7 Easy Zombie Makeup Ideas for Fun Halloween 2023

Halloween is all about channeling your creativity, and what better way to do so than by transforming into a gruesome zombie? But, achieving that perfectly scary undead look can be tricky and time-consuming, potentially leaving you frustrated and ready to ditch your Halloween plans. Fret not! This blog is your savior with 7 simple zombie makeup ideas that will have you Halloween-ready in no time for 2023. Packed with easy-to-follow tips and tricks, you're sure to turn heads at any Halloween event. So, keep scrolling and get ready to be inspired!

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  1. List of Easy Zombie Makeup Ideas for Halloween 2023
    1. Zombie Mermaid Look
    2. Zombie Nurse Makeup Look
    3. Decayed Aristocrat Zombie Makeup Look
    4. Pop Art Zombie Look
    5. Zombie Vein Makeup Look
    6. Barbie Zombie Makeup Look
    7. Glam zombie makeup Look
  2. 5+ Pro Tips to Wear Zombie Makeup Look
  3. Wrapping up

List of Easy Zombie Makeup Ideas for Halloween 2023

When the dead walk the Earth this Halloween 2023, will you be ready? Our curated list offers a spectrum of both eerie and elegant zombie makeup looks, including simple zombie makeup options. These ensure that whether you're aiming for understated or over-the-top, you're covered. Set the stage for an unforgettable night of fright and fashion with our diverse range. Also, check out our step-by-step Halloween makeup tutorial to achieve perfection.

1. Zombie Mermaid Look

Zombie Mermaid Look

Combine the pretty look of mermaids with the scary look of zombies. Shiny scales mixed with zombie-like skin make a cool and spooky Halloween style.

How to Create Zombie Mermaid Look

  1. Apply pale foundation to your face and body to create a ghostly appearance. Use a Green and Grey Smoky Eyeshadow palette to create sunken, hollow eyes.
  2. Use special effects makeup or liquid latex to create fake wounds and scars on your face and body. Add fake blood for a gruesome touch.
  3. Wear a mermaid tail costume or create one using sequined fabric and attach it to your lower body for the mermaid element.
  4. Accessorize with fake seaweed and seashells in your hair and on your costume to enhance the underwater zombie theme.
  5. Style your hair in messy, wet-looking waves, and add seaweed or fishnet as hair accessories. Use colored contact lenses to give your eyes an eerie, otherworldly look to complete the zombie mermaid transformation.

2. Zombie Nurse Makeup Look

Zombie Nurse Makeup Look

Make the usual nurse look spooky. Use light makeup and add some fake blood. Make your eyes look dark and tired. Wear a dirty mask and a nurse hat to finish the look.

How to Create the Zombie Nurse Makeup Look

  1. Apply a pale foundation all over the face for that undead, ghostly complexion typical of zombies.
  2. Use a black and deep purple eyeshadow palette to create sunken eyes. Blend well for a hollowed-out appearance.
  3. With red face paint or lip tint, simulate blood splatters and drips, especially around the mouth and any 'injury' points.
  4. Draw fine blue and purple veins around the eyes and on the forehead. Add soft bruises using purples and blues for a recently turned effect.
  5. Opt for a dark lipstick, intentionally smudging it beyond the lip line, mimicking the messy aftermath of a zombie feast.
  6. Add faux blood stains to a nurse cap and wear it askew. If you're using a mask, smear it with a bit of red and brown makeup for a worn, battle-hardened look.

3. Decayed Aristocrat Zombie Makeup Look

Decayed Aristocrat Zombie Makeup Look

This was once a fancy and popular person, but now looks like a rich zombie. The style mixes fancy royal looks with the scary zombie style. Using royal colors like purples and greys, this Halloween makeup look has a hint of old-time richness.

How to Create Decayed Aristocrat Zombie Makeup Look

  1. Start with a pale foundation, giving your skin an undead, ashen appearance.
  2. Blend purples, blues, and greys around the eyes, giving a deep sunken effect.
  3. Drip gold liquid eyeshadow or makeup from the corners of the eyes, mimicking tear streaks.
  4. Wear vintage or old clothing resembling aristocratic attire, ensuring they look worn and tattered.
  5. Add touches of red makeup or faux blood around the mouth and other areas, suggesting recent feasting.
  6. Don a faded crown or tiara, tilted to one side, or wear old jewelry to capture the lost grandeur of the aristocracy.

4. Pop Art Zombie Look

Pop Art Zombie Look

Imagine mixing bright comic-book looks with a creepy zombie style. Use bold colors with clear black outlines, like old comic books. It's like combining old comics with a zombie twist, giving a cool new zombie face.

How to Create Pop Art Zombie Look

  1. Begin by cleansing your face and applying primer to create a smooth canvas for your Pop Art Zombie look.
  2. Use black face paint or eyeliner to create bold, exaggerated outlines around your eyes, nose, and mouth, giving yourself a comic book-style appearance.
  3. Apply vibrant and contrasting colors, such as bright reds, blues, and greens, to fill in different areas of your face. Think of using these colors in blocks or patches to mimic the pop art aesthetic.
  4. Incorporate comic book-style details like Ben-Day dots (small, evenly spaced dots) and exaggerated facial expressions, such as large, round eyes or exaggerated smiles.
  5. Complete the Pop Art Zombie look with fake blood, wounds, or other zombie-like effects to enhance the horror element. Additionally, consider wearing a wig or using hairspray to create a wild and dramatic hairstyle to compliment your look.

