The Blush Guide: Everything You Need to Know about Blush!

A blush can add that flush of color to your face and make it naturally radiant and attractive. You can use it on a daily basis and yet look natural and of course spruce up the look on special events and occasions. The secret to it all is knowing which product to use and how to blush naturally! This ultimate blush guide will take away the chances of going wrong with blush. Right from making the right choice to the correct application techniques, we have it all for you. Also, learn the step to dewy makeup look here!

Table of Content:

  1. What is Blush?
  2. Types Of Blushes
    1. Cream blushes
    2. Liquid blushes
    3. Powder blushes
  3. How to Choose the Right Blush Shade?
    1. Does it look natural?
    2. Does it have long-lasting properties?
    3. Is it resistant to sweat and oil?
    4. Is it blendable?
    5. Is it buildable?
  4. Choose the right blush shade for your skin tone
  5. How to Apply Blush Like a Professional
  6. Mistakes to avoid when applying blush
  7. Wrapping up 

What is Blush?

Blush is a game-changing makeup product that gives your look a natural flush and radiance. It is applied over a fully prepared face that is moisturized, primed, and followed by the foundation cover. While the concealer helps cover the unsightly spots and blemishes, the blush changes any washed-out look with a natural flush color adding life and dimension to your look. Checkout the Experts advice on How to apply concealer for beginner. You can go all light and natural or add an extra dose of color for a bolder and brighter look! Blush comes in different forms that we have elaborated in the blush guide section on types of blush.

Types of Blushes

Knowing about makeup products is one of the best ways to wear makeup whether you’re a pro or a beginner. Get to know about types of blush application with our blush guide!

1. Cream blushes:

Blush sticks are all cream-based and applied with the help of a brush or sponge. They have a thick consistency that usually contains formulas to nourish the skin. De’Lanci Multi-Functional Double-Headed Blush Stick is one such high-quality product that blends seamlessly into the skin irrespective of your skin type. The product comes with a built-in brush on the other side of the blush that lets you blend in the product for a natural-like effect. The other advantage of using cream blush is that they have higher color retention abilities than other forms. Also, with 5 popular color options, you have just the right product for your skin tone!

2. Liquid blushes:

Moving on with our blush guide, liquid blushes are comparatively new on the market and usually have a serum-like texture. This gives them a soft and sheer quality that is also blendable. But their thick texture may end up with an opaque finish. The best way of applying a liquid blush is to use a stippling brush that can carry and buff the product on the skin evenly. This is a product type that is best left for professionals and experienced makeup enthusiasts to handle. 

3. Powder blushes:

We must assert in our blush guide that powder blush is by far the most popular variant among the different categories. It usually comes in pressed powder form although loose powder forms are also available on the market. These are classic products that can have matte or shimmer finish formulas, and are easy to apply with a Multifunction blush brush

How to Choose the Right Blush Shade?

From pinching your cheek to check on the natural flush of color to finding a shade darker than your nude lipstick, there are plenty of suggestions floating around on the topic. Go by our expert blush guide to choosing the right blush shade by getting answers to the right questions!

1. Does it look natural?

The best way to choose a blush is to look for one that gives a natural-looking flush. The color of the product should blend into your skin in a way that your skin looks healthy and glowing with color. The objective of applying blush is to give you a naturally beautiful colored look and De’Lanci Multi-Functional Double-Headed Blush Stick does just that!

2. Does it have long-lasting properties?

As discussed earlier in our blush guide, cream blushes have the maximum color payoff when it comes to giving the natural color for long hours. It’s best to pick a blush that will not require you to retouch through the day. This will also prevent the possibility of unnatural color build-up on your face!

3. Is it resistant to sweat and oil?

We cannot stress enough in our blush guide that the product should stand the test of sweat and oil! Whether you’re going about your normal office work or on the move from one party to another, ensure to buy a high-quality product whose color pigment polymers are sweat and oil-resistant. 

4. Is it blendable?

Blending makeup products is the key to attaining incredible and natural looks with the right dose of depth and warmth. De’Lanci Multi-Functional Double-Headed Blush Stick is among the best blendable cream blush giving an amazingly smooth and uniform finish that is just right for a faultless natural look.

