Top 10 Makeup Mistakes You Must Avoid

It is human nature to be in the quest for beauty. So, it is quite natural that many spend an hour in front of the mirror to perfect the look we want with makeup. Furthermore, with so many makeup videos, tutorials, and hacks on social media channels, it is quite confusing at times to decide what is right and what is wrong. This is more so if you are new to applying makeup. 

So,  we keep obsessing about using the right makeup and look, trying to attain the perfect facial features that we see on billboards and social media. Yet, at times we do not know what to do. Adding to that, with continuous new trends emerging like JLo’s bronzed cheeks and Mulberry obsessions of Rihanna’s, finding the right look makeup can be quite challenging.  

In such a scenario, while we know every look is not right for us, ten makeup mistakes must be avoided at all costs. These are the basics. Once you know them, it will be easy for you to find the right makeup look for yourself.

Makeup Mistake 1 Applying The Makeup On A Dry Skin

Makeup Mistake 1 Applying The Makeup On A Dry Skin

The one thing you don’t want with your makeup is to give your face a dry, cracked, flaky, tired look. Hence, it is a must to hydrate your skin properly and moisturize it before you start applying any makeup. We recommend using a hydrating moisturizer and then a primer to give your makeup an even look. 

Makeup Mistake 2  The Wrong Color Foundation 

Makeup Mistake 2  The Wrong Color Foundation

One of the top mistakes often made by many is using the wrong color foundation. You would not want a foundation that makes your face look white or unhealthy. Since our complexion has different undertones and depths, foundations have the same. The best way to find the right foundation is to first opt for a foundation that matches your skin color. Next, select a few shades and apply a dab of them next to one another to see which one looks akin to your skin tone. Also, do check the color in the natural light. 

Makeup Mistake 3 Using Dirty and Incorrect Makeup Brushes

Makeup Mistake 3 Using Dirty and Incorrect Makeup Brushes

When was the last time you saw the original color of your makeup brushes? If the answer was a week ago or the time you got them, you are doing it all wrong. Not only is it a gross thing to do, i.e., not washing your brushes regularly. It also causes breakout on your skin. Furthermore, it does not give the right colors since they keep mixing with other colors. Also, the incorrect makeup brushes will make the application messed up and patchy up, failing to give the definition you desire with the makeup. 

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Makeup Mistake 4 Too Much Of Concealer

Makeup Mistakes 4 Too Much Of Concealer

At times in the urge to create that mattifying look, many end up using too much concealer. A thick layer of concealer highlights the wrinkles and makes your face look older. We recommend you stay away from thick concealers. For having that glowy look opt for a fluid and light concealer with some luminous particles.  Also, remember to not use too much of the product in one targeted area to cover your flaws. Try to use little, and always blend it well. 

Mistake 5 The Disaster With Eyebrows 

Mistake 5 The Disaster With Eyebrows

First, go to a professional to shape your eyebrows properly. A bushy one makes you look unkempt, while a thin one won’t flatter your face. Having the right shaped eyebrow is a must to make your face look attractive. Now, when it comes to drawing them try to keep it natural. An overdrawn, immensely arched eyebrow will make you look theatrical (unless you are on the stage or going for such a look). When you are drawing the eyebrow, fill in the sparse sports and use light strokes to build up the shape and color. Remove the excess with a mascara or eyebrow wand and blend it well. 

Mistake 6 Skipping The Eyeshadow Primer 

Mistake 6 Skipping The Eyeshadow Primer

When you skip the primer on the eyeshadow, you will end up with streaky, unblended eyelids instead of the gorgeous look you have strived for. We hence recommend you to prep your eyes properly with an eyeshadow primer. It will give you flawless eye makeup and will last longer. But remember to blend it well before you start applying the shadow. 

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Makeup Mistake 7 Too Much Mascara 

Makeup Mistake 7 Too Much Mascara

Mascara is there to accentuate your lashes and the edge of the eyes. But too much of it, mainly on the lower lashes, will shift the attention of the onlookers to the wrinkles around your eyes. So, instead of making your eyes look expressive. 

Makeup Mistake 8  Dark Contouring 

Makeup Mistake 8  Dark Contouring

Often you will see women with harsh brown streaks on their cheeks. The reason is they have fallen into the trap of using dark colors for contouring. While contouring should define your face instead of making parts of your face appear unnaturally darker. The best way to decide the contouring shaded is to opt for two-tone deeper than your natural skin tone. 

Makeup Mistake 9 Mismatching Of Lip liner and Lipstick 

Makeup Mistake 9 Mismatching Of Lip liner and Lipstick

There was a time in the 90s when using a darker lip liner than lipstick was a trend, but stop it if you continue to do so. It not only makes you look out-of-fashion but also tacky. Using a lip liner that matches the shade of your lipstick is a must. A lip liner can be your best friend to define that pout of your also it will prevent feathering of the lipstick when used correctly. 

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Makeup Mistake 10 Overdoing With The Shimmer, Glitter, and Bronzer 

Makeup Mistake 10 Overdoing With The Shimmer, Glitter, and Bronzer

Using shimmer and glitter can be attractive, mainly if you are heading to a nighttime event. But if you use it too much, it will look extremely shiny and, at times, messy. If you are using a shimmery bronzer, learn to use it with caution and sparsely. Too much of it will make you look messy instead of attractive. 

Once you avoid these mistakes, you are good to build upon the makeup that makes you feel confident. 

Finishing Touch 

As you follow these tips to avoid, it is also vital that you learn to use makeup as per your age. For example, if you are in your 40s and plan to use the makeup of a teenager, you are doing it all wrong unless you are going to a Halloween or theme party.

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