eyeshadows

As discussed, these come in creamy forms having a wax base. They can be applied and blended easily and are good for beginners. But they tend to settle on crease lines and need special care while applying on mature skins. These can come in individual jars, but, more commonly as a palette of colors!

2. Pressed powder or compact eyeshadows

These are a compact form of powder eyeshadow colors and come in a cake form. These are both smooth and blendable and can easily be applied on all types of skins. They can come in matte, shimmer, and glitter color output forms!

3. Baked eyeshadows

Keeping up with the name, this form of eyeshadow is made by baking the color pigments. They can be used for dry and wet applications and have color buildability about them. These are ideal for soft color payoff looks!

4. Liquid eyeshadows

These come in tubes that hold the liquid color pigment for the eyelids. These are akin to the liquid variant of lip tints and can be applied with a single swipe on the lids. They are usually good for intense color vibrancy with a hint of glittery looks!

5. Loose powder eyeshadows

Powdery form of eyeshadow colors come in pots and are available in individual shades. They can be applied over an eye primer using a brush or fingers. They give off a high color payoff and are good for bold looks!

6. Loose glitter eyeshadow colors

Coming in loose powder form, these contain fine glitter pigment particles. You will need to prepare the base of your eyelids to apply the color. These are meant for high-octane eye makeup looks for the super-shinny effect!
Get extensive knowledge on these products from our expert in our write-up on An Ultimate Guide to Different Types of Eyeshadows!

Steps for How to Apply Cream Eyeshadow Like a Pro

Now that you know all about the different types of eyeshadow forms, it’s time to move on to learn how to apply cream eyeshadow colors!

Step 1: Clean the skin

Your eyelids are likely to contain more oil and dirt than the rest of your face. Take care to clean it well using a good cleansing agent to remove all such traces. Any extra particle on the skin is sure to interfere with the color of the eyeshadow and also reduce its longevity.

Step 2: Prep it well

Once the skin is clean, you need to prepare it so that the colors retain on it well giving off maximum pigment payoff. Use a De’Lanci eye primer on the skin to set the base, and smooth out wrinkles and creases. Apply color corrector to give the skin a smooth, even, and bright look on which the eyeshadow will stand out.

Step 3: Choose your eyeshadow tool

Next in our how to apply cream eyeshadow tutorial comes the right choice of eyeshadow tool! You can either use an Eyeshadow brush to apply the cream eyeshadow or your fingers. The second is most recommended as you have greater control over it. Use your ring finger for applying eyeshadow colors in small dabbing movements.

Step 4: Apply little product

One of the best ways to apply any makeup color is to take as little product as possible and blend on the skin. Applying too much cream eyeshadow palette will make blending it very difficult. Always come back for more if you want to give the look a more intense color.

Step 5: Apply all over the lids

Now we come to the actual application of the how to apply cream eyeshadow tutorial. Apply the product at the center of your eyelids and blend in all directions. Go right above the cut crease and give the area a cover of your favorite eyeshadow color. This is good for your everyday and daytime looks.

Step 6: Build up for the evenings

You can easily transform the single color cream eyeshadow look into a glamorous evening look! Take a darker shade of the color you’ve applied and place it at the outer edge of the eyes. Blend for a seamless dark smoky look that gives you the classic chic eye makeup look!

Step 7: Dazzle it up

For those of you up for a greater razzle and dazzle, take a shimmering cream eyeshadow color and apply it at the center of the lids. Blend both outwards and inwards for a smooth glittering smoky look! Apply a little shimmer color to your inner eyes to expand and open up the eye look!

Pro Tips for Wearing Cream Eyeshadow

Here are some secret pro tips from our expert on how to apply cream eyeshadow!

  • The first is on how to apply cream eyeshadow for mature eyes. Since the creases are more concentrated towards the cut crease area, use the color keeping close to the lash line extending all along it.
  • Next allow time for your cream eyeshadow to set for a few seconds. Once you’ve applied the cream color on the lids, maintain the same posture of the eyes for a few seconds. This will let the cream color dry up without settling into the creases creating harsh lines.
  • Now, we come to the question how to apply cream eyeshadow with fingers. The best way to do it is by using the back of your hand as a palette. Once you’ve taken the color with your finger, rub it on the back of your hand and then apply to the eyelids. It will give you an evenly blended finish with a subtly chic look!

Wrapping up

It’s time to start showing all that you’ve learned in your how to apply cream eyeshadow guide! What better way than doing it by using the best product like DE’LANCI Cream Eyeshadow Palette! You have the complete selection of eyeshadow colors for all purposes to suit all skin tones. The palette is completely vegan, hypoallergic, and cruelty-free making it the best on the market!!!

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