5. Is it buildable?

Start with less and build the intensity of the color as and when needed. This will help you keep your makeup colors as natural as possible. Your blush should be both blendable and buildable letting you get just the color intensity as per subtle or bolder looks needs. So long as you pick the right shade of the blush, you can go light and natural, building a deeper tone as needed.

Choose the right blush shade for your skin tone

  • Light skin color: Go in for light and dusty shades of pink and sheer peach to add that natural flush; use a bright pink to make a bold statement.
  • Medium skin color: Stick to bright pink, coral, or orange bring depending on the undertone of your skin going from light to dark.
  • Olive skin color: Opt for a blush color that has gold shimmer in it to bring out the warmth of your skin. Stick to shades of light plums and cool pinks. 
  • Dark skin color: The best blush colors for dark skin are berry tones, coral, and brick red that will help bring out the natural skin color vibrancy. 

How to Apply Blush like a Professional

One of the most popular advice on applying blush to your face is smiling and setting the color on the apple of your cheeks. But remember, everyone does not have the same face shape and applying blush right should be done accordingly. Another basic to remember in your blush guide is that “less is more”! You’d rather build up on the color to give your face that natural flush of color than have 2 blobs that mimic a clown!

Determining the shape of your face and getting an insight by looking at the mirror

  • Roughly equal lengths of forehead, cheeks, and jaws indicate a square, round, or oval face.
  • If the forehead is the widest part of your face, it indicates a heart-shaped face.
  • The cheekbone is the widest point towards a diamond-shaped face. 
  • A wide jawline is indicative of a pear-shaped or triangular face.

Your jawline is the final indicator of finding the precise shape of your face.

  • Round jaw line leads to oval-shaped faces. 
  • Square jaws line is indicative of square or diamond-shaped faces.
  • A pointed jawline belongs to those having a heart-shaped face.

For a heart-shaped face, draw a C-shape: Start applying blush from the top of the temple down to the cheekbone making a C-shape that follows the natural line of your cheekbone. Take care to apply blush near the cheekbones fading it out as you move up to the temples. 

For a diamond or oval-shaped face, apply blush on the top of your cheekbones: For these face shapes, you need to define the face by drawing attention to the bottom half of the face. Apply blush along the top of your cheekbone, and blend it upwards ending it near your ears.

For a square-shaped or long face, blush the apples of the cheeks:  This is where smiling can help you apply blush on the apple of your cheek. Blushing the apples works for a square-shaped face so long as you make small circles on the apples of the cheeks. In case you have a long face, make small circles on the apples, and blend them out towards the temples.

Slim a round face with angular strokes: For those of you with round faces, you can slim them by applying blush to the apples and blending them seamlessly towards the temples.

Tools are critical to any blush guide; use a small or medium-sized brush with not too dense bristles. De’Lanci Multifunction Blush Brush is the perfect choice as the bristles help carry and blend the products softly without color build-up. Take care to carry the product on the brush, tap off the excess and then apply it to the cheeks. Come back for more to add color intensity and blend for a seamless finish. Learn how to use oval makeup brush set like a pro with the De’Lanci makeup specialist!

Mistakes to avoid when applying blush

  • Avoid putting blush under your cheekbones:  Take care never to apply blush below the cheekbones whatever the shape of your face. The area below the cheek is meant for contouring; read our contour makeup guide for beginners as per expert advice!
  • Blend your blush adequately: Use a separate brush to blend the brush so that it gets absorbed in the surrounding skin giving it a natural look without harsh lines.
  • Do not blend towards the nose if you have a round face: Take care to limit the blush away from the nose blending it towards the temple to avoid making round faces look rounder!

Wrapping up 

Our beauty expert has addressed the full range of questions in the detailed blush guide for you. Go versatile with your looks using the best blush product on the market that will give you the au natural color payoff all day long or all through the evenings! Read up on the De’Lanci blush and highlight palette makeup cosmetic kit and explore the top makeup trends with our global beauty expert! The good news is that De’Lanci has for you the full range of lip, eye, and face makeup products and makeup brush sets to make give you just the faultless makeup finish you’re looking for!

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