5. Zombie Vein Makeup Look


Zombie Vein Makeup Look

Zombies don't just have pale skin; they also have dark veins that you can see clearly. Making these veins look real is important if you want a true zombie look. Let's learn how to make those creepy veins.

How to Create Zombie Vein Makeup Look

  1. Start with a pale foundation or face paint, ensuring an even, ghostly canvas for the veins.
  2. Using a thin brush and dark blue or purple eyeshadow, lightly sketch out the pattern of veins, mimicking the branching and thinning nature of real veins.
  3. Gently smudge the edges of your veins with a blending brush or fingertip to create a more natural, embedded look.
  4. Add touches of black or light green eyeshadow from DE’LANCI Green Eyeshadow Palette intermittently along the veins to give them depth and a more 3D appearance.
  5. Incorporate subtle hints of red eyeshadow or lip liner around some veins, suggesting irritation or fresh zombification.
  6. Finally, set your makeup with a matte loose powder or spray for long-lasting wear, especially in warm conditions.

6. Barbie Zombie Makeup Look

Barbie Zombie Makeup Look

You get special when bright and pretty styles mix with the creepy zombie look. Imagine a Barbie doll with a spooky twist. It's great for those who want to look both beautiful and scary.

How to Create Barbie Zombie Makeup Look

  1. Start with a matte foundation for that perfect Barbie complexion, but lighten your natural shade for a touch of the undead.
  2. Use pastel eyeshadows, particularly pinks, and blues from DE’LANCI 15 Color Space Blue Eyeshadow Palette. Add a darker shadow or black eyeliner for a slightly smudged, "decayed" effect.
  3. Contour your cheeks more dramatically than usual, leaning towards grays to give a hollow, zombified appearance.
  4. Apply classic Barbie pink lipstick and then overlay with dark red or black cracks. Optionally, add a trickle of 'blood' from the corner of the lips.
  5. Incorporate realistic scar makeup or wound effects on parts of the face or neck, representing where Barbie's plastic might've "cracked".
  6. Don a blonde wig (if not naturally blonde) and wear Barbie-like attire, but ensure they look distressed or tattered to match the zombie theme.

7. Glam Zombie Makeup Look

Glam Zombie Makeup Look

You can be a zombie and still look stylish. The "glam zombie" makeup is both spooky and pretty, perfect for Halloween. This chic twist on the classic horror look merges fright with fashion. It's the ideal balance for those who want to embrace the eerie spirit without sacrificing glamour.

How to Create a Glam Zombie Makeup Look

  1. Opt for a pale, luminous foundation, lighter than your skin tone, to give that undead glow while retaining a glamorous finish.
  2. Blend dark eyeshadows for a sultry smokey eye, adding a dash of shimmer or glitter to make those eyes pop, yet haunting.
  3. Use purples and greens lightly to simulate veins and contouring, giving depth and an undead vibe without overdoing it.
  4. Instead of traditional red, use a glossy or metallic deep red to add subtle bloody touches, especially around the lips and neck.
  5. Apply a shimmery highlighter to accentuate your cheekbones, adding a chic radiance to the overall ghastly appearance.
  6. Finish with a dark plum or deep red lip gloss, combining the allure of a glam look with the darkness of zombie chic.

5+ Pro Tips to Wear Zombie Makeup Look

  1. Opt for creepy zombie contact lenses for an otherworldly look. White, pale blue or veiny ones can make your gaze haunting. However, always use the safest way to put in contact lenses to protect your eyes.
  2. Avoid freshly washed hair. Instead, use hair gels, oils, or sprays to create a matted, unkempt, and greasy appearance. For an added touch, sprinkle a little dirt or use dry shampoo to give a dusted neglected look.
  3. Purchase safe-to-use tooth enamel paints in shades of yellow or green to give your pearly whites a neglected, decaying look. Remember to avoid eating or drinking with them on!
  4. Don't just stop at makeup; wear old clothes that you've roughed up. Tear them, dirty them, and add some faux blood splatters to complete the look.
  5. Use liquid latex or tissue paper on your skin before applying makeup. Once dry, it can be manipulated to mimic peeling or rotting skin, adding an extra dimension to your undead appearance.
  6. Often overlooked, hands can give away a half-done look. Apply pale makeup to your hands, dirty under the nails, and consider using black or deep purple nail polish to give the illusion of decayed nails.

Wrapping up

Halloween is just around the corner! Plan your zombie face makeup early and be the talk of the town this spooky season. By following the right prep and makeup steps, especially with the transformative power of a grey eyeshadow palette, you're bound to nail that undead look. And hey, if ever makeup feels too intricate, remember there are tools like the Fotor zombie filter to give your photos a ghoulish touch in a snap. Ready to get started or have some ideas? Drop a comment below! We're eager to hear how many compliments you received!

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