Korean Makeup Tutorial for Beginners: Step By Step Guide

In the previous, we saw some trending Korean looks that you can recreate for the perfect Korean glow, added some tips, and promised you that we will be back with the Korean makeup tutorial for beginners. And look here we are! In this article, you will learn everything from a Korean makeup look for tan skin to getting that glassy and natural look. Without any delay, let’s move ahead with the topic!

Table of Contents

  1. What is a Korean makeup look?
  2. Things Needed For Korean makeup tutorial natural look
  3. Step by step Korean makeup tutorial for beginners
    1. Step 1: Prep the face and eyes
    2. Step 2: Do the eyebrows and eyeshadow
    3. Step 3: Add puppy eyeliner and mascara
    4. Step 4: Apply foundation
    5. Step 5: Apply concealer over the face
    6. Step 6: Set the makeup base with loose powder
    7. Step 7: Do light contouring
    8. Step 8: Apply blusher and minimal highlighter
    9. Step 9: Apply lipstick
    10. Step 10: Finish off with a setting spray
  4. Slay the Korean Makeup Look!

What is a Korean makeup look?

The Korean makeup look is a trending technique of makeup application. It is inspired by the Korean people. Their way of doing makeup is mostly about enhancing the natural glow and make you look youthful with a dewy skin. The makeup product used are lightweight, comfortable, and less pigmented. Along with the Korean skincare routine, their makeup techniques and look have made a place in everyone’s heart. Whether you want to kpop makeup look cute or sexy, they have it all. Also you can read more about Korean makeup look.

Things Needed For Korean makeup Tutorial Natural Look

Well, our inhouse makeup experts have finally come up with a tutorial that will help you learn the how to do korean makeup like a pro. Let’s set the table for our tutorial, here are the things you will need to create an amazing Korean makeup look:

Step by Step Korean Makeup Tutorial for Beginners

Now, as you know which products you will need to move ahead with Korean makeup tutorials for beginners, there is one more thing you need to know. Korean makeup is all about enhancing the natural glow of the skin and making you look gorgeous. Follow all steps of this kpop makeup tutorial natural look to get a hang of it:

Step 1: Prep the face and eyes

The very first step in kpop makeup tutorial is prepping the face, the usual procedure is applying primer and concealer. However, for a Korean makeup routine, the prep is a lengthy procedure. As we all know the Korean skincare routine is the secret to their plumpy and glowing face, the before-makeup prep is kind of that only. 

  • Cleanse your face, and apply toner and serum to the face.
  • Then use moisturizer to it all in, and last is the sunscreen to protect skin from all the harmful sun rays.
  • And also apply lip balm to your lips. With this, you are done with face prep.

Step 2: Do the eyebrows and eyeshadow

The next step is to do the eyebrows and apply the eyeshadow. Keep your brow shape natural, you just have to touch up, add shape, and fill in gaps (if there are any). Secondly, remember, that Korean eye makeup is a mixture of matte, shimmer, and sometimes glitter.

  • Apply the base color over the eyelids, over the crease, and on the lower lash line.
  • Then pick the shimmer shade and apply it to the middle and inner corner of the eyes.
  • Next, take the brown shade and apply it near the upper lash line.

For eyeshadow here are some of the De’Lanci products that you might like to add to your vanity to create a natural and Korean makeup look for tan skin:

  1. Fruit Eyeshadow Palette
  2. Mysterious Queen Eyeshadow Palette
  3. Little Prince & Rose Eyeshadow Palette

Step 3: Add puppy eyeliner and mascara

The next step is to apply eyeliner and mascara. The Korean makeup tutorial for beginners will also help you learn a new type of eyeliner shape–puppy eyeliner. Start from the outer corner of the eyelid and take it up to the middle. You don’t have to give a wing to your eyeliner. Then take the brown shade with an angled brush and swipe it over the eyeliner to blend it well with the eyeshadow.

  • Don’t forget to add the brown shade to the lower lash line, it will create that cute eye bag look you see on Korean faces.
  • Also, add a shimmer on the lower lash line to make the eyes look bigger.
  • He last step is to apply mascara. You can curl your lashes with a curler and then apply 2 to 3 coats of mascara.

If you are a fan of glitter eyeliner, you might want to take a look at De’Lanci glitter liquid pen eyeliner.

Step 4: Apply foundation

Now, we will move ahead with the face makeup. The first step is to use a cushion foundation and apply it all over the face. The reason Koreans use cushion foundations is because of the full coverage it gives and is also lightweight. If you don’t have one, you can also use liquid foundation, but make sure it gives you the full coverage.

Step 5: Apply concealer

Image Credit: creatrip

Next up is the concealer, apply concealer, where you see the blemishes and blend it well. If you have black or blue-colored blemishes, use the concealer before applying the foundation.

Step 6: Set the makeup base with loose powder

Image Credit: stylecraze

Once you've applied the concealer, it is time to set all that base makeup. Use loose powder and apply it to your face. The finishing powder should also be cushioned, if possible.

Step 7: Do light contouring

Image Credit: cloudfront

Next up is contouring. Unlike our routine, we just have to put in a very little amount of contouring. You can say just a few swipes in the necessary places. The most important is nose contouring. Take a little amount of contour on the brush, remove excess, and swipe it on the sides of the nose bridge. Then do the light contouring on the forehead, cheeks, and jawline.

Step 8: Apply blusher and minimal highlighter

Now it's time to blush just like you do after seeing your crush! As for the blusher color choice, it would be better if you pick the peach or pink tone. Apply the blusher to your cheeks. Then move with a highlighter. Apply highlighter on your nose tip, nose bridge, a little on forehead, chin, and minimal on your cheekbones.  To get that kpop makeup look perfect, pick De'Lanci blusher and highlighter palette.

Step 9: Apply lipstick

It’s lipstick time! Now for the lipstick, very few Koreans go for the matte one. For that glossy look, the cream-based lipstick is what you want. You can apply either the full lipstick or go for the gradient lips as well. If you are applying liquid lipstick, here’s how you can apply it. And for the product, you can pick an Everlasting matte liquid lipstick set from De’Lanci.

If you are going for the gradient lip look, pick De’Lanci 25 color lipstick palette.

  • Pick the shade you want to go with or make one.
  • Apply it to the center of the lips leaving the outer lips empty.
  • Now, brush and blend the lipstick shade nicely towards the edges.

And there you have the gradient lip look. Wasn’t that easy?

Step 10: Finish off with a setting spray

The last step of the makeup routine is common in any type of makeup–setting spray. Pick the setting spray and fix the makeup look for good.

Slay the Korean Makeup Look!

This article had information on how to do Korean makeup flawlessly and helped you learn the tiniest details. Now when you have learned a Korean makeup tutorial for beginners, practice to ace it and help others be the Lisa or Seo Ye-Ji of the group. Create a flawless Korean makeup look and tag us on Instagram to get featured, till then Saranghae. Stay tuned to De’Lanci for more tips on Makeup and its trends.


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