Top 10 Brown Eyeliner Looks You Can Create Effortlessly

It’s hot and trending in all fashion circles! Yes, it’s the brown eyeliner looks that we’re talking about! We’re just loving the looks that this soft and subtle color is bringing on. It’s time to slay the show any time of the day with this beautiful earthen color brown liquid eyeliner looks. Minimalistic and nude, or colorful and feisty, these natural brown eyeliner looks are sure to up your glam quotient effortlessly. Read up on what our beauty expert has to say on different types of eyeliner looks as you learn all about the top 10 brown eyeliner looks!

Table of Content:

  1. 10 best brown eyeliner looks
    1. Floating graphic brown eyeliner look
    2. Smudged eyeliner look
    3. Soft brown tones
    4. The brown waterline
    5. Soft smoky brown
    6. Chocolate liner look
    7. Fluorescent and brown eyeliner look
    8. Two-toned brown eyeliner look
    9. Brown liner with brows in tow
    10. 2-toned brown effect
  2. Wrapping up

10 best brown eyeliner looks

From the subtle and chic to the most gorgeous looking brown eyeliner look, you have the top 10 choices to create endless looks with these looks. There is one for every occasion spanning the flattering sheen to the most poised look. Make your pick now!

1. Floating graphic brown eyeliner look

Easy to create and savvy to look, this is one of the best brown eyeliner looks you could get to wear to rock your looks! In fact, this is among the subtle brown eyeliner looks that you can wear to highlight the crease area and give your eyes a large look.

  • Start from the center area of your upper eyelid;
  • Extend the wing into a prominent feature;
  • Draw up from the end of the wing above the crease line and leave it floating;
  • In case you want to go extra-dramatic, you can choose to close it at the inner corner of your eye;

It creates a beautiful cat-eye effect with that extra edge that gives your overall look a fascinating twist!

2. Smudged eyeliner look

A look that is perfect for beginners as well as pros, this is one of the easiest yet most emphatic natural brown eyeliner looks you could think of! No struggles or finesse to get it right. All you need to do is

  • Add the brown color along the waterline carefully;
  • Next, move on to the underline area and apply it;
  • Extend the color slightly beyond the eyes to give a hint of a wing;
  • Smudge the color along the underline area extending beyond with a brush for that appealing brown eyeliner looks;

This is perfect to add the right dose of depth and warmth to your overall look. Get the best out of this look with our expert’s advice on how to apply liquid eyeliner for beginners!

3. Soft brown tones

Use a matte brown eyeliner with a lot of pigment to perfect this look. Wear it on the eyelids and down below to give the eyes a soft hue of the earthly color and exude its warmth!

  • Use a brush to apply the color from the center of the eyelid;
  • Go beyond the area of the eyes to carry over its hues;
  • Give the lower lash line a coat of the color;
  • Blend the colors all around for the soft and subtle warm tone around the eyes;

Wear it when you want to give your eyes that multi-dimensional brown eyeliner looks to electrify the ambiance around you!

4. The brown waterline

When you want to shine like the sun but with the soft undertones of the moon, this is among the brown eyeliner looks to go for!

  • Use a water-resistant gel brown eyeliner for the purpose;
  • Run it along the waterline of the bottom lashers;
  • Use the color along the upper and lower lash line too;
  • Smudge it all along for the smooth play of the shade;

Top up the eyes with a thick black mascara coat and let the earthen hue's contrast stand out for a dramatic look!

5. Soft smoky brown

Love to go on with that oh-so-lovely smoky look? Nail a soft version of it with one of these brown eyeliner looks!

  • Use a brush to apply the brown eyeliner along the upper and lower lash lines;
  • Take the wing beyond the eyes for the perfect finish;
  • Start blending with a small fluffy brush and create a soft and smooth effect;
  • Finish off by adding a dark shade of brown at the outer edge of the eyes;
  • Blend again for that beautiful smoky effect;

It’s among those chic and defined looks that are subtle and can be worn any time of the day or night!

6. Chocolate liner look

Want to nail a soft barely there eye makeup that gives a chic glow to your eyes? The chocolate winged liner is among the brown eyeliner looks to go by!

  • Ace the look by swiping on your brown eyeliner along the upper and lower eyelids;
  • Take care to elongate the line at the edges forming a prominent wing;
  • Use a brush to smudge the colors;
  • Smudge out the wing as well for that soft diffused look;

Clean out the outer edge of the eyes using a concealer and make the chocolate winged liner stand out. Get the best advice on the best eyeliner colors for dark skin from our beauty expert! 

7. Fluorescent and brown eyeliner look

When you want to add that touch of nude to an electrifying eye makeup, you can swear by one of these fluorescent and brown eyeliner looks!

  • Start with your favorite fluorescent color on the upper eyelid;
  • Draw it out as a thick layer along the lash line;
  • Take care to extend a prominent wing that also has an extension to the edge of the lower lash line;
  • Use your brown eyeliner over the fluorescent color going till the end of the wing;
  • Smudge a brown eyeshadow over the cut crease area for that brown impact;
  • Finish off with a coat of mascara;

This is the perfect mix for those of you that are bored with the mix and match of black alone and looking to give your eyes a spectacular look!

8. Two-toned eyeliner look

If you’re looking to pull off a magical effect with your eyes, think of such double-toned brown eyeliner looks! Flattering and radiant, this look is just right to give you a sheer graze of elegance.

  • Give your upper lash line a thin coat of black eyeliner;
  • Move on to the lower lash line and coat it with the brown eyeliner;
  • Blend in both colors at the edge for a smooth transition;
  • Coat the lashes with a jet black mascara for the eyes to stand out;

Soft, yet prominent, this is just the right way to give your eyes the color vibrancy for a glowing look!

9. Brown liner with brows in tow

If you’re a lover of coordinated makeup looks, the brown eyeliner looks that pair with the brow should be perfect for you! It’s a look that is good to go at all times and also keeps things minimalistic yet bright. Here you go with it

  • Use your brown eyeliner on the upper and lower lids;
  • Give the wing a moderate extension;
  • Take care to keep the lines slightly thick;
  • Now smudge them out and blend it with the extending wing;
  • Coordinate the look by applying brown eyeshadow on your brows that help highlight them;

Applying brown eyeshadow on the brows will give it an extra depth and also frame your eyes better bringing them out brightly.

10. 2-toned brown effect

When it’s time to glam up with a glittering effect with brown eyeliner looks this is what you can go with!

  • Use your regular brown eyeliner along the upper eyelid;
  • Extend the line to form a prominent wing;
  • Juxtapose the color with De’Lanci Bronze Liquid Eyeliner for that bright glittery effect;
  • Use the glitter eyeliner along the lower lash line for that extra shimmer;

The look is perfect for a soft yet contrasting glitter effect for any evening event. When you want to look glamorous but not-so-loud, opt for this fantastic look. Check out our expert guide on how to apply eyeliner step-by-step for the best results!

Wrapping up

Brown eyeliners are in trend as they pep up your looks instantly while giving a more natural look to your face. With the current nude and minimalistic makeup being the rage across the globe, we’ve given you the best brown eyeliner looks and ideas. Take care to use only high-quality international makeup products from De’Lanci to do up your eyes, lip, and face while using the best makeup brush sets to get the desired flawless look!

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