How to Apply Lipstick Like a Pro In 4 Easy Steps + Tips

There are many ways to apply lipstick, but which is the best? What mistakes should you avoid and what tricks will make your lips look fuller and luscious? How to apply lipstick, read on to find out! Women of all ages want their lips to look full and juicy. But there's something about applying a bright red lip that sometimes makes people feel like they need a license. So we're here with some helpful tips so you can enjoy wearing those hot shades without feeling as if you've just robbed the nearest cosmetic store.

Here’s what we will cover today:

  1. What Is lipstick Makeup

  2. What are the benefits of applying lipstick makeup? 

  3. How to apply lipstick (step by step process)

You don't need degrees in art and science, just a little bit of knowledge about some basic facts will make wearing lipstick fun and easy.

What Is Lipstick Makeup?

what is lipsticks makeup

As the name suggests, lipstick makeup is a glamorous dress up to your lips. Choosing the right shade and right lipstick type can be a mood and look booster instantly. But not knowing the right way to put it could be equally disastrous! So we have curated a step by step process on how to apply lipstick like a pro. So read on!

Benefits Of Applying Lipstick Makeup

  • Makes your lips appear fuller

  • Completes your makeup look

  • Can elevate any outfit with the right color

  • Protects and hydrates your lips 

  • Makes you feel confident and powerful

  • Brightens your smile!

How to apply lipstick (step by step process)

How to apply lipstick process

Step 1 - Prep Your Lips

Step 1 - Prep Your Lips

Make sure your lips are clean and ready for application, especially if you're going to wear a darker shade on them. If not, they'll just look dirty instead of sexy! So keep it simple with a warm washcloth or wipe, don't use any soap or cleanser. Instead, you can exfoliate them with a gentle scrub. Be careful though, since lips are sensitive don’t exfoliate them too often!

Step 2 - Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate!

Step 2 of how to apply lipstick

Some lipsticks tend to fry out your lips making them look cracky and tacky. So always be sure to moisturize your lips with a non-tinted lip balm. Lip balm will make sure to keep your lips hydrated throughout the day. They are ideal for every weather: in winter they prevent cracking and peeling, in summer they protect you from UV rays.

Step 3 - Line Your Lips

Step 3 of how to apply lipstick

In order to get a stunning long-lasting look, professionals suggest outlining and filling the lips with a lip liner. This gives your lips a nice definition and added tint so that your lipstick lasts throughout the day of coffee, croissants and cocktails! 

How to line your lips

Get started at the Cupid’s bow, which is the top center tip of your lip. Line with a lipstick liner that matches your lipstick and works it all the way over the top lip. Then, start lining the bottom lip by starting at the corner cares. You need not overdraw your lips, but if you are comfortable, go for it! It is recommended to follow your natural lip shape even when you overdraw.

Step 4 - Add A layer Of Lipstick (and glam!)

Step 4 Add A layer Of Lipstick (and glam!)

Once your lips are all lined and ready, pull out the lipstick you chose and get ready to rock this look. Start from the center of your bottom lip and spread the lipstick around to fill in the outlines. 

For a liquid lipstick: Spread the color evenly and be sure to avoid blobs of color that may cake up and look blobby. Do not smudge your lips together as some liquid lipsticks take a while for the color to dry and sit. 

For regular lipstick: Spread the color evenly and smudge your lips together to get an even-toned, royal look. You can also use a lipstick brush or your fingers to carefully spread it.

[BONUS TIP] Step 5 - For Long Lasting Lips

Step 5 - For Long Lasting Lips

Once you have applied your lipstick you can seal the color for a long-lasting day with a help of a simple tissue!

For liquid lipstick: Place a thin layer of the tissue on your lips and use a blush brush to apply some talcum power on top of the tissue. The tissue will filter some fine particles on your lips and make them look perfect and royal. 

For regular lipstick: Place a tissue between your lips and give it a gentle kiss. This way any excess color will go away and not get in the way of your evening of wining and dining! 

How to avoid drying out your lips 

Make sure you're not using a lip scrub before applying lipstick because the waxes in them can dry out your lips, which isn't good for anyone's beauty regimen! So when it comes time to apply makeup around our mouth, take care of those kissers with a nourishing balm instead.

How often should you reapply lipstick? 

How often should you reapply lipstick?

Don't worry about applying it too much - if anything, people will think your lips are even bigger! But be careful of the shade and whether or not it has any transferability included in its formula because that can change up how many times you'll need to reapply it. And, of course, make sure you're using a fresh tube instead of something old and crusty!

What lipsticks are best for dry or oily skin? 

Lipstick is just as good for your lips as the balm that goes with it will be so keep them both nearby when you're going out to make sure you're ready for anything!

Ready to rock those red lips? How about a bright pink instead? Ready, set... go! We'll be right behind you with the tools and tricks that will have your pucker looking luscious in no time. 


We hope you will rock your lips in every look with this step by step guide! 

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