7+ Simple Nude Makeup Looks You Can Try Out This Season

Neutrals and nudes are hot favorites all times of the year adding to that instant chic look about you! We’ve put together top 9 simple nude makeup looks that are achievable using your regular makeup items. Our experts have created some of these top-of-the-line natural nude makeup looks that are also perfect as Thanksgiving Makeup Looks. We’ve used the best De’Lanci range of cosmetics for the final awesome, dewier, or glowier looks sans any Instagram filter!!!

Table of Content

  1. 7+ Simple Nude Makeup Look You Can Try
    1. Flush of pink
    2. Soft peach delight
    3. Warm coral tone
    4. Matte nude look
    5. Bronzed natural beauty
    6. Glazed skin
    7. Mesmerizing eyes
    8. Soft pink lips
    9. Fresh all-day
    10. Tempting glossy lips
  2. Wrapping up

7+ Simple Nude Makeup Look You Can Try

Ensure a clean skin that is scrubbed and moisturized with the right dose of primer to ensure a smooth skin canvas. Get these easy nude makeup looks and compare these with the Top Minimal Makeup Looks as suggested by our makeup experts! Here we go with the trendiest simple nude makeup looks!!!

1. Flush of pink

Look lovely with the light flush of pink about you bringing a magical effect about your looks!

  • Dab on shade #04 of De’Lanci Multi-Functional Double-Headed Blush Stick onto the cheeks.
  • Blend the color to give them a healthy flush of pink that looks natural to your skin.
  • Learn How to Apply Blush Stick for the best natural makeup looks.
  • Use a light brown eyeshadow to shape the brows and to smudge the outer eyes.
  • Coat the lashes with a volumizing mascara.
  • Apply a hint of the blush color on the lips and gloss it up for the complete look.

2. Soft peach delight

This is among the simple nude makeup looks that is ideal for any time of the day or night. The matte soft peachy delightful look is among easy nude makeup looks is ideal for those with warm skin tones.

3. Warm coral tone

Exude the warmth of the sun, the freshness of the breeze, and subtle colors of nature with the coral-toned cute nude makeup looks!

4. Matte nude look

This among the simple nude makeup looks perfect for everyday work or school hours! Clean and fresh, you can also wear it using minimal products!!!

5. Bronzed natural beauty

Pull off this bronzed beauty look using #02 Caramel De’Lanci Multifunctional Double-Ended Contouring Stick and you’ll never look back!

  • Give the cheeks a contouring streak and blend off to the perfect finish with the brush on the stick.
  • Take care to color up along the temples and sharpen the jawline with the contouring color.
  • Take care to brighten areas on the cheekbone, nose, and forehead with the glow of #05 Nude De’Lanci Multi-Functional Dual-Ended Highlighter Stick.
  • Use a nude shade for the lips and shape the brows for picture-perfect simple nude makeup looks.
  • Learn more about natural American Makeup Looks with our expert.

6. Glazed skin

Add instant depth and warmth using the glazed simple nude makeup looks that you can pull off using a highlighter.

  • Take care to color the upper lids with a light pink that is blended well to exude a hint of color.
  • Start working with the highlighter on the brow bones to give it an instant glow.
  • Move on to the cheekbones and nose taking care to blend the highlighter for the perfect glazed look.
  • Finish off by tinting the lips with a light pink matte color that perfectly complements the glazy face.

7. Mesmerizing eyes

Your eyes can say so much even when you’re wearing simple nude makeup looks!

  • Draw out cat eyes with a small wing and highlight the lashes with mascara to give them instant depth.
  • Frame the eyes by accentuating the brows and filling them for the perfect look.
  • Do up the lids with a neutral eyeshadow from De’Lanci Take Me Away Nude Eyeshadow Palette and blend well.
  • Time to work on the cheeks giving them a lightly blushed look that looks so natural.
  • Use a total nude matte on the lips to let the eyes do all the talking.

8. Soft pink lips

Soft luscious lips are inseparable from simple nude makeup looks! Get this irresistible inviting lip looks paired with nude face using 05 De’Lanci Multicolor Aesthetics Matte Lipstick!!!

  • Give the eyes a hint of eyeliner, especially the inner and outer eye places. 
  • Sharpen the brows by defining the arch and filling them in with a brown eyeshadow.
  • Leave the rest of the face just primed with your regular foundation.
  • Concentrate on the lips coloring it with this beautiful pink shade with an ultra-matte finish.
  • You can also opt to gloss it up using the gloss that comes with the set for a more informal and inviting look.

9. Fresh all-day

Moving on with the top simple nude makeup looks, you just cannot ignore that all-day-fresh look that is so exhilarating!

  • This embraces the nude eye makeup looks so you can leave the eyes untouched except for adding mascara.
  • Take care to shape the brow such that they look totally natural but full by brushing and filling lightly if necessary.
  • Let your regular foundation do the bulk of the work in exuding skin freshness, but take care to matte off the look.
  • Dab on De’Lanci Matte Loose Powder for that mattified look. Spice it up with a hint of natural blush on the cheek for that all-day fresh look.
  • Give the lips a coat of De’Lanci Multicolor Aesthetics Matte Lipstick picking the shade that is closest to your natural lips.

10. Tempting glossy lips

It’s time to shine your way through the simple nude makeup looks with rosy glossed-up lips!

  • Start by giving those nude eyes the tight frame of the defined brows and coat the lashes with mascara.
  • The cheeks can wear a healthy flush of color that is matted for the natural in-born-like look.
  • The accent is on the lips that wear a soft yet definite hint of pinkish red as per your skin tone.
  • Gloss them up to create that irresistible luscious-looking lips on a fresh nude face.

Wrapping up

The crux of simple nude makeup looks is to let your natural-looking gorgeous skin take the spotlight with your makeup skills! There is no bar on color and nude makeup looks on black women are as gorgeous as those on other skin tones. Just take care to use the best-in-class lip, eye, and face products and best makeup brushes from De’Lanci. Make your makeup tools last longer by learning How to Clean Makeup Brushes in 5 Easy Steps!

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