A Step-by-Step Everyday Fall Makeup Tutorial in 2023

The fall days are sure to be challenging when it comes to your makeup looks after the plain summer looks! As you step out every day for your daily life, the subtle change in the weather with its cold winds can fade you out. Adding a little more colors to your daily makeup looks will be just right to fall in line with the change in nature. We have for you a comprehensive fall makeup tutorial that is written keeping in mind the simplicity of everyday looks combined with the change in nature. Keep scrolling and read on!!!

Table of Content

  1. 5 Easy Steps for Everyday Fall Makeup Tutorial
    1. Building a regular skincare regime
    2. Prepare the skin for a lasting makeup look
    3. Use a skin-tone matching base
    4. Pep up the eyes for prominence
    5. Blush it up for the flush of color
    6. Match up the lips for a bright look
  2. 5+ pro tips to wear fall makeup look
  3. Wrapping up

5 Easy Steps for Everyday Fall Makeup Tutorial

Easy Steps for Everyday Fall Makeup Tutorial

This detailed fall makeup tutorial will take you through the detailed steps that will lighten up your looks everyday as you step out! Just keep reading and learn them all!!!

1. Building a regular skincare regime

Building a regular skincare regime

Building a regular skincare regime is the first concrete step to attain any good makeup look and it includes your everyday fall look!

How to build a regular skincare regime:

  1. Clean your skin at regular intervals to get rid of any oily build-up, especially under humid conditions.
  2. Give your facial skin a scrub treatment once in 7 to 10 days to exfoliate and bring out the fresh skin for a natural glowing look.
  3. Applying a hydrating face mask after exfoliating the skin by scrubbing will help add brightening elements to it.
  4. Moisturize the skin every night before retiring for the day to keep it healthy, and glowing all the time.

2. Prepare the skin for a lasting makeup look

Prepare the skin for a lasting makeup look

Just before applying your makeup, you must prepare the skin so that it is capable of retaining the look for extended hours. Follow these steps of this fall makeup tutorial and make the best of it!

How to prepare the skin for a lasting makeup look:

  1. Clean your skin using a suitable cleansing agent for your skin type and remove all traces of oil and dirt.
  2. Apply a light moisturizing agent to hydrate the skin and also create a protective shield around it.
  3. Next, apply a layer of primer on it and wait for the skin to absorb it and smooth out all the fine lines and wrinkles to create a smooth canvas.

3. Use a skin-tone matching base

skin-tone matching base

Moving on with the fall makeup tutorial, we come to the step where you start building up the skin for a natural-like look. Do it as you use a skin-tone matching base!

How to use a skin tone matching base:

  1. Pick a light foundation formula that your skin will absorb easily and also let it breathe for a healthy output.
  2. While choosing the color, take care to match it with your skin tone so that it looks like your natural skin cover.
  3. Apply small dots of the product all over the face and blend it well using a wet sponge for even distribution.
  4. Let the skin absorb it all; so wait for a few seconds before you move on to the next step and seal the look.
  5. Now, give it a dusting of DE’LANCI Matte Loose Powder to set this base which will give you flawless-looking skin!

4. Pep up the eyes for prominence

Pep up the eyes for prominence

We now come to the step of the fall makeup tutorial that will bring the eyes into prominence onto your face. Light but prominent, as you pep up the eyes for prominence, it will make a ton of difference to the final look!

How to pep up the eyes for prominence:

  1. Start by applying the Nude shade eyeshadow on the upper lids from DE’LANCI Leopard Nude Eyeshadow Palette.
  2. Move on to apply eyeliner along the upper lash line to give it more definition and shape that enhances the natural dewy makeup look.
  3. Apply a coat of mascara on the eyelashes, wait for a few seconds, and reapply to make them thick and prominent.
  4. Now, fill in the eyebrows with the Coffee eyeshadow color from the same eyeshadow palette and make it fuller-looking.

5. Blush it up for the flush of color

Blush it up for the flush of color

It’s time to start working with the cheeks to give them that natural healthy flush that will bring alive your face on any fall day! Go along with these steps of our fall makeup tutorial and blush it up for the flush of color!

How to blush it up for the pep of color:

  1. Keeping it natural and close to your skin tone is the trick to the look, so choose the blush color accordingly from DE’LANCI Blush and Highlighter Face Makeup Palette options.
  2. Use very little color to impart just a healthy flush of color on your cheeks by dabbing it on with the brush.
  3. Blend it upwards and outwards so that it also gives your face the right lifted and young look.
  4. If you feel the color to be too strong, you can always tone it down with a light touch of translucent powder over it.

6. Match up the lips for a bright look

Match up the lips for a bright look

Coming to the final part of the fall makeup tutorial, it’s time to match up the lips for a bright look to the face! Take care to follow all the steps for the indomitable look that you can carry all through the day!!!

How to match up the lips for a bright look:

  1. In keeping with the spirit of the natural-like everyday fall look, you will do well to give the lips a dash of nude or nude-pink shade.
  2. The best way to go about it is to create a base for the lips by applying a light foundation or concealer.
  3. Next outline the shape of the lips using a lip pencil or a lip brush using the color that you wish to apply.
  4. Pick a shade from the DE’LANCI Matte Lipstick set and start with the outer edges and then fill in the center.
  5. In case you wish to give the lips more prominence, you can coat them with translucent powder, and reapply another coat for a strong show of color!

5+ Pro Tips to Wear Fall Makeup Look

  1. Keep your base makeup for an everyday look that gives the most natural-looking face and adds a little color to the rest of the features.
  2. The key to the best fall makeup look is to build and enhance your natural features with a touch of makeup that looks minimal.
  3. Give special attention to your brow shape as you do up your eyes for everyday fall look, it will sharpen the overall look of the face.
  4. Switch to the bronzer instead of the conventional pink blush color, it will help bring out the healthy summer holiday tan on your face!
  5. For your daytime everyday fall look, you can opt for copper-based nude to match the color of your cheeks and go for a homogeneous color scheme.
  6. Always end your fall makeup look with a setting spray that will help retain all the products in place all day long without any retouching.

Wrapping up

Simple and quick, the detailed fall makeup tutorial is sure to give you the best-looking face as you go about your daily work! Keep handy DE’LANCI Matte Nude Waterproof Lipstick Set in case you have to retouch the lips after having an oily meal as you go from a work-lunch meet. Your daily look can quickly become your strong point as you start perfecting it. Tell us something more that fascinates you about everyday looks and would like to add to the tutorial. Drop your comments below and we’ll add it to the content!!!

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