The Ultimate Lip Gloss Guide: Types, How to Choose, and Apply

Showing off softly shinning lips is the best way to give your face an instant makeover! Just glossing up the lips can be your perfect everyday makeup too. Yes, we’re talking about the use of the wonder lip makeup product, the lip gloss! Now, with so many types of lip gloss on the market, you will surely need a reliable lip gloss guide to get the best results and coveted nude lipstick looks. Our expert explains everything that you need to know about lip gloss and how to choose the right one for you. So, read on to find it all!!!

Table of content

  1. What is lip gloss?
  2. Different types of lip gloss
    1. Transparent
    2. Color-toned
    3. Glitter gloss
    4. Color-changing
    5. Metallic effect
  3. How to choose which lip gloss is perfect
  4. How to apply lip gloss flawlessly
  5. Wrapping up

What is lip gloss?

lip gloss

Lip gloss is a lip makeup product that comes in liquid or semi-liquid gel forms and gives the lips a shining finish. They can be applied on the lips using the built-in applicator directly on the lips or over lipstick colors for the glossy finish. There are different types of lip gloss on the market with and without colors. Newer variations of these glosses contain particles like glitter or color-changing pigment to give an interesting lip makeup look. These variants usually contain lip-plumping agents that enhance the thickness of the lips for fuller-looking shining lips!

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Different types of lip gloss

types of lip gloss

Lip gloss is meant to give your lips that shining luster with a slick finish that may or may not have some color in it. Our lip gloss guide will help you identify and find the different types of lip gloss as categorized below!

1. Transparent


This type of lip gloss comes in liquid form and is totally transparent without any color in it. These are best used for minimal makeup looks when you apply them on nude lips or over any other lipstick shade for the glossy finish of the same color.

2. Color-toned


These again are liquid lip glosses that come in different colors, mostly in fruit-inspired colors accompanied by their individual flavors. These are great for young makeup enthusiasts who love to touch up their lips frequently all through the day!

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3. Glitter gloss

Glitter gloss

Another liquid form of lip gloss, these contain glitter particles in the transparent or colored product. The effect of these on the lips is that of a super-shining gloss finish for evenings, special events, and makeup needs!

4. Color-changing

Colour Changing

These are special effect lip glosses that come in the same gel form as those from DE’LANCI Chameleon Glitter Lip Gloss in 8 different colors. These lip gloss colors change shades with different angles of light due to the multiple color particles that their special formula contains. This gives them the Chameleon name!

5. Metallic effect

Metallic effect

Lip glosses that give off a metallic sheen due to the pearlescent effect of the gel formula are suitable for special makeup needs. DE’LANCI Chameleon glosses give off this metallic sheen along with the color-changing effect.

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How to choose which lip gloss is perfect

Much like any other makeup color, you will have to determine your skin tone to make your pick of lip gloss color according to it! Our expert lip gloss guide will help you make the ideal pick so that you continue to shine brightly all the time!!!

1. Fair skins looks great with nude-colored lip gloss. But if you’re in the mood to add some color, you can opt for bright reds, coral, pink, or peach.

Fair skin looks

2. Dark skins have the option of playing it out with bold colors when it comes to lip gloss! Just keep in mind to steer clear of pale shades that will give a washed-out look. So, look stunning in bright orange, red, or deep berry shades!

Dark skins

3. Olive skins are those that look best with neutral shades just as the skin tone itself! You can opt for clear lip gloss, warm peaches, and pinks, or berry colors. Bright colors will also look equally good on olive skin tones!

Olive skins

How to apply lip gloss flawlessly

Our expert lip gloss guide will help you get the picture-perfect finish with your makeup and help retain it all day long too!

1. Create a base for your lips

Create a base for your lips

Apart from cleaning the lips, you need to prepare its base for the gloss color to come out bright. Apply a light coat of foundation or concealer on the lips to create this base over which you can slide the gloss. 

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2. Outline the lips

Outline the lips

Use a lip pencil or a lip brush and the desired color to outline the shape of your lips. In case you’re going to use clear lip gloss, opt for a light brown or nude-colored pencil so that the outline looks natural. Otherwise, use the color that you want to give the lips.

3. Apply a thin layer first

Apply a thin layer first

When applying the gloss over the prepared base, apply only a thin layer at first and spread it out evenly. This will help the gloss formula to disperse over the lips well and show its brilliance.

4. Reapply for the ultimate shine

Reapply for the ultimate shine

Apply a second coat over the first layer and evenly distribute the product for that ultimate sheen on your lips!

5. Retouch the gloss throughout the day/event

Retouch the gloss throughout the day\event

Products like DE’LANCI lip gloss are both waterproof and long-lasting. But, in case you are enjoying your time eating and drinking, you may want to touch it up to retain the impeccable shine of the gloss.

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Wrapping up

It’s time for you to get celebrity-like shiny lips with the help of our expert lip gloss guide! Opt for any of the DE’LANCI Chameleon Lip Gloss colors for your next event or party and watch head turns you effortlessly! Now, go and apply this guide for your next lip gloss makeup. Did we miss anything or want to share any lip gloss hack, don't hesitate to comment below. We'll definitely add in our content with your name. So Comment Now!!

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