6 Steps For Getting The Dewy Makeup Look

There is nothing better way to showcase your beauty than to have a natural glow on your skin. The lit-from-within you get after a workout session is something you would want all the time, right? But in reality, you cannot hit the gym to get that boost of radiance all the time. However, do not get disheartened – we have the 6 steps for a dewy makeup look to give you that glowing skin. A dewy look that you have always aspired for. 

Since the trend of less is more even on the runways nowadays, caking up with makeup is a passé. So it’s time you master the art of looking radiant from every possible angle with these natural dewy makeup look steps

But before we take you into the world of getting that perfect dewy look for this winter, if you are curious about what dewy look is, a small section is dedicated to it. 

What Is A Dewy Makeup Look?

When we are talking about having a dewy look for the winter season, we are referring to having that healthy glow on your skin. It is the perfect marriage your skin can have between moisture-packed makeup and hydrating skincare. No, more you should have the flaky and rough due to the winter. You also no longer have to cake-up your face with the crazy contouring phase. 

But remember, your face should not look greasy. Instead, the skin should have that glass glow to it, which shines in a way to make it look healthy. 

We know that most of us do not wake up with that goddess-like skin, which is perfectly dewy, mainly during the winter. But don’t worry, we have the perfect dewy makeup tips for you to make your skin look healthy from within.  

6 Steps For The Prefect The Dewy Makeup Look

It’s time you stopped envying the celebs who are taking that glass to finish healthy-looking skin everywhere. Instead, we have the simple dewy makeup tips along with a step-by-step dewy makeup look tutorial:

Step 1. Prepping The Skin 

It is impossible to achieve that dewy look without prepping your skin first. Since the dewy look is all about having that hydrated, supple look, exfoliating the skin is a must. It will get rid of all the dead skin cells and remove the dullness. It will also help with the makeup staying longer. We suggest after exfoliating, moisturize the skin with a hydrating cream and then lock it with a primer. Next, find a dewy finish moisturizer or a tinted one that is akin to your skin tone. But don’t use a matte finish unless your skin is too oily. Finally, we recommend you use a paddle brush to buff the skin with the foundation. 

Step 2. A Light Blush

In an effort to retain that natural look, opt for a warm blush. Ideally, a cream blush will enhance the dewy look you often get after a workout session. If you want to use a powder blush instead of applying with fingers, use a swirl brush. Apply the blush on the apples of your cheeks and swipe it towards your ears in an upward move. 

Step 3. Making The Eyes Speak

Always make your eyes speak, but when it comes to a honey-kissed skin look, we recommend you to use eyeshadow similar to the color of your blush. If you want, you can use the same one that you have applied as the blush. 

Making The Eyes Speak - Dewy makeup how to

Step 4. Highlighting The Blush

The crucial part of attaining that dewy makeup is to use the right highlighter. While we all have our favorites, using a liquid or cream highlighter for the glass look is the best. Even if you use a powder one, remember to apply it in the areas where you want the light to be caught. The best places are your cheeks, bridge of your nose, and little on brow bones and lids.   

A Pro Tip 

Reduce your effort of finding all these different items at varied places. Get a single pallet where you can find all these items. There are many in the market, but we recommend the 78 colors 5 in 1 Multifunctional mixing makeup palette. It has a combination of colors that is perfect for Indian skin tones, be it blush, highlighter, eyeshadow, bronzer, or even lipstick. 

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Step 5: Nude and Glossy Lip 

At times when it comes to dewy looks, the lips are overlooked. Never do that. The entire glass look makeup will be ruined if you apply over-the-top lipstick. Instead, choose a shade that is light and maybe a shade similar to your lips. Finish it with a gloss to complete the look. Here is How to Apply Lipstick Like a Pro In 4 Easy Steps + Tips

5. Nude and Glossy Lip Dewy makeup look steps

Step 6: Making The Makeup Last 

The last thing you want is the makeup to become patchy, flaky, or fade away as the day progresses. Finish it off with a setting spray or mist to complete the look. You can apply the spray throughout the day to keep the makeup intact for a long time. 

A Pro Tip:

Now that we have given you the steps on how to achieve the dewy look for your winter, here are a few more tips for you. As part of the best winter makeup tip, mix the makeup with your skincare product when you want to achieve that dewy look immediately and don’t have much time. For example, mix your moisturizer with foundation and apply it to clean skin. 

The Final Touch!

Never forget to moisturize and hydrate your skin well throughout this winter to get that healthy-looking skin. Nothing beats beauty from within, so why not exfoliate, use a face mask and vitamin C serum to make the skin look naturally flawless and supple all the time? Also, never forget to use the right brushes when using makeup. As part of the dewy makeup tips, keep the makeup minimum and let your skin glow! keep reading more makeup tips and tricks here on De'lanci.

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