7+ Best Makeup Tips for Christmas Party For 2023

Look your best this holiday with the best makeup tips for Christmas party from our experts! Have a blast all through the evening or extend it to the wee hours of the morning without a care about makeup retouch. At De’Lanci, we have just the tips for you to wear long-lasting makeup that are completely waterproof and smudge-proof. Bring on the luminosity of the festivities around you with the Christmas makeup looks of your choice with our tips!!!

Table of Content:

  1. 7+ Best Makeup Tips for Christmas Party For 2023
    1. Full coverage is the way to go
    2. Conceal with care
    3. Smoke up your eyes
    4. Layer up the eyeliner
    5. Go dramatic with coated lashes/added lashes
    6. Go all out with red lips
    7. Glitter glam looks
    8. Use colors that complement your skin tone
  2. Wrapping up

7+ Best Makeup Tips for Christmas Party For 2023

The De’Lanci experts have spoken these compelling Christmas makeup tips for you to be the gorgeous person this year! It’s essential that you exfoliate your skin and hydrate it continually to get the best-looking makeup on festive days. Be mindful of preparing your skin with moisturizer, and primer before you apply any other makeup product. Here are the tips that will help you look the glam babe of town this party season 2023!!!

1. Full coverage is the way to go

Since it’s party time, a full-coverage foundation is your best bet! It’ll give you that long-lasting canvas to hold your makeup without fading.

  • Take care to choose your foundation color with care. In case of a full-coverage product, it’s safe to stick to one that is closest to the natural skin tone.
  • For a more glamorous look, you can opt for a shade that is slightly lighter than the normal skin tone.
  • Remember to set the foundation using a light dust of De’Lanci Matte Loose Powder.
  • Pick the shade that complements your complexion and matte up the look that will remain shine-free all through.
  • The product is formulated to absorb excess oil without drying up your skin keeping it perfect-looking always!

2. Conceal with care

Applying concealers is an art that you must cultivate! The best makeup tips for Christmas party stipulate that you must choose a concealer that blends in with your foundation color.

  • The next thing to be careful about with concealers is preventing them from sitting on the crease around the eyes or any other part of the face.
  • Take care to apply a thin coat of the product and blot it out using tissue paper.
  • Brush off any excess and set it again with matte powder to give a completely flawless-looking skin!
  • Opt for De’Lanci Multicolor Liquid Concealer for Dark Skin and pick the right shade to make your skin look blemish-free!

3. Smoke-up your eyes

When it comes to Christmas eye makeup looks we definitely advocate smoky eyes over and above cat eyes!

  • Winged looks have little eyeliner color and are likely to disappear when you have plans for late-night parties.
  • As our makeup tips for Christmas party, we prefer classic smoky eyes or those with a hint of glitter.
  • You can also wear smoky eyes in any color without restricting yourself to classic black.
  • These looks are low-maintenance and give you an ultra-glam look in any outfit.
  • Take care to apply eye primer to bring out the intense pigments of the eyeshadows.
  • Explore the complete range of colors of the De’Lanci 54 Color La Catrina Eyeshadow for the most outstanding Christmas eye makeup 2023!

4. Layer up the eyeliner

For those of you that want to stick to dramatic eyeliner looks, we do have some interesting makeup tips for Christmas party!

  • Layer up the eyeliner look and make more use of colors that are likely to retain their intensity all through the party time.
  • Make use of graphic designs in stunning combinations of black and gold, gold and blue, brown and purple, green, and blue.
  • Explore the options using De’Lanci La Catrina 3 Color/Set Glitter Liquid Eyeliner for some stunning party-eye looks!

5. Go dramatic with coated lashes/added lashes

The best makeup tips for Christmas party will always emphasize on your eye makeup! But the best eye makeup remains incomplete without large lashes.

  • Take care to coat your eyelashes to add depth to your eyes.
  • Add a light dust of translucent powder to them and recoat to give them more volume. Use length-enhancing mascara to make them look longer.
  • Add fake lashes that are just right for the size of your eyes for maintenance-free looks.
  • These will also stand out great in photos that will remain for years to come!

6. Go all out with red lips

Red is the color of Christmas and nothing looks better than this warm color in the dreary cold days!

  • We are including red lipstick as our top-of-the-line look among the best makeup tips for Christmas party!
  • This is a lip color that is apt for all skin tones and also all ages.
  • You can opt to go for matte red lips with nude makeup for subtly hot Christmas makeup looks.
  • Gloss up your matte lipstick to bring out the siren look for late-night parties.
  • Pair up red lips with minimal red blush, and a hint of red eyeshadow for a monochromatic daytime Christmas party look!
  • Get any of these looks right with De’Lanci Multicolor Aesthetics Matte Lipsticks that include a separate gloss applicator.

7. Glitter glam looks

How can we not stress on glittered-up looks among our makeup tips for Christmas party?

  • You can either choose to shine your way with glittered eyes and cheeks or use the glitter subtly.
  • Either way, make it a part of your festival makeup looks to up your glam quotient instantly.
  • Use glitter, or color-changing, eyeshadow for the most dramatic multi-dimensional look using De’Lanci Multichrome Chameleon Liquid Eyeshadow or 6 Colors Cosmetics Chameleon Flakes Eyeshadow for choice.
  • You can also opt to add only a hint of glitter or shimmer using the highlighter from any of the De’Lanci eyeshadow palettes.
  • Take care to add a hint of highlighter to your cheeks to accentuate the natural glow-from-within look!

8. Use colors that complement your skin tone

When it comes to the giving you the best makeup tips for Christmas party, we’ve certainly reserved the best for the last!

  • Wear colors that are trendy and popular like blue, violet, and green making sure that the tone matches your natural complexion.
  • Peach and coral are 2 glorious hues that look just great on all skin tones and for all ages.
  • Gold and wine are best kept apart as they never go well together; wine is good for nude looks.
  • When using violet for lips, keep the rest minimal to accentuate the color of the pout.

Wrapping up

Festivities are just around the corner and we’re sure that our expert makeup tips for Christmas party have given you ideas already! Remember, that these parties also involve a lot of contact to greet and wish others. Try to figure out your best options from the tips above using top-class De’Lanci lipstick makeup products, eye makeup products, and face makeup products along with the best makeup brushes set!